Banker Wars: World War 2 (Part 2)

In the second and last part of Banker Wars, we examine how President Roosevelt lied America into the Second World War. From dismantling the Neutrality Act and goading the Japanese into the attack on Pearl Harbor, to the authoritarian imposition of forced conscription and rationing of food and other essential goods, Roosevelt established the modern precedent of the imperial presidency. He unleashed the FBI to hound and prosecute antiwar activists and conscientious objectors to his war, the deadliest of the 20th century. FDR set the stage for all wars to come, from the Cold War to the illegal and undeclared wars in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Show Notes

Material for this report taken from the unpublished manuscript, The War Democrats, by Kurt Nimmo.

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  1. Kurt,
    How does FDR’s banking history square with the Business Plot against him which Smedley Butler revealed. The orthodox theory suggests that fascist corporate interests planned a putsch against FDR because of his betrayal to his class (with the support of the New Deal). Sutton’s research seems to suggest that FDR was supported by these interests. Was this a case of factional warfare among elites, or something else?

    • David E Burden says:

      Opinions vary on this Orenda, but I find it quite telling that even with ample evidence of the conspiracy to commit treason, nobody was prosecuted.

      • David,
        That one glaring fact is what makes me tend toward the view that it was a factional conflict, and that FDR had no interest in helping to jail his fellow elites (nor did Congress).

        • David E Burden says:

          I have always taken it as proof that the entire scheme was being orchestrated from higher up the ladder, and once the plan was revealed, and thereby thwarted, the organization went into stand-by mode until the public’ short memory span would allow them to try another tactic.

          • I think FDR was just more pragmatic and perhaps moderately less bloodthirsty than some of those within his peer group when it came to the New Deal. He was heralded as a hero in many ways because in contrast to those who would’ve told the masses they could “eat cake”, FDR told them that they could eat cake, but also grab a plate of what was available at the fruit salad bar. They weren’t permitted anything from the dinner offerings and would have to clean the entire kitchen afterward, but at least they wouldn’t starve.

            Going after the “eat cake” faction in any way following the attempted coup would’ve disrupted the untouchable status of the elite banking class, so in my opinion, FDR’s response behind closed doors was probably something along the lines of; “I’m trying to save your ass and mine and this is the thanks I get? You’re going to have to trust me that some level of appeasement is necessary to keep the masses from rallying around a cry of “off with their heads”… “.

            I don’t think the goals of the elite are homogeneous. There are always going to be competing interests, but it’s sort of like the Mafia, to the extent that there’s an underlying understanding that there are certain rules which need to be abided by, boundaries, and territories established to avoid jeopardizing organized crime as a whole. To use the language of the metaphor; FDR understood that you never snitch.

  2. Peter Lynn says:

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  3. richarda says:

    There may be parallels with what happened in Ireland in 2009. As an outsider, it seemed that many people should have gone to jail, because tens of billions of Euro were “mishandled”. But it meant that those in Government would have to prosecute their siblings, parents, children, and the wider family circle.
    Those kinds of action are but one step removed from Civil War, and realistically, it just wasn’t going to happen. I’d be interested in any related views of the politics in the USA in the 1930’s.

  4. Kurt, this was absolutely outstanding! I learned a lot of new information and the presentation and execution was really spot on. Keep up the great work!

  5. Salvatore LoGrasso says:

    FDR had been secretly corresponding with Churchill behind the back of Neville Chamberlain about the coming war with Germany. An American diplomat in London has been reading their correspondence and was alarmed by the public lies being told by Roosevelt…… and decided to act by giving the diplomatic bag to a member of Parliament. This American diplomat was prosecuted by a secret court and was sentenced to 7 years in prison after his diplomatic immunity was waived by Ambassador Joe Kennedy, the father of JFK & RFK…..This young man was planning to alert the US media that a war was being planned by FDR while pretending to be an isolationist. His mom had searched for her son for 4 years before learning her son was in a British prison.

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