Breaking: Journalist Interrogated & Sacked for Exposing CIA-NATO Arming of Terrorists

An investigative journalist has been interrogated by government national security forces and fired from her job for documenting and exposing covert CIA-NATO operations directly arming ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists- a covert operation involving NATO, CIA, U.S.-based Mega Arms Trafficker(s), a shady U.S. organization ran by well-known Deep State Players, and much more.

Watch this Newsbud exclusive breaking story and investigative report, including our exclusive interview with investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, a candid commentary by Sibel Edmonds, leaked documented evidence, and glaring direct connections to some of the biggest names and entities connected to the Deep State, and CIA-NATO Operation Gladio B.

Correction: At 2:05 Spiro stated Trud Newspaper was based in Belgium, Trud Newspaper is based in Bulgaria

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Show Notes

350 Diplomatic Flights Carry Weapons for Terrorists!

Anonymous Bulgaria Leaks Massive 10GB Of Data: “Silk Way Airlines Helps Terrorists”

The U.S. and Europe Must Investigate Azerbaijani Shipments of Weapons to Terrorists

Connecting the Dots: Afghan Heroin NATO-Azerbaijan Hub

Newsbud Exclusive- NATO-CIA-Pentagon: Junction of the Real Druglords & Warlords

Sibel Edmonds: Azerbaijan- Operation Gladio B

"The Lone Gladio" reveals Washington's strategy for winning the New Great Game

Azerbaijan Keeps Mum about Bust on Georgia Heroin Highway

US-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce

‘Worth killing over’: How a plane mogul dodged US scrutiny

Spies and shadowy allies lurk in secret, thanks to firm’s bag of tricks

Iranian-born KC aviation figure with colorful past appears in Panama Papers

Farhad Azima: Panama Papers Expose

Meet The Iranian-Born, Major Clinton Donor Caught Up In The Panama Papers Scandal

Project for the New American Century (PNAC)

Israel Signs $1.6 Billion Arms Deal with Azerbaijan

Israel, Azerbaijan united by arms trade and respect, Netanyahu says on visit

Journalist Interrogated, Fired for Story Linking CIA And Syria Weapons Flights

The Balkanization of Syria & Iraq: The Roadmap to US-Israeli Hegemony in the Middle East

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  1. Jan Kolenc says:

    nicely done, here’s an old report about arms deals involving Serbia and EU members, msm doesn’t seem to care:

  2. janiece turner says:

    Holy sh*t. NATO & their butler governments + bankers are disgusting.

    Thank you Dilyana. Thank you Sibel. Thank you 1000x over.
    (You too Spiro )

  3. tallsexyblonde says:

    Good job Spiro.
    Great respect to you Dilyana.

  4. William Wanklyn says:

    Well done Newsbud.
    I would like to share this link with my sister, but she is not a member. Is there a way for me to let her see this story?

  5. Great report, Spiro volunteer set up the website to share these files. Some initial analysis IIRC also indicated Depleted Uranium and White Phosphorus was in some of the shipments. There has been analysis showing these substances being shipped as well as transported by air.
    Anyone can inspect the original documents
    Part 1 1403 Email attachments and more info (this is a much smaller size than Part 2 and Part 3) (The first page is foreign but the remaining documents are in English)
    Part 2 10GB
    Part 3 65 GB (broken into segments)
    I am glad that Newsbud and Sibel are talking about this story.

  6. These criminals operate in a manner that suggests they have got away with it for a very long time. Good work from Newsbud, glad someone has done the follow-up to Dilyana’s story. Yet another important set of facts that the MSM finds deeply uninteresting. If it puts the West in a bad light, it must be false.

    Thank you to Dilyana for her diligence and determination to do her job. What has become of the news Editors around the world? Institutionalized by their corporate owners?

    The CIA has made a lot of money over the decades. What are they doing with it all? Even all their regime changes don’t add up to the trillions.

    Excellent reporting, guys.

  7. Any chance Newsbud can put Dilyana Gaytandzhieva on its payroll?

  8. I sent a copy of the report to my MP 8 weeks ago. While he thanked my for the information, his response clearly shows a disconnect from the realities and the industrial scale of these processes. Thank you for the additional information that the Syrian Rebels, the Free Syrian Army, left Syria for Turkey in 2014.
    I have some sympathy for his position. As I read it, and from previous correspondence, lawmakers concentrate on where they can make a difference. Opportunities such as the UK vote to stay out of Syria are all too rare, and the Intelligence Services seem to be a law unto themselves that even those nominally in control cannot touch.
    I have some hope that eventually the secret services will overstep their brief to the extent that the public becomes aware of this problem and does something about it.

  9. Max Havelaar says:

    Nice interview with Dilyana GaytandZhieva, the heroine from Bulgaria, reporting on the Syrian holocaust for Wallstreet longterm profits.

    The evidence proving a NATO government’s involvement in illegal armtrade is so simple: they grant the arms-license for export, which is monitored by their secret service.

    Any informed member of parlement will know this, and so they too, are complicit in NATO’s massmurdergame.

  10. Salvatore LoGrasso says:

    What’s so frustrating to me is why so many peoples don’t care about this information.

    • Salvatore, been living that frustration for 16 years straight- I have to say more so here (In the States) than any other country I’ve been …

    • Max Havelaar says:

      It takes a lot of courage to go against the mainstream 99%. Most people will not dare, and simply float with any current.

      We, the truthseekers against all odds, are only 1% or less, in ocean of opportunists: the Gordon Gekko money seekers (Oliver Stone’s movies: Wallstreet I + II).

  11. victor friese says:

    You shoud hire this woman if you can. I have to wonder about who dumped the data though. Such a large amount of data. Anyone who can should download copies and secure them on archive disks (do they make stone blu rays?).

    She is naieve as crap though about voting this away though. These animals are more likely to rub it in our face like they are proud of it.

  12. Americans don’t know the horror of war, we barely even know history. This past year has been hell for me as I confronted the realities of our foreign policy, the global destruction, disregard for humanity, the malicious war crimes, the false flags committed by our governments with the intent to instill fear, and lastly the absolute indifference of the American people.

    There are few journalists willing to risk all to bring us real news. I am proud to support NewsBud and hope to see many more stories like Dilyana’s. They can’t plug every leak if we overwhelm them with truth.

  13. Guy St Hilaire says:

    very good report.In a sane world the perps would be indited promptly .Instead unfortunately this very good journalist’s life will now be in jeopardy.

  14. Joanie Detlefsen says:

    Dilyana Gaytandzhiev
    A wonderful journalist, seeking accountability of corrupt governments, with courage and commitment. Bring Love back to a humanity recovery. No other way, eliminate the opposition. Way too much money went to fund the Pentagon, the Department of Defense. It’s beyond out of control. Well beyond. Do not advocate fight fire with fire, that’s an epic fail. I can’t help but think Trump wonders how the heck to back US out of it. He’s surrounded.

  15. John Lemay says:

    A brave reporter from Bulgaria has done the world a favor by exposing lies many people already suspected. I hope we can find a way to demand explanations from involved governments. I also want to thank Newsbud and Dilyanna for having integrity. Sibel, you must be proud of this Bulgarian lady – she is somewhat like you….:)

    Thank you Spiro for this report.

  16. eric shake says:

    Videos like this one are the very reason that I am so grateful to be able to afford to subscribe to newsbud finally! Thanks for the great work Dilyanna, Sibel, & Spiro!!

  17. Sputniknews says that US forces evacuated Daesh commanders. Does anyone in this community have a source to confirm this alleged action by the US? It would be remarkable.

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