Yuri Drozdov: The Mastermind of the Soviet Deep Undercover Spying Program

In the second edition of the new monthly show produced by Newsbud Tales from the Russian Intelligence, Professor Filip Kovacevic discusses the life and writings of Yuri Drozdov, a KGB major general who passed away in Moscow on June 21, 2017 at the age of 91. Drozdov was one of the masterminds of the Soviet deep undercover operations in the West. He was the long-time head of the legendary KGB Department ‘S’ which prepared and directed the so-called Illegal agents who operated under fake identities in the U.S. and Western Europe. Professor Kovacevic looks at several imaginative KGB operations run by Drozdov as described in his memoir “Fiction Excluded: Notes of the Chief of Illegal Intelligence,” and various TV and print interviews. This is the first time most of this material is discussed in English. Do not miss this exclusive edition of Tales from the Russian Intelligence!

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Show Notes

Юрй И. Дроздов [Yuri Drozdov]. Вымысел исключён: Записки начальника нелегальной разведки [Fiction Excluded: Notes of the Chief of Illegal Intelligence]. — Мoсква [Moscow]: ОЛМА-Пресс, 2000.

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  1. Amber Sayman says:

    Great episode! I love this series. Everything about this show is spot-on! You’re behind my two favorite Newsbud shows, Prof! 🙂 What you said in the end about corrupt politicians overlooking intelligence was very poignant.

  2. William Field says:

    GREAT…..Thankyou Prof. Filip….Now what happens post what might be “The Rockefeller agenda”?

  3. John Miranda says:

    Dr. Phil, this is brilliant!! It is so informative for those of us who don’t even have a clue about what the details may be, but suspect there is “the other side of the story.”

    However, there is one key aspect of this video I believe even you overlook, although one commenter noticed it also. That is the Capitalist plot to own the world, as Drozdov deduced from his interactions with David Rockefeller.

    Having been born in 1946, I can say I am very highly qualified to having lived through the CIA’s full spectrum of propaganda that there was a Communist plot to take over the world. Well, that may have been true during my youth, but, as Putin has pointed out many times, Russia is not the Soviet Union and today Russia is “simply” trying to survive as a sovereign nation.

    What I have never heard as a child or an adult in the mainstream US media is that there is and has been a Capitalist plot to both literally and figuratively own the world. In other words, as so often happens everywhere in the human experience, one party does something and projects that behavior onto the other party. It’s called “projection” and can be found in any Psychology 101 textbook. I’ve only heard that there is a Communist plot to take over the world. However, I have never heard that there is a Capitalist plot to take over the world.

    With the advent of the Internet and alternative media, the Capitalist plot to “Balkanize” Russia into 6 separate impotent states that are subject to Western Capitalism and under the control of Western Central Banking has slowly crept into existence.

    Yet, THIS is the key to US foreign relations since the end of WWII – total global domination by the US Empire. It isn’t mentioned in US mainstream media and is rarely mentioned anywhere other than in small snippets of truth such as select quotes from Mr. Drozdov. Yet, it is the most important description to understanding why the US does what it does and blames everyone else for its maligned intentions.

    Putin only refers to it obliquely.

    Moreover, China is increasingly flexing their military and economic muscles, so much so that the US military recently released a report claiming the US empire is no longer the only empire in the world and more money is needed to return it to that former self-appointed position, although one cannot imagine how, since flattening China with nuclear weapons is an option long past.

    Getting back to the basics of West vs East, the struggle ultimately has been between two top-down hierarchies.

    In the West, it is the Nazi Capitalist Bankers of Switzerland.

    In the East, it is now the Communist Bankers of Beijing.

    Clearly, the Chinese are masters of reverse-engineering anything that works. In this case, central banking. They already are light years ahead of the West in terms of the top-down “unity” achieved by an extremely rigid police state, something the West is about to emulate with a very tumultuous planned economic collapse. The Empire of the Chinese Tiger is now wide awake.

    Which tribe will ultimately “own” (dominate) the world and what will ultimately happen to Russia is yet to be seen. Who could possibly replace Putin, as the US becomes more and more desperate to displace him in the quest for global domination, especially in light of the emergence of the Chinese Empire?

    Thank you, again, for this insight into Mr. Drozdov’s life, and his part in the transformation of post-Stalinist Russia.

    “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” – POGO

  4. victor friese says:

    It is strange to me that Drozdov paints intelligence personel as dedicated to the good of the people. Here, in the U.S., as we have seen, U.S. intelligence personel are dedicated on to doing the most evil they can possibly muster, no matter how obscene or wrong. No matter how self destructive.

    Although, I have to wonder if these Russian intelligence were any better. It is well onown that they invented “sluggish schizophrenia” to shut people up, and probably have done many other things just as bad or worse. Furthermore it seems strange that Drozdov paints billionaire Putin as a hope for Russia when Putin may very well be a western agent himself. From what I recall Putin keeps his wealth in western banks.

    But I think the truth is that neither side works against each other. In fact, they are comrades working against the people for their own ends. The wars and spying and such are all just manufactured theatre to keep the people under control.

    The below attached article explains this a bit.


  5. MaxHavelaar says:

    I would agree with Drozdov view of Rothschilds/Rockevellers/Morgans e.a. , who want planetary controll over resources to maintain their monopoly companies, to keep their family dynasty rich.

    I’ve send many emails to NL parlement about US Satanic dominance worldwide, but a large majority whites refuses to believe it. The newcomers Islamic immigrants can believe it, however.

    This planet is ruled the by Satanic banksters, the Rothschild-Zionists Goldman Sachs murderous syndicate [FED+ECB+IMF+BoE+BIS+Megacorps]. They want to CONTROLL the planet’s money supply (volume of money), debt and interest [=UN agenda of globalization]. They finance the Wallstreet monopolies, who want planetary resource-controll to maximize profits.

  6. John Lemay says:

    Fascinating information Professor Filip. I also appreciate your opinion.

  7. bruinschuss says:

    Ah, I’ve always more or less respected Putin as an excellent politician for at least appearing to have Russian interests and sovereignty at heart, but I hadn’t connected that of being related to the old KGB mindset. Very interesting take.

    We all should be talking more about the global banking system and western oligarchs, and their agenda to dominate global resources down to how much energy we use on a daily basis. Because that’s exactly what it is. They want one world government, one bank, one currency, and all of us cattle microchipped and micromanaged down to the minute and what words come out of our mouths, and how many kids we’re allowed to have. And it’s all out there in the open, step by step. Laws and technologies are being introduced and propaganda pushed to make us embrace it. There’s going to be a big crisis, a big war, a big disaster and suddenly we’ll all have to change and submit for the “greater good.” Our genetically engineered and superior overlords will dictate to us inferior proles just how we’re to live our lives. Give it 50 years I’d say.

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