The Real-Life House of Cards: Insider Deals, Murder & Espionage- The Clintons, Seth Rich & Awans!’

Follow the saga of the Clintons in this unique time line, starting with the race for the White House with all of the major scandals leading up to the present day, including Russia Gate, Seth Rich, the Awan Brothers, and much more - only available at

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Show notes

Russian Government Hackers Penetrated DNC, Stole Opposition Research on Trump

Cyber Firm Behind “Russia Hacking” Claims Has Ties To Soros Supported Think Tank

Wikileaks Reveals “Marble”: Proof CIA Disguises Their Hacks As Russian, Chinese, Arabic…

CrowdStrike Wikipedia

CrowdStrike CEO: No Way to Definitively Prove Russia’s Involvement in DNC Hack

Seth Rich Police Chief Hobnobbed With Clinton Campaign and DNC Officials

John Podesta’s Ex-Sister In Law Is on D.C. Police Foundation Board

Murder of Seth Rich Wikipedia

Kim Dotcom Says He Has Evidence That Seth Rich Was Wikileaks Source

Clinton Ally Gave $500k To Wife of FBI Agent on Email Probe

DC Police: Body Cam Footage From Seth Rich’s Death Won’t Be Released

Wassermann Schultz IT Aide Arrested While Attempting To Flee Country, Charged With Bank Fraud

House Intelligence Foreign Affairs Committee Members Compromised By Rogue IT Staff

Wassermann Schultz Aide In Pakistan Still Liquidating Assets In US

House Den IT Suspects Wanted Untraceable Payments - And Sure Enough, Millions Disappeared

Imran Awan’s Lawyer Is Long Time Clinton Associate

Steve Wasserman

Rod Wheeler Backtracks Statements About Seth Rich Investigation

Behind Fox News’ Baseless Seth Rich Story: The Untold Tale

There Are A Lot Of Holes In The Lawsuit Involving Fox News, Seth Rich, And Donald Trump

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  1. sheila mcgrath says:


  2. This is so important; I have been following this story for months. Its ignorance by the MSM is egregious, & it deserves a wider audience, especially with the events at the WH over the past few days. The Deep State is really pulling out all the stops on this.

    Spiro as always is excellent: thorough and objective.

    Please consider lifting the paywall on this particular report. The more people can see this, the more may “wake up”, and better yet when they see the entirety of your work they’ll subscribe.


  3. Ulf Johansson says:

    You the people in Newsbud should get an interview with Lawyer Elizabeth Beck and her husband.

  4. Jon L Curran says:

    Thank you for the excellent report of this very tangled story. I have been following George Webb and Jason Goodman for several months now and am looking forward to your concise presentations as the story unfolds. FWIW, I first subscribed to the CorbettReport, then to Newsbud and am currently supporting CrowdSourceTheTruth. This story needs to get out! Even your abbreviated Youtube video is helping do so.

    • Thank you for your encouragement, Jon. It is truly mindboggling how this mob duo has been getting away with everything for nearly 3 decades with full protection/support from the mainstream media and pseudo alts.

  5. David Corwin says:

    Well-researched and well-assembled timeline of events in this revolting travesty. As UpinCT points out above, this video could wake up a number of people who are on the fence about the whole “Putin-hacked-and-therefore-influenced-the-elections” official narrative. For that reason, it’s too bad this video is behind a paywall – but I understand your need to have exclusive material for your subscribers.

    I’m having difficulty understanding some of what Seymour Hersh is saying. By any chance do you have a transcript of his recording? I couldn’t find anything in the show notes.

    Thanks for the ongoing great work.

  6. Craig Toth says:

    Nicely done Brother.

  7. Karen Possessky says:

    Thank you Sibel & Spiro. Just to clarify, I intended constructive feedback above (I’m really nerdy about human-computer interaction & cognitive flow theory, lol). I applaud your quality work & your responsiveness, which humanizes the experience & gels a global online community.

