Project Mind Control: The CIA and Nazi Interrogation

On this edition of The Geopolitical Report, we delve into the dark art of mind control and its use in torture as practiced by the Nazis and passed on to the CIA. From Operation Paperclip to MK Ultra and beyond, Nazi scientists and their American counterparts collaborating with the CIA experimented on often unwitting subjects, dosing them with drugs, including LSD and mescaline, in an effort to control the mind and also enhance torture at a time when the Soviet Union and communist China were practicing brainwashing techniques. Despite inducing mental illness in victims, and in at least two cases causing death, the programs continued for years, and possibly up until the present day.

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Show Notes

Operation Paperclip Casefile

What Cold War CIA Interrogators Learned from the Nazis

Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program that Brought Nazi Scientists to America

US Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations” Since World War II

Operation Paperclip offshoots: LSD & Torture experiments

1951–1960s: Dr. Henry K. Beecher, CIA collaborator in use of psychoactive drugs for torture

Project MKUltra

Senate Report on MKUltra

One of the Most Shocking CIA Programs of All Time: Project MKUltra

CIA’s Denial of Protecting Nazis is Blatant Lie - Part 1

Nazis Were Given ‘Safe Haven’ in U.S., Report Says

Ex-CIA chief revitalizes 'truth serum' debate

The CIA Did Not Drug Detainees Before Interrogations, Says the CIA

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  1. Joseph Harrington says:

    Good information as always. Thank you sir

  2. Richard Fisher says:

    Hope you and yours are well. Good informational overview, nice tidbits. Please study Dr. Hans Utter on music and psycho-biology with the MK Ultra connection. Also, the background music was very unnerving (made me uncomfortable), which usually means it is more than background… Take care, Richard.

  3. Cristina Candy says:

    Excellent reporting as usual!

  4. victor friese says:

    Could you cover targeted individuals? Deriso was covering that with the Polish electromag harassment revelation, ane then there is the interview with Karen Stewart here on the old BFP site. It would be interesting if you could interview some credible people on the subject. Also, and I know Jesse Ventura is part of that Alex Jones op, but there was an episode on Ventura’s T.V. show where it was (poorly) covered and they talked about crowd suppression by inducing apathy and also some kind of torture using those electromag devices. It would be nice to know a whole lot more about that stuff and how it is being used to oppress any opposition. What are they doing with these things?

    It would also be nice if you could find blue prints or something so we could make one of those devices and study it. I have to wonder if that would even be illegal as their existence is denied.

  5. Karen Keener says:

    In your opinion what are the best books and other sources of information on the continuation of the MK Ultra program that went into the 70’s and possibly/probably beyond?

    • David E Burden says:


      The list of books and literature on this subject is long. Very long. However, if you are truly interested in the subject, there are numerous videos that go into some depth concerning it. I have watched hundreds of hours of them. some are good, some are nonsense, some are speculation, and some are truly outstanding in their sources, evidence, and presentation. I believe that James Corbett has the best ones available.
      I recommend that you do a search for TheCorbettReport dot com on you tube. Starting with “Meet Allen Dulles: Fascist Spymaster”, then continue on to “The Corbett Report 672”. Those will get you started and many more will show up in the “Related Video” section of each page. James is well known for listing all of his sources in the “Show More” section below the video. If you read the show notes, you will find a long list of printed materials with each of his reports. There will be a link, just click on it.

      Good luck to you. Be prepared for a tremendous amount of reading though. I personally think it is well worth it, but I’m an information sponge anyway. I do recommend starting with Mr. Corbett’s video reports though, as he has already done the research. Then read his show notes, get the books, and read till you’re satisfied.


  6. Andreas Hedqvist says:

    Nice report on a very disturbing topic. I think we will soon see an avalanche of revealing truths and disclosures about our past and even current covert programs that will affect every sane person. Any government or regime that has to resort to secrecy, lies and oppressive scare tactics will not survive for the simple fact that this is not what humans want. It’s time now to move beyond this destructive nonsense and remove these psychopathic individuals in the power structure who unfortunately gravitate to those positions. We would do well to learn from mother nature and how success and progress comes from mutual beneficial evolution, Darwin’s theories have been completely dis-proven. Ask yourself this – if the only defense against a terrorizing tyranny is to adopt a terrorizing tyranny then why even bother? We are being played and it’s becoming more evident by the day.

