Newsbud Exclusive- “Neocons & Democrats Reunite as War on Russia Intensifies!”_

Perturbed by the outlier Donald Trump, Democrats have circled the wagons and reunited with Bush era neocons under the banner of the Alliance for Securing Democracy (ASD), a project sponsored by the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF). The organization’s mission is predicated on a baseless presumption that has gone viral—Vladimir Putin and the Russians are actively involved in a nefarious plot to undermine democracy in America and Europe.

ASD’s mission statement avers it will strive to “develop comprehensive strategies to defend against, deter, and raise the costs on Russian and other state actors’ efforts to undermine democracy and democratic institutions. The Alliance will work to publicly document and expose Vladimir Putin’s ongoing efforts to subvert democracy in the United States and Europe.”

In July, the journalist Glenn Greenwald pointed out ASD is “the ultimate union of mainstream Democratic foreign policy officials and the world’s most militant, and militaristic, neocons. The group is led by two longtime Washington foreign policy hands, one from the establishment Democratic wing and the other a key figure among leading GOP neocons,” to wit Laura Rosenberger and Jamie Fly. [READ MORE]

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  1. Michael White says:

    I am a but why sell me again every time when I just want to watch Kurt’s video…. member and supporter I can never figure out how to get to the damn video my bandwidyh sucks and it is too tough to spin

    • spiro skouras says:

      Hi Mr. White,
      Im sure you are aware this piece “Neocons & Democrats Reunite as War on Russia Intensifies!” by Kurt Nimmo is not a video, rather a beautifully researched and well written article. While we do appreciate you being a member and supporting our operation, unfortunately we are unable to resolve whatever internet issues you may have, that may be preventing you from watching our videos. This article is not a video, although it is so good it may be very soon, so stay tuned!
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  2. victor friese says:

    Try right clicking or long pressing the video and dowloading it. Then watch it. Works for me with low res version. Don’t know about high res. Much Much Much more responsive than streaming!

  3. victor friese says:

    Oh, you may have to start the video before you try downloading it. Hit play, then pause, then right click or long press.

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