Torture in Yemen

Defense officials in the United States admit they participate in a brutal and illegal torture program set-up by the United Arab Emirates in southern Yemen. The program is a direct violation of the International Convention Against Torture and constitutes a war crime. On this edition of The Geopolitical Report, we examine the role the United States has played in expanding and normalizing the practice of torture while claiming plausible deniability by outsourcing brutality to contractors. A Senate report on the CIA torture program reveals that in 2008, 85 percent of the workforce in the CIA’s Rendition, Detention and Interrogation Group was made up of contractors. This represents the corporatization and globalization of torture. It also makes war crimes and crimes against humanity a profitable business.

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Show Notes

In Yemen’s secret prisons, UAE tortures and US interrogates

US Ignores Allies’ Torture in Yemen

Instead of prosecuting torturers, Obama prosecuted the guy who revealed the program

Obama did not end torture

'Torture Report': A Closer Look At When And What President Bush Knew

US Media Ignores CIA Cover-up on Torture

Obama's Legal Team Copies Bush's 'State Secrets' Trick to Cover Up Torture and Renditions

How We Outsourced CIA Torture And Why It Matters

How the CIA Outsourced Torture

Ex-CIA Contractor on Trial in Beating

New CIA Documents Reveal More Horrors of President Bush's Torture Program

Abu Ghraib lawsuits against CACI, Titan (now L-3)

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  1. B. F. EARL says:

    US CIA torture techniques walk like the Roman Curia (Spanish version using funnels for sewage and fire with a rotating spit); quack like the Roman Curia; and enjoy the smell of pain like the Roman Curia. Inquisitor Luigi Desanctis tells like he did it in 1905 with Popery, Puseyism and Jesuitism. Catholicism is a state without a country and believes it owns ours. A study of Vatican Mafia banking practices and Wall Street investments should reflect the Curia’s moral authority since Spellman’s and others wanted to put Vietnam and Russia through a nuclear test of purification by fire. Great report Mr. Nimmo. We will need to be proactive in countering what is to come to avoid having scores of “the Disappeared” like Pope Francis’ old home ground experienced in Argentina. Giving those who prefer to live by their principles like the Wobblies did leading into WWI their hearing in court and guaranteed prison time is too expensive for today. More provided here by a former parochial student: —

  2. William Field says: are a humanitarian genius… will share, Bravo Sir & thankyou all at Newsbud!

  3. Jan Kolenc says:

    US put troops on the ground in Yemen this month, supposedly to fight Al Qaeda if you believe

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