Cuban Pariah: Trump Freezes Thaw with Cuba

President Donald Trump is rolling back the thaw in relations with Cuba put into place by the Obama administration. Trump said the Cuban people deserve freedom. On this episode of The Geopolitical Report, we look at the installation of a brutal dictator by the United States on the island nation. Fulgencio Batista overthrew the Cuban government in 1952. His military regime ruled with an iron fist. Batista tortured and killed his own citizens for daring to challenge his authoritarian rule. The United States sold him weapons and supported his regime until 1959 when another dictator, the communist Fidel Castro, took power following a revolution. President Trump’s reversal of Obama’s thaw on relations with Cuba has little to do with freedom. It’s about the intransigence of the Cuban government. The United States would like to return to the days of Batista when foreign corporations ruled the island and the majority of the population was impoverished.

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Show Notes

Cuba Pre-1959: The Rise and Fall of a U.S. Backed Dictator with Links to the Mob

Friendly Dictators

Castro’s Cuba: Police Repression Is Mounting

How Cuban State Security Intimidates Potential Informants

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  1. John Miranda says:

    Most people foget that “our side,” i.e. the Capitalists, especialy in Europe, where central banking was invented, want to dominate the entire world, including Russia, Europe’s primary supplier of petrofuels.

    Who better for the MI Complex to cut a deal with than arch-anti-communist, Richard Nixon, to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Russia, WWIII, as a part of Operation Northwoods, a conspiracy to engage Russia in a proxy war over Cuba. Eisenhower warned us just before Nixon took office, since the plan for the invasion had been drawn up during his administration.

    Papa Joe Kennedy intervened and Kennedy chose to negotiate for peace rather than initiate WWIII at the behest of the Capitalist MI Complex. He was rewarded with early retirement. US corporations wanted their country back that Castro had stolen from them. Said seizure cut into profits.

    Nixon would not get his second chance until the second setup for WWIII could be arranged, at the height of the Cold War during the Vietnam era. “Just nuke ’em” became the battle cry of the hawks.

    Again, that would have meant a devastating and near complete destruction of virtually all Russian cities, an acceptable level of collateral damage, since the coveted natural resources were elsewhere.

    There was one “new” issue at the point of this second “justifiable” use of nuclear weapons, the first since WWII. With a total of 60,000 to 70,000 nuclear weapons amassed between the empire of the Soviet Union and the American empire, the question arose whether or not use of all these weapons would transform the planet into an asteroid belt. Would Earth become a death star?

    Nixon just said no. However, that hasn’t stopped the insane US MI Complex, who still believe they can defeat Russia, from pursuing their objective, winner take all.

    Does the proxy war in Syria ring any bells??

    This time, in a war historians will sometime in the future call “Armageddon,” however, the nuclear weapons weapons will be limited to tactical of theatre-class weapons of mass destruction, allegedly “defending” the right of the Syrian people to “Jeffersonian democracy,” Americas version of dictatorship and global (socio-economic) domination.

    Cuba was the first justifiable use of nuclear weapons to obtain the petrofuel reserves of Russia. Vietnam was the second, and a straight line can now be drawn to Syria. May God help us all. We humans appear to be incapable of resisting the use of nuclear weapons to obtain what we covet.

    I susoect that neither the Cubans nor most Americans have any idea of what is going on here. The Russians? As the hunted prey of the Capitalists, they are not so naive.

  2. Again a bright exposé of hypocrisy emedded in the us gov. The clans responsible, including the private shareholders behind the fed cartel, are an upper echelon of maffia rather than ‘elite’ as they are often wrongfully referred to.
    Judging the variety of reports it appears that the militarily enforced intl presence of the usa and what’s hiding behind it is being overtaken by commercial, political and cultural exchanges to leave the us a meaningless though annoying player. Unfortunate to see its potential being wasted by deep arrogance, greed, egoism and nihilism.
    Still urging the US to cease to be another failed dictator state because this way it ruins the balance of powers that the world surely needs.

  3. B. F. EARL says:

    Thanks for telling the story of the scummy despots (domestic enemies) who support tyranny. The story of Elfago Baca illustrates the Puritan (Congregationalist) ethic made America great.

    Methodists and other protestants were welcome to stay in Cuba, but they were forced to leave by the Spellman, Dulles, McCarthy Vatican Mafia.

    The one Christian mission who medically helped Castro’s fighters recover relocated to the Dominican Republic. Google Dirk Willems if you are curious about the difference between a Roman Catholic and a Christian.

    Vietnam was similar. US taxpayers paid for two years of Catholic Aid Society work which excluded protestants, Buddhists, Taoists, and anyone not approved as Catholic. Google Avro Manhattan

    • B. F. EARL says:

      Be great if a second United States were created around our Articles of Confederation with a Continental Congress location in Cuba, Nicaragua, and Uruguay.

  4. Craig Toth says:

    “The more things change, the song remains the same.”

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