    Question to all … Does the DNC email leak evidence point towards Seth Rich or someone else who had access to his password & computer?

  8. thomasotoole says:

    I appreciate the attention given to the Awan brothers spy ring on Capitol Hill. However there are major flaws in the reporting, imho, and i hope this helps in future reporting:
    1. You MUST pronounce simple, common American names correctly! (McAuliffe, Lanier). You hurt your case enormously otherwise. Bad!
    2. You did not go into the Awan’s horrifying activities as documented by George Webb.
    3. you spent far too much time on Rod Wheeler and the collateral issue of his credibility.
    4. You played that excruciatingly boring audio of Sy Hersh all the way through. He said nothing worth the while except to point the finger at Brennan.

    Despite these flaws I appreciate Newsbud finally giving this treason some attention.

    Keep working on this story, and look into the substantive harm done by these Awan Brothers. It would help you a lot to follow George Webb.

  9. thomasotoole says:

    Sibel, I have respected you for a long time. Please give me an answer: when you say, in apparent reference to George and Jason, this “mob duo”: What mob? How do I verify this allegation of a mob connection? I have been following George and Jason too, but you seem to know something about these two men that I don’t. What can you say to support your claim of mob connection?

  10. thomasotoole says:

    Or perhaps you refer to Bill and Hillary? I’m confused. Please clarify.

    • The Clinton duo crime & cover-ups began during his early years in Arkansas (His governor years), and went on during his presidency and post presidency …

      I don’t know the other 2 individuals you are referring to. Internet is filled with millions of bloggers it is hard to sift through all that. Not a bad thing- the more the merrier.

      • richarda says:

        I’ll post separately a timeline based on the youtube videos of GW. BTW he openly claims to be getting information from the intelligence community, specifically Mossad. Just saying.

  11. thomasotoole says:

    I think I was mistaken–but can’t delete. I’m sorry if I was wrong about which “mob duo”! Still, clarify if you would please, so I’m sure.

  12. Hersh’s regurgitation of a second -hand read of a report penned by the untrustworthy FBI isn’t a substitiute for a proper investigation. In his own words he says the whole thing was a Brennan operation yet he also believe Rich’s death was purely random. We don’t investigate anything anymore, it’s trial by media inside 2 days, followed by spooks telling us it’s all classified because of national security, but even if it wasn’t, it was all just an accident anyway. People leak things, investigate Generals, then randomly die.

    Funny how these journos always think it’s the other guy who’s the sap. ‘Trust me. I’ve been around a long time, I know a lot of swear words, no one’s going to con me.’

    The best lies are half true.

  13. Robert Schanne says:

    Thank you Spiro and Sibel – excellent job putting it all together. CrowdStrike is such a key component that the MSM pretty much ignores. They walk back their certainty of the DNC hack being from Russia, and the MSM was crickets with that part of the story.

    As for the mob duo, if anyone is looking for a good introduction, their is Corbet Report’s “Meet the Clintons”

    Also, “The Mena Connection” … Clinton’s cover up of the Mena, AR leg of the Iran-Contra scandal.

    I find it amazing how well the Clinton Crime Family’s activities in the 80s have been memory-holed. Almost no one I ever bring this up with knows anything. The name Mena, AR should be right up there with Watergate in recognizable names associated with US scandals.

  14. john omniadeo says:

    I appreciated the update and the perspective, but I too cannot let the remarkable Hersh monologue go unremarked on.

    Hersh has been the CIA limited hang-out guy for decades. Highlight My Lai and get street creds while covering up Phoenix. Distill JFK /RFK murders as salacious scandal and inject it as subcutaneous immunization against caring about history for a generation of self congratulatory New Yorker liberals. I could go on. In every situation, one can find the hangouts, the limits and the misdirection.

