The Deep State Plan to Attack Iran

The Deep State—the merchants of death, the bankers, the national security apparatus and its think tanks—will eventually have its next war. President Donald Trump is setting the stage, despite his promise to rollback interventionism and illegal and unconstitutional wars. On this edition of The Geopolitical Report, we examine the effort to nullify the Iran nuke deal and move toward confrontation. The Deep State—the shadow government, the global elite, the money masters behind the curtain, take your pick—can only sustain itself through war and the conquest of natural resources, primarily oil. Unlike Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Iran isn’t part of the club. The neocon faction of the Deep State has long advocated overthrowing the Iranian government, either covertly or through direct military intervention. Trashing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is the first step in an escalation between the United States and Iran that very well may result in open military conflict.

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Show Notes

Trump Seeks Way to Declare Iran in Violation of Nuclear Deal

The Mask Is Off: Trump Is Seeking War with Iran

Iran: Missile tests not in violation of nuclear deal

CFR President Richard Haass: Obama Admin Hoping To "Lock Congress In" To Iran Deal By Holding UN Vote First

Obama’s Nuclear Iran Deal: CFR Globalists vs. Sovereignty & Constitution

Trilateral Commission sees room for Iran dialogue

Are the Iranian Protests Another US Orchestrated "Color Revolution?"

Neocons Still Demanding Regime Change in Iran

Neocons Urge War on Iran

U.S. Navy chopper fires flares in encounter with Iranian forces in Persian Gulf

Iran's IRGC reports 2nd US naval provocation in Persian Gulf in less than a week

White House demands release of US prisoners in Iran or face 'serious consequences'

Neocons Point Housebroken Trump at Iran

How Trump can help cripple the Iranian regime

Has the U.S. Played a Role in Fomenting Unrest During Iran’s Election?

Iranian military blames Saudis after 12 killed in Tehran terrorist attack

Neocons Are Still Writing The Script

Trump is assembling all the pieces he needs to go after Iran

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  1. FYI,
    A picture of Stephen Miller was misrepresented as a picture of Ezra Cohen-Watnick.

  2. Craig Toth says:

    Foreign Policy: More things changed, more stays the same.

  3. Jan Kolenc says:

    The drums of war are getting louder against Iran and for so long it was said that the Saudis lead the attack on the Islamic Republic. Those backing the Saudis will be the satanist Anglo-Zionist pact who shall have Mossad agents operating the F-35 fighter jets to strike Iranian nuclear facilities. The pretext for this war will be “Iran is building a nuclear weapon” and more economic sanctions will occur. The proxies in Iran will be moved in Arabistan in order to choke the country’s oil supplies because Arabistan is the oil-rich region of Iran. Once this target is achieved, the population of Iran will flee in droves out of the country and that’s when the war hawks start to move in. They’ll cripple people to their knees until they cannot defend themselves further. Despite it being a devastating battle, Iran comes out victorious after many parties get exposed internally – both within the government and corporate sectors.

  4. B. F. EARL says:

    Where can I locate the information on who the major stockholders are for the companies who specialize in war materials, including food suppliers for the military personnel on the ground and water. In my opinion these investor groups and individuals are those who push for US involvement at the expense of infrastructure. They also have the power to control election votes without the need for propaganda to force Congress to obey them and not the will of we the people. I divide groups up according their moral motivations state by state. Who are the key Congressmen and women who control Congress (sort of like Thaddeus Stevens was able to do that produced our 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments which weakened our Bill of Rights)? The states they are from would have to be targeted by the resistance who advocates we meet infrastructure needs. It is militarism vs (what)?

  5. Jan Kolenc says:

    The US is flinging sanctions at Iran but Russia desires this deal to endure? The inquiry is, who fractured this thoughtless deal in the beginning? If Iran doesn’t get its act together by learning a lesson from North Korea in possessing a nuclear deterrent, the dogs of war shall move in at full force. It’s no doubt this war has been paved through Rouhani’s administration who made the path smoother. Now more sanctions are transpiring despite the inking of a Rouhani’s frauded, short-sighted deal that has now failed. Nonetheless, Rouahani and his cronies won’t stop until they get exposed. Russia’s stance is also becoming more evident politically in time.

  6. Max Havelaar says:

    I like to see somebody do an comparative analysis of the military strenghts of the biggest nations involved (US,Russia, China, Iran, Israël) and citing official sources. There are some youtube channels on this, but maybe Newsbud can do better.

    Based on these comparisons and the fact that there are only 2 camps: NATO versus the Socialist olichargs (Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba …) the nucleair war outcome is highly improbable. Only local non-nucleair attacks, agreed in advance between the BIGGEST bullies: Russia + US.

    The megacorporate, fake news, MSM agencies do only marketing (saber rattling) for the US Defense contractors.

    Warning about (nucleair) WWIII, although very tempting, seems to me for children only, since automated MAD will prevent this.

  7. Max Havelaar says:

    The Big question: how is the US going to break the Russia-China-Iran alliance? No chance at all, it seems to me.

  8. Jan Kolenc says:

    any chance of someone exposing ayatollah Sistani who received 200 million dollars not to do jihad on americans in Iraq?

  9. Jan Kolenc says:

    Sistani l.a. is an usooli marja who exploits ignorant shias of impoverished and uneducated areas of Iraq telling them they must pay him Khums money and obey him(taqleed) in religious matters or else none of their prayers and fasts are accepted and they will go to hell. Sistani’s l.a. closest representatives have sex and film porn with Sistani followes.This was leaked when representative Munad Hamdan Al Naji Al Musawi lost his phone SD card which contained graphic videos of Sistani’s representatives having sex and shooting porn sometimes in Mosques and in mourning assemblies.

    for more type in youtube dajjal Sistani and his porn whores

  10. rene verstraeten says:

    “Think tank” = stink tank …

  11. John Miranda says:

    Kurt, please get to the REAL reason why Iran is the enemy: Iran will not allow itself to be dominated and bankrupted by the Capitalist Central Reserve banking system, thus blocking the Europen Nazi Capitalist goal of literally and figuratively owning the planet.

    Half those crazies in the Trump administration are probably so brainwashed, they don’t even understand that.

  12. Kurt RuzsicskaKurt says:

    I downloaded the video but can’t see it, hear it only

  13. victor friese says:

    You have to wait till it says download video. If it still says download media I am guessing it does not work so well. Make sure to wait till the video has started, then pause it, then right click/long press it to save it.

    And newsbud, you may want to put a video sticky on the videos saying how to download them.

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