Exposed: Clinton Train Paid The Young Turks $20 Million

In this week’s episode of Newsbud’s Spiro Reports, Spiro investigates the deep state’s role in influencing the so-called alternative media. Recently the Young Turks secured an investment deal for $20 million. You know what they say, follow the money! Find out what we discovered in this hard hitting Newsbud community exclusive as we uncover the shady powerful network within the Clinton train who is pulling the money strings for the Young Turks. Plus, find out what former FBI whistleblower and Newsbud Founder Sibel Edmonds had to say about the Young Turk front man only at

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Show notes

Progressive media outlet The Young Turks has raised $20 million in venture-capital funding and plans to double its staff

The Media Consortium

Meet the New George Soros

3L Capital

Dave Leyrer’s Omaze Raises Money For Clinton Foundation

Hacked documents reveal Soros plans for more Internet regulation

Soros-Funded Lefty Media Reach More Than 300 Million Every Month

Don Gevirtz; Democratic Fund-Raiser

2010 Overview The Aspen Institute

Brookings Institute Attendee List

The “Partners”: Who’s Who in the Democracy Alliance

George Soros’s Democracy Alliance

Democracy Alliance

Security Tight at Secretive Democracy Alliance Meeting

Obama’s Top Fund-Raisers

WndrCo LLC

Global Development Council Alan Patricof 

Millenium Challenge Corporation Report

So many choices … from the Aspen Institute

Is Hillary Clinton still the one to beat in 2016?

Global development leaders offer suggestions for next US president

The Secret Masters

Jeffrey Katzenberg - news and investigations

With cash from Jeffrey Katzenberg, The Young Turks looks to grow paid subscribers

Greycroft Alan Patricof

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  1. spiro skouras says:

    Feel the Bern!

  2. Robert Diggins says:

    Great report/expose. This is so much better quality than any other alleged “alt” media, who usually stick to superficial tactics of ad hominem, without the deeper context we have come to expect from the Newsbud team.

    Newsbud had the integrity from the beginning, not to depend on corporate advertising, long before Google’s “Adpocolypse” and censorship campaign. They knew what could happen, once the dependence was in place and realized voluntary public funding was paramount. Way ahead of the curve and principled from the beginning.

    BTW, H. A. Goodman and Tim Black, two YouTube news commentators who draw audiences from both the “left and right” and have had ongoing complaints about TYT, really need to hear this. I’ll try to let them know.

    Thank you!

    • spiro skouras says:

      Hi Robert,
      Great to see you active in the comments. You are absolutely right, these other sites that depend on the very same system they claim to be against will lead to their own undoing. We are already seeing more sites moving towards the subscription model because it is the only sustainable option. Many charge more and offer less. Thanks for your long time support Robert!

  3. Michael Naaden says:

    WHAT?! NO!? They got Cenk?!…I always wondered how he had a job. Reminds me of the whole, “if you repeat a lie enough” theme.

  4. Max Havelaar says:

    Feel the Burn, an old colonial game: divide & rule, played by the Billionaires or megacorporate-fascists, who want a forced labour camps for the masses (like Pharoa’s did, to build their Sphinxes and Piramids).

    A no-brainer: Cenk Uygur is an immoral flipflopper, paid by the Democrat political clan, this time aournd. He takes after the Clintons, flipflopping their way to the Billionaires money.

    Also Alex Jones was bought by the Trump camp in this election. So we all know: money talks!

  5. The lack of integrity with these people is honestly quite astonishing to me. I didn’t realize what was going on until last year, and a lot of people I respected I quit watching because of the election. I never watched TYT but would see clips of them here and there. They were crazy for Clinton and I wondered what happened to them. Now I know. I’m learning, because of you, follow the money! I appreciate all the background information and context you all give with your reporting, it’s quite the education. Thanks for your hard work.

  6. Tolga Mustafa says:

    Thank you Spiro & Sibel for exposing this guy. I used to watch his news show till I got sick of his BS. For your information according to Cenk he did recently visit Turkey this year and joked about not being arrested due to his stance against the Turkish government.

