White Twilight, Ameristralia Edition

This week on China Watch: White Twilight Ameristralia Edition!  America copes with its declining clout in Asia with help from a special friend Down Under.  It’s official: the United States places its strategic bets on Australia as a vital anti-China counterweight.  Bye-bye Philippines!  Hello Straya!  Watch it!  Only on Newsbud!

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Show Notes

‘Indispensable’ Palau Deal at Risk; Will China Get Access?

Australia, the US, and the Indo-Asia-Pacific

China as Collateral Damage in the Tonga Crisis

Something Missing from the Solomon Islands Story

Australians Feel Their Military is ‘A Force for Good’ in the World

Australian troops could soon fight ISIS in Philippines, US admiral says


“Game changing’ study suggests first Polynesians voyaged all the way from East Asia

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  1. Firstly, what’s up with humanity that power corrupts so easily?

    Secondly. if you’re going to have standing armies, navy and air force then it should be compulsory that all personnel learn to knit, crochet and/or basketweave. If you leave them long enough all dressed up with nothing to do, they will find somewhere to go.

    The US is officially Sally No Friends if they’re reduced to hanging their hat on Australia. They are one of the Five Eyes, yes, and and parked in a particualr region but they are no Israel. Definitely leaning towards another Belgium. The people of Australia have no white man’s burden when it comes to developing other nations. Yes, they will come to the aid of others in times of crisis. Australians want to shop and holiday and go to the beach and watch sport and generally enjoy being far from the madding crowd. Every nation has its xenophobic minority but the culture of the Australian people is not one of paranoia or need to dominate. Our history has not shaped us that way. We only want to dominate in sport – cricket and rugby and a good showing at the Olympics every four years.

    Aussie politicians might fancy themselves as patricians, but the national identity is not military focused. That said, they only have to convince a handful of politicians who then take advantage of the Australian antipathy (now a global trend) and our news is filled with ‘who we hate this week’ for another 5 years. The Foreign Minister stated this week that N Korean missiles are a threat to Australia. *Insert obvious response here*

    John Howard is a not so closeted white Australia fan, so he was easy to swtich on to the yellow peril. That said, it was under his conservative government that Chinese investment in Australian farming land flourished. ie. selling off our food bowl.

    Former PM Abbott would definitely love to shirtfront China – well, anyone really. He is currently busy white-anting the current PM, under the mistaken delusion that only HE can run the country. The people looked the other way when his own party dumped him after his 2 disastrous years as PM. He should never have had the job for 2 days. A living example of the maxim ‘the one who craves the job should never be let anywher near it’.

    Finally, whenever US officialdom open its foreign policy mouth I see this:


  2. victor friese says:

    Um, Peter, about the 12:00 mark crica… That thing about Trump stocking his cabinet with Generals and NATO and PACOM going rogue… it’s the same thing as it was with civil asset forfeiture. These crooked interests put Trump in the white house for him to set the stage for these interests to do whatever they want. There is no struggle between them! He is their puppet!

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