American Horror Story: The Shameful Truth About the Government’s Secret Experiments

It’s easy to denounce the full-frontal horrors carried out by the scientific and medical community within a totalitarian regime such as Nazi Germany. However, what do you do with a government that claims to be a champion of human rights while allowing its agents to engage in the foulest and most despicable acts of torture, abuse and human experimentation? Mind you, the U.S. government has seldom had its citizens’ best interests at heart. The government didn’t have our best interests at heart when it passed laws subjecting us to all kinds of invasive searches and surveillance, and censoring our speech and stifling our expression. It didn’t have our best interests at heart when it turned America into a battlefield and transformed law enforcement agencies into extensions of the military. Certainly the government did not have our best interests at heart when it conducted secret experiments on an unsuspecting populace—citizens and noncitizens alike—making healthy people sick by spraying them with chemicals, injecting them with infectious diseases and exposing them to airborne toxins. Bottom line: a government that repeatedly lies, breaks the laws, overreaches its authority and abuses its power can’t be trusted.

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Show Notes

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 American Horror Story: The Shameful Truth About the Government’s Secret Experiments

Battlefield America: The War on the American People

Rutherford Institute

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  1. Steve Smith says:

    The timing of this video was serendipitous. There is something happening.

  2. Ludovico Doebbeling says:

    Great video, thank you so much. You failed to mention the greatest experient being carried out on the populations all over the world (including S. America where I live) with the covert geoengineering programs AKA Solar Radiation Management, Stratospheric Aerosols Injection, (“Chemtrails”). They are dumping tons of heavy metals, chemicals and polymers supposedly to slow down global warming. Now in th UK the leading cause of death is by dementia, declared publicly to be caused by “air pollution”. They fail to mention the pollution is being done by these covert programs.

  3. Ludovico Doebbeling says:

    Uuups, sorry, you did. I missed the min 12 was in the kitchen. Anyway please cover it in more detail, interview Dane Wigington on the subject. Love your show keep it up 😉

  4. RestlessSlave says:

    Great content and delivery!

  5. Thomas McFarlan says:

    Fantastic research, presentation and references — THIS is why I subscribed to you guys. If Newsbud could isolate official documentation backing up their research, in the story references section, in the form of PDF or MSWord files that would be extremely helpful for those of us who need to communicate the legitimacy of this research in activism and other matters. By official documentation I mean official government or institution documents that have been declassified, leaked or are in the public domain that absolutely prove “research XYZ” isn’t a conspiracy theory but FACT — or official reports issued by respected higher profile institutions/scientists/doctors that offer a higher bar of legitimacy over even an article written in a higher profile commericial newspaper or magazine. Also, it would be great to see a segment or even a series of segments on tactics used by those in government or institutions and the media to discredit real conspiracies and how to defeat these kind of tactics with documentation and other means.

  6. Thomas McFarlan says:

    Also, can you do a segment or series of segments on MK-Ultra 2.0… “Targeted Individuals” subjected to gang stalking (aka group stalking, organized stalking or mobbing) and electromagnetic weapons and surveillance.

  7. TruthHunter says:

    Does anyone here really think that the list of disgusting things the government has done to people is it? I would bet my life on it that they’ve done things 1000 times worse and many thousands of times more deranged experiments on the population. The real nasty stuff is totally destroyed. Unless a witness accidentally lives through it, which has happened more than once. From children being sexually abused and tortured by doctors and researchers to young women being turned into sex slaves for the powerful etc. etc. Certain groups within the government have been murdering people including US citizens for many years. They’ve been running drugs into America for over 100 years. And they’ve tried to keep most of their crimes secret from the world. Most Americans don’t have a clue of the evil that exists within the US government, and most wouldn’t believe you if you told them. It would’ve been simpler to just say the American government has become the most dangerous and deranged and corrupt government this earth has ever seen. This started over 100 years ago and it has spread like a cancer throughout most of the government. I’m afraid they have overplayed their hand in bullying the rest of the world. Because if and when the petrodollar collapses I’m afraid some of these countries might see an opportunity to take vengeance on America for their crimes. I just hope those countries realize that the citizens of America were kept in the dark through secrecy and propaganda.

    • The explosive story that is emerging from the shadows about exactly how sick and evil most of our government is — is the epidemic of people of high integrity, purpose and skill being stalked by our own intelligence agencies and their security-service minions. The phenominon is usually referred to as “gang-stalking” or “organized-stalking” but the most effective and precise term is security-service-stalking and it happens not just in the US but in pretty much every nation of the world. In the last 2 years or so security-service-stalking has gained a lot more attention because they’re targeting people in the millions now who are often skilled enough to withstand the abuse and speak out effectively. Look up Dr Katherine Horton on YouTube or online her story sums it up well. The word is getting out and this phenominon really has the explosive power to play a key role in bringing down the elite’s house of cards…

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