  7. Joseph Harrington says:

    Love this

  8. Clifton N Wayne says:

    I’m glad to see Cenk & TYT exposed, many thanks to the NB Team. Watching TYT when they first started I never felt they were really progressive or Alternative Media. I also wondered how TYT could apparently be so successful.. As I watched their broadcasts from time to time I got the feeling they never really supported Bernie Sanders and were really in HRC’c pocket. I never supported them for that reason, now my hunches have been verified.

  9. Kathy Brady says:

    Great Job Sibel/Spiro, as always. 🙂

  10. Thanks, Spiro. Never watched TYT, had heard of them. Just browsed their site. They at least don’t claim to be alternative news, just ‘progressive’. They think they’ve got young people figured out now, just lure them in with the word ‘progressive’. 3 million YT subscribers? So much talk, very little substance going around these days. Sad to see that young woman brag that she was trying very hard to be pimped out.

    The US went through a clear shift during the 2008 election, a campaign to popularize stupidity and narrow-mindedness. People proudly declaring they had never owned a passport. The subtext being that people who ask questions are not to be trusted. It really motivated the young people to enrol and vote for Obama. Worked like a charm. The likes of Soros et al really enjoy yanking us around by the nose ring. No wonder they think we’re stupid cattle – we’re so easy to herd! Beats working for a living I guess.

    I remember during the Turkey coup Sibel questioned why TYT weren’t covering the protest at NBC in NYC. Now we know. You forgot to open your check book, Sibel.

  11. PS. Is it possible the underlings don’t know they’re tools of the Deep State? They can’t see beyond their own personal ambitions to notice they’re doing the dirty work of a parasite.

  12. victor friese says:

    You said something happened to the site, what was it? And please be safe and vigilant.

  13. Thanks Spiro,

    The alt-right media is also full of imposters. We all know ALex Jones is; so it doesn’t take too much discernment to see that Rebel Media (Canada), Lionel Nation, Stefan Molyneux, PJW, are also low-level rats. The reason I bring this up concerns Dr. Jordan Peterson, the Canadian professor who is facing charges of racism in his refusal to use gender pronouns, Peterson openly praises Molyneux and PJW, and Rebel Media, when these commentators are frauds, part of the deep state forces who are responsible for this gender – equality BS. anyone else see this? And HA Goodman on the Left is ALSO a fraud! Goodman supports Sanders who is a fraud, Santdays Assad is responsible for chemical attacks against his own people.

    • Tomcat108 says:

      Ur throwing around a lot of wild accusations here on this comment ! Goodman switched to Green Party which u didnt say, and though Lionel is a little weird, i dont believe he works for the deep state. U should be much more careful making wild accusations like that !

  14. Andreas Hedqvist says:

    Nice exposure of what is going on with the growing alternative media. I have noticed the same kind of infiltration and subversion of other previously uncontrolled outlets. I used to sporadically tune into Infowars and Drudge Report but noticed about a year ago that they started to self censor and backtrack and now when even ZeroHedge is clearly being slowly subverted it is clear what is going on. The concerted effort to financially ensnare alternative outlets seems to be working. If we examine this in more detail just as we could with advertising it would reveal the core problem – the majority of people’s lack of critical thinking or succumbence to peer pressure. This is why democracies will never function in an ideal sense until enough people are clever enough to rationally think for themselves. My biggest fear is not that malevolent characters such as George Soros are out there playing the perception game but that information censorship is now swinging into full speed and how so many people are oblivious to what is going on. If this is allowed to progress, sites such as this one may soon be deemed rebellious and a national security risk. Let’s be honest, the Bill of Rights is no longer in effect and neither is the notion of rule of law. I sometimes find myself almost admiring the dedication and perseverance of these enemies of freedom and liberty because they work so hard and organized that it leads me to wonder who is setting the overall agenda and why? Sure destroying is easier than constructing but even so it begs the question – who wants to frenetically saw the branch their sitting on with such fervor? Or is that the wrong question perhaps, should it be ‘what’ and not ‘who’?

