It’s Not Just China Containment Anymore…It’s China Rollback

This week on China Watch.  The Most Dangerous Letters in the world are still CPEC.  But don’t forget about SCS and DPRK!  The pot’s boiling in Asia.  It’s no longer Team China Containment.  It’s Team China Rollback, and it’s gearing up for a run at the PRC.  India is making the big move with a confrontation up by Bhutan.

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Show Notes

Who’s going to tell him he can’t?

Current stand-off by China an attempt to change status quo at tri-junction: Shivshankar Menon

Royal Government of Bhutan Ministry of Foreign Affairs June 29, 2017 Press Release

Briefing on the Latest Development in Doklam Area by Political Counselor of Chinese Embassy in India

Jelep-la reopen push from Gurung

With Bhutan Out, Modi’s Plan for South Asian Vehicle Movement Is Down to Three Countries

Regulations for Review of Internet Audio Visual Content (in Chinese)

Danmei –gay fiction – bears brunt of new regulations that espouse socialist values

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  1. Ludovico Doebbeling says:

    Great reporting. Love your sense of humour. Keep it up.

  2. Edward Rutland says:
  3. Michael Naaden says:

    indescribable act below the neck…jajajaja

  4. Do you think other planets are crazy or is it just us?

    Peter, as always, you’re a bright light in dreary times Thank you.

  5. David E Burden says:

    With India just being brought on board the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, (SCO), along with Pakistan, (who don’t care for each other very much), and others. How do you see all of the aggressive moves by India fitting into that scenario?

    I cannot help but question how effective the SCO will be as a counter to NATO if they can’t get along with their partners in the endeavor. Can you help clarify this please?

    Thanks for another lively report Sir, and please keep them coming.


  6. Amber Sayman says:

    “The indescribable act above the neck.” I’m dying. Thanks for that.

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