    Here, I believe it goes something like this: THE HANGOUTS: a 2nd-hand confirmation from FBI that Seth Rich was wikileaks contact, and confirmation that the Russian “hacking” story was a psy-op and the Dems are corrupt (can you believe it!); THE LIMITS: Nothing to see in the murder of Seth Rich or the handling of his laptop; THE MISDIRECTION: Guys like Brennan are just idiotic dudes hanging onto their jobs and don’t look at the Awan brothers or the DNC server or the blackberries.

    It is the phony left-right divide that keeps the all sides of the one big Clinton-Bush-Obama-Trump US scandal memory-holed. Millions of people right now know all about the Clintons and Mena but they honestly believe Trump is opposing the illuminati, busting pedophiles and won’t screw them even though he has switched positions on everything he campaigned for or against and has appointed all the people from the same banks to major positions of power and has named the guy who arranged with accused pedophile Dershowitz a slap on the wrist for Clinton pal (not to mention his own pal) Epstein for sex trafficking minors. The people who won’t look at the Clinton foundation, the sex trafficking in Haiti Vince Foster and the Clinton body count are quite willing to read all about Trump’s ties to Roy Cohn and the mafia…you get the drift…

  15. MENA. ‘The Boys on the Tracks.’ Daniel Hopsicker “Barry and the Boys” Roger Morris “Partners in Crime.” Stephens inc and Tyson. The ROSE law firm. G.H.W and arbusto BUSH himself. The while story winding toward the ‘right now.’ Toward Seth RICH lying alive on the street with two bullets in his back, and 40 minutes later, dead…gone.
    Transcripts anyone?
    Julian ASSANGE pegged his death on the emails.
    So good stuff Spiro. Just keep this going. You never know where or when the next door opens.
    Or the next body washes up on Debbie’s beach. [respect to the family]
    Seymour HERSH’s audio is an embarrassing and retaliatory release. As good as Victoria NULAND’s ‘Fuck the EU” moment. Puts him on the back foot. Did he not deny the call’s importance to Butowsky as ‘gossip’ Before the release? No matter what way I listen to it, I don’t hear gossip. He is citing source. RICH had accessed WIKILEAKS before his death. ”I want money’- quotes Seth RICH. A motive? Or is he planting the idea? Money? The dropbox? is that where KimDotCom and MEGA come into it? “I have a narrative of how that whole fucking thing began, its a BRENNAN OPERATION”
    From Seymour HERSH. SAIC. Jobs for the boys. That is quite a Horse’s mouth.
    We have Julian Assange, Craig Murray, KimDotCom, Wheeler, now HERSH. Thats five bullets from the smoking gun right there. And how many dead around this entire conspiracy? Yet still, mainstream SILENCE…”These guys RUN the fucking TIMES” Seymour says…oops. I guess THATS WHY mainstream are silent.. because ‘these guys’ RUN it. No wonder he’s pulling back. And Wheeler. And COMEY, the ‘leader’ of the FBI COMEY, telling ‘the world’ he was not ALLOWED to see the primary evidence pertaining to classified email leaks?
    Not allowed.

    H A Goodman has a good interview with Jared BECK, the lawyer doing the DNC lawsuit down in Florida.

  16. Robert Schanne says:

    Have we seen this update on Watching the Hawks with Ray McGovern that pretty much confirms the DNC was NOT hacked:

  17. John Miranda says:

    Spiro, please look up the CIA background of Dr. Steve Piecznik, who has a YouTube channel. On 11/4/16 he posted a video claiming he and some “patriot” colleagues in the FBI, NSA, CIA, and NYPD Intelligence, collaborated to obtain the intercepted emails from DNC, Hillary, and Podesta, then forward them to Wikileaks. All of them.

    Not Russia. Not Seth Rich. The CIA – Brennan? Quite possibly. Pieczenik? Definitely. The MI Complex, what you call the “Deep State.”

    This actually does not seem to contradict the very long and complicated trail you have unraveled here with so much precision. It was ultimately the people who have allegedly meddled in over 80 elections and regime changes over the past 70 years.

