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The War Against China Kicked Off Last Week…Did Anybody Notice?  Well, China did.  So did North Korea, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan… As American media and public opinion continue their obsession with Trump, Trump’s generals have cleared the decks to confront China across Asia, and China hawks are cranking up the witch hunt against China doves.  More and more it looks like peace in Asia is unpatriotic and undesirable when it comes to America’s anti-China mission.

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Show notes

China critical of reduced Freedom Ulchi Guardian joint military exercises

China denounces U.S. sanctions on North Korea trade

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Press Availability

Retired Army Gen. David Petraeus Describes Trump’s Options in Afghanistan

Steve Bannon, Unrepentant

The State Department is Tilting Dangerously Toward China

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  1. Clifton N Wayne says:

    More really great China Watch Analysis from Peter Lee, along with a hint of humor – very nice and very informative.

  2. janiece turner says:

    Same 🙂

  3. America and their existential threats that become self-fulfilling prophecies…..I can barely keep up with whose turn it is this week.

    Peter, your humour befits the lunacy.

  4. John Miranda says:

    How odd! It won’t load on my iphone.

    Anyway, w/o seeing it, did you mention the twi little “oops, so sorry I bumped (read: rammed with intent to sink) two of your prized destroyers in the past three months, aka acts of war”. i hope so, because the Navy know what is going on and they have too much egg on their face to admit they got caught flat-footed. Two simikar collisions under similar circumstances are no accident. This might have the hawks flapping their wings a little bit. It’s China explaining to the US that if anyone is going to “push anyone around” it will be China pushing the US. There’s a new empire in town, China. Get used to it, US.

    • John Miranda-

      The issue with those two ship collisions is that in both cases the US Navy was at fault. Although the John McCain has not had its details of the investigation revealed, the USN has admitted that their steering gear system failed underway three minutes prior to the collision. I am a licensed US Merchant Marine and an O3 in the USNR. Long story short in both of those issues, the USN will be found to be at fault, and the USS Fitzgerald investigation has basically already admitted to guilt and canned the Captain, Executive Officer, and Senior CPO/Navigator. In addition to the McCain and Fitzgerald incidents, the USS Antietam, and USS Lake Champlain also had separate incident in January and May respectively. The Antietam ran aground near Yokosuka, Japan and the Champlain crashed into a South Korean fishing vessel, and capsized it. Both of those two vessels are guided missile cruisers. The issue with the Navy is based on utter incompetence of the Officer Corps at large. The US allows for officers to have humanities degrees with no maritime background or maritime degree field to command vessels. As a result they drop in people who have no business operating let alone being on an active US warship to take command of a navigational watch or command of a ship altogether.

  5. david findley says:

    none of the videos played and even the mp3 froze half way through.

    good job, guys. keep it ‘inclusive’.

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