  7. Raymond McKee says:

    Nice clean report. The CIA, NASA have been involved in many despicable things over the years without a doubt. Human life is obviously not a very big concern. I’m a tiny bit suspicious why the report did not mention how they experimented on young children. There have been a number of victims come forward and testified to some of these atrocities involving very young children. There has even been a number of books written about their ordeals. Rape and pedophilia was all part of it.
    If you can think of it I guarantee you they tested it or are testing. They are experts with propaganda and disinformation. Just look at all the things the lying lame stream media doesn’t even think about covering or talk about.
    There’s a video available it’s called Unacknowledged. you can watch it on YouTube for I think about five dollars, it is worth every penny. It goes into UFOs in great detail with documents and credible witnesses. The technologies from UFOs have been backwards engineered and are beyond amazing. The video shows you the ridiculous amount of secrecy that has been involved around UFOs. Everything is on I need to know, not even the president of the United States can get access. The groups guarding this information is beyond scary for example the head of the CIA does not get access or have access. It does make you wonder who is really in control. At the end of the film it kinda points to Dick Cheney as one of the kingpins which really doesn’t surprise me at all.

  8. Russell Linz says:

    Interesting history lesson of how the CIA was a rogue agency from inception. The justification for the abuses was the Soviet threat and the “Cold War”but it may be argued if you become as immoral as your enemy how are you any different? This agency was created by executive order and theoretically be dissolved as such. But what has happened the is the Intelligence agencies have become a fourth branch of Government and with their psyop capability a branch on if not equal footing running a close second. Who controls these agencies whose mission statement is deception? Not the executive as proven by Trump,Kennedy,Nixon . Not the over site committees who are just as in the dark of their activities as the public. The judiciary ? The freedom of information act is a joke look at the redacted documents. Who decides what is redacted not Congress not the Executive not the Judiciary but the unaccountable Intelligence (CIA). That being said what we have is an agency that has been above the law or lawless from its inception. Say what you want about Putin’s , Russia he would never tolerate an unaccountable Intelligence agency that would dictate foreign policy.

  9. Thomas McFarlan says:

    Fantastic research, presentation and references — THIS is why I subscribed to you guys. If Newsbud could isolate official documentation backing up their research, in the story references section, in the form of PDF or MSWord files that would be extremely helpful for those of us who need to communicate the legitimacy of this research in activism and other matters. By official documentation I mean official government or institution documents that have been declassified or leaked that absolutely prove “research XYZ” isn’t a conspiracy theory but FACT — or official reports issued by respected higher profile institutions/scientists/doctors that offer a higher bar of legitimacy over even an article written in a higher profile commericial newspaper or magazine. Also, it would be great to see a segment or even a series of segments on tactics used by those in government or institutions and the media to discredit real conspiracies and how to defeat these kind of tactics with documentation and other means.

  10. Thomas McFarlan says:

    One more thing… NewsBud started to hit on this in a MindHack episode regarding electromagnetic weapons. Could you guys do a series of segments on the targeting of individuals with “Gang Stalking” (aka Group Stalking or Organized Stalking) and Electromagnetic Weapons by rogue government, institutional or corporate leaders.

  11. Nick Birdsall says:

    It’s disgusting that this stuff ever happened and it’s even more disgusting that so many Americans still see the stuff as conspiratorial nonsense.

  12. The smoking gun that elevates the mountains of evidence that show that that MK-Ultra and CoIntel-Pro are still in operation on a vastly expanded scale – to far beyond any shadow of a doubt is:
    1) The fact that when these programs were exposed in the 1970s the people involved were given only superficial punishment.
    2) They never RESTRUCTURED THE COMMAND & CONTROL ORGANIZATION of these agencies — this is the most important flaw in that you will never get a human organization to change unless you RESTRUCTURE HOW IT IS ORGANIZED AND MAKE IT TRANSPARENT to the entities it serves.
    3) The intel agencies continue to refuse to debate the mountains of evidence that has been amassed that show that Americans, now in the millions, are being subjected to security-service-stalking (aka gang-stalking or organized stalking) and mind control programs — CoIntelPro 2.0 and MKUltra 2.0…

    NewsBud please do a feature segment on Security-Service-Stalking (aka gang-stalking or organized-stalking) and Targeted Individuals getting this information to the public is critical. I mean we’re talking about elements within out own security organizations targeting millions of Americans for psychological torture, mind experimentation and murder — again in the millions…

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