    I believe Dr Piecznik’s video is still on his YouTube channel. 11/4/16. Title is something about a silent counter coup to a Clinton coup (who knew?)

  18. If the BECK’s get their case through the first hurdle in Florida, they get Discovery.
    Which would, in a just universe, clear the way for the forensics of the information pathway to be established….tabled.
    Fletcher Prouty said; keeping these black-ops OUT of the courts is key to their success. Cross-examination and oath are truly wonderful tools.
    I think of Jim Garrison and Doug Christie.
    So the fight to not allow discovery is brutal and forever. because those transcripts are invaluable. The body count attests to this.

    Meantime, the emails were leaked. The ‘Russia Hack’ was devised and went into full perception management. And we can be very sure BRENNAN was involved..bringing ALL assets to the camera while the ‘substantive’ exposure of the festering Podesta/Clinton/Awan email ‘spirit cooker’ [Wool of bat, and tongue of dog, Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting, Lizard’s leg, and owlet’s wing,— For a charm of powerful trouble,
    Like a hell-broth boil and bubble*]
    – with NO mainstream coverage at all. Globally.
    So, you’d have to say, at least until now,
    a successful ‘op’
    [*with thanks to W.S]

  19. Karen Possessky says:

    Has anyone else heard of or know of a report that DOJ is reopening HRC email case? Ed Klein, former NYT Mag E-I-C, reportedly stated that his source confirmed that and I saw on You Tube, video entitled, “Justice Dept REOPENS Case Against Hillary Clinton!!! Dick Morris reports” – Thx all 🙂

    • spiro skouras says:

      Hi Karen,
      A judge has ordered the State Department to search its own database for Clinton emails on Benghazi. Don’t hold your breath, its like asking the government to investigate itself…

      • Robert Schanne says:

        Just like all those congressional investigation into Whitewater and all. People use it all the time to say how the Clintons must be innocent b/c they’ve been investigated so often and nothing has been found. They are part of the big club, and we aint in it. They are above the law and they know it.

        • Karen Possessky says:

          Thank you Spiro and Robert. I will not hold my breath on accountability being held via that avenue. But, I watched YouTube Video titled, “Further Investigation into the FBI Vault” involves talk panel of Charles Ortel, Jared & Elizabeth Beck, Trish, & Jason Goodman. Together, they break down the improper registration of the Clinton Foundation and how one potential strategy for dethroning them would be to start filing investigations in each jurisdiction. There are many excellent points made throughout the panel, albeit lengthy. Documents that were reviewed also show that there is international cooperation with Clinton Foundation fraud.

          What do we do with this truth if Hillary is “above the law”? It’s still worth going through the motions for sake of discovering information to get officially on the record, right? I feel frustrated, confused, and yet compelled to do something … but what?

  20. Carol Dufrene says:

    Seymour Hersh calls the Trump/Russia propaganda balloon a John Brennan operation:
    Intel Vets challenge the the Russian Hack story:
    The Imran Awan case is much more than bank fraud. The Awans were a spy ring in Congress. They’ve compromised Congressmen and have set up a ratline for the transfer of high-end autos and weapons out of the country with cash and drugs coming in. They’re using our East Coast ports bringing in and shipping out containers under diplomatic cover. Imran has added to his representation:

  21. Spiro, thanks for this outstanding video. Piecing together a compelling set of fact based assertions that can be used to combat the false and intentionally misleading tangents in the post election “Russiagate” distraction that’s dominated the news cycles and much of the public debate is so important. The powers that shouldn’t be have continued to milk Trump’s ties to Russia like an anemic goat while the Clinton Crime family and Deep State sponsored cows roam freely and unmolested in the adjacent pasture.

    Given the importance of continuing to make efforts to expose these missing and underexposed aspects of the election scandal while it’s still front and center and given how well you illuminate many of those aspects in this video, as somebody else mention before, this really might be a video that you consider making publicly available. I know it’s something I’d like to share with people, but whatever you choose to do, thanks, much respect, and keep up the great work!

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