    • Tomcat108 says:

      U think its almost hopeless, but more people are awake now than ever before ! Its not good to spread pessimism, that makes things worse. It causes depression in people for one thing ! The truth keeps spreading more and more. Newsbud and its subscribers need to learn to also focus on solutions if they’re going to really help turn the tide ! Otherwise ur just bitching about the darkness but not turning on the light which will dispel the darkness. Also u say most people lack critical thinking and rational mind and are just dumb sheep. Thats not true and James Corbett takes issue with those kind of statements too ! I know a lot of people and nearly all of them know whats going on and many are doing things to help make the world a better place ! It sounds so self righteous and conceited when people declare that theyre one of a very few who are “rational” or “awake” or have critical thinking or are not dumb sheep ! I feel that most of the world is awake in the general sense and more and more are learning the details thx to sites like Newsbud, Corbett Report, Dr Steven Greer and Disclosure Project, Abby Martin’s Empire Files, Sane Progressive with Debbie Lusignan and many others ! These pessimistic, bitching and moaning comments are depressing and show that maybe you’re the ones who arent awake, since you dont seem to be awake to real solutions, so instead you try to spread doom and gloom !

      • Tomcat108 says:

        I dont see a way to edit comments on here so i ll clarify here. When i said above, maybe youre the ones, i meant some of the commenters, the doom and gloom ones who offer no solutions and are often claiming to be so superior in their “rational minds” and one of only a few who are “awake” and useing “critical thinking” !

      • Andreas Hedqvist says:

        You’re right that my comment and view is pessimistic and I’m sorry if that offends you but please don’t judge me or try to prove me wrong by referring to what other people say or think. Stand up for your own view and argue your own points. The other day when Trump held a speech with references to 9/11 and Afghanistan I lost the little faith I had left. The reason is the same as when I left Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth – the lies are so entrenched and embedded in people’s minds that it doesn’t matter what you do or say – it will not change until a large enough group of people do wake up, and we are far away from that. If you know anything about structural dynamics and strength of materials you will know that large passenger aircraft cannot fly over 500mph at low altitudes and their aluminum structures cannot pierce inches thick I and H beams with clean cuts as observed (the bugs bunny punch-outs). Not possible – end of story. Now several wars later and millions of innocent people dead the same lie is used over and over again to continue crimes and humanity and this by a President who not even a year ago expressed sound opposition to this madness. So excuse me for sounding a bit pessimistic.

  15. Tomcat108 says:

    BTW, does anyone know why this video on TYT keeps stopping ? Im using a Samsung Galaxie On 5. I really want to watch this video ! Im sure its not the video, but any good ideas ?

  16. Tomcat108 says:

    Wow ! That was great, Spiro and Sybel, as always ! Thank you so much for exposing this fake news site ! I dont like them cos theyre full of bullshit and i wondered why Sybel called Uygur greasy, but now thats answered ! Thank you ! I hope you go on exposing the fake alt media, its so important ! Youre still my favorite of all the truth tellers, Sybel ! Your so enjoyable to listen to ! Beautiful person, Sybel ! A trillion thumbs up ! Thx ! Boundless love to you !

  17. Tony Sassone says:

    I am a Newsbud subscriber and a member of The Young Turks and Justice Democrats. If the Clintons are giving money to Cenk and the TYT Network then they are not getting their moneys worth. If you would bother to actually watch the program, they abhor the Clintons and all the establishment democrats . Cenk had the highest rated show on MSNBC and they fired him anyway because he was relentless towards his criticism of Obama. Whatever Cenk was before politically , he has seen the light since the early 2000s when he became a true progressive . Any big money investor who wants the status quo will not find it at the Young Turks. They have organized Justice Democrats , to support true progressive candidates that are willing to take on the establishment democratic party and corporate donors that corrupt them. I don’t know what personal grudge Sibel has for this guy , but a lot of her conclusions appear to be speculation and conjecture . Have you ever seen him lace into Nancy Pelosi’s politics at a political conference with DNC members on the panel ? I have and it’s a wonderful thing . How about Chuck Shumer ? Forget about Hillary Clinton . Why would George Soros fund a news and information organization that constantly exposes and attacks the politics of his friends at the DNC. Sibel and Cenk have quit a bit in common. For whatever personal thing she has against him, she should bury the hatchet and make friends . When like minded people profess to political change that has our representatives working for us and not the corporate establishment ,they should do whatever they can to work together for everones benefit.

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