Newsbud Roundtable- “A Turning Point in the Middle East & the Fall of an Empire!”

Newsbud Founder-Editor Sibel Edmonds joins foremost Middle East expert and analyst Prof. William Engdahl and top Russia-Balkans expert Professor Filip Kovacevic in a one-of-a-kind roundtable discussion on a Turning Point in the Middle East and the fall of the US Empire. Our distinguished panelists discuss Turkey’s major shift away from NATO and into further alliance with Russia, Iran and the rest of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the contentious coming Kurdish referendum, the recent Turkey-Germany spat, the CIA’s Fethullah Gulen’s infiltration of the German government, and much more.

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Show Notes

Turkey’s Shift from NATO Is Redrawing the Map

Turkey Urges Iraqi Kurds to Abandon Independence Vote

U.S. Urges Kurdistan to Delay Independence Referendum

Germany’s Juncker Says Erdogan’s Turkey Taking Giant Steps Away From EU

According to Germany’s Gabriel, “Turkey will never be EU member under Erdogan”

Berlin has been Intensifying Agitation against Turkey

Kurds Drive a Wedge between US and Turkey

US-Rebels Clash in Syria Becomes Attempt to 'Prevent Turkey from Entering Afrin'

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  1. yesssss Engdahl my favourite analyst thanks so much for this

  2. Amber Sayman says:

    I love the video… I think there is something to Filip’s “Trojan Horse” argument about Turkey–it is possible that the coup was not simply a failed attempt, but a geopolitical success behind several layers of clothing to attain this proprietary military information? It it possible that Russia knows this, and may be planning a double cross? I think this idea is probably in their contingency plan.

    I think it’s obvious that Putin was alerted to the coup by the release (theft?) of diplomatic intelligence and warned Erdogan of it, helping him avoid it for favor with Russia…

    It’s my understanding that Putin maintains the appearance of a corrupt mafioso tied to his own wealth and power (ideologically akin to the Atlanticist notions of wealth and power), so of course he wouldn’t want an independent Kurdistan (on his face). Russia, though, may like that very much I think. It would create an agent for them to deal with outside of current geopolitical boundaries. The Russian government, in spite of short term political showmanship, may have notions of morality outside their apparent concerns, so the long term plans might be for greater agency for the political pawns. A delineated Kurdistan would also give an opportunistic world power the chance for more nation-building on their own terms. We’ll see!

    Of course you all know better than I do, but it never hurts to add my two cents.

    • spiro skouras says:

      Amber, thank you for adding your two cents. It is great to see the Newsbud Community being more active in the discussion. I agree with you, Filip’s point was a very good one… They don’t call him professor for nothing 🙂

    • I don’t think Turkey is a ‘trojan horse’ as Filip says. The S400 is no mystery to US weapons manufacturers. The US has similar tech. The reason the S400 is so worrying to the US is precisely that, that it is as good as anything the USA has, i.e. the US cannot defeat it without suffering losses, therefore the US cannot attack with impunity any country protected by the S400. That’s a BIG problem for the USA which has grown used to being able to attack or credibly threaten to attack, any country it wishes.

      • truthseeker20 says:

        I wonder how russia got advanced technology to create advance weapons like s400. To be able to produce advanced weapons, you need lots of companies who make electronics. Russia doesnt have it like the US has it. If you read Suttons book, The Best Enemy Money can Buy, it shows much of the technolgy and war equipment came from US companies. US companies also provided lets of technolgy to Nazi germany. Always wonder how our enemies like russia gets advanced tech.

        • Jan van Aken says:

          Andreas von Buelow told me that when he was secretary of defence of Germany in the nineties, he travelled regularly to Russia to speak to the Russian militairy. At that time the Russian economy and Russian government was in terrible shape and they hardly could pay the salaries. Andreas noticed that militairy research and production facilities were still continuing their work. When he asked how come, he was told the Russians received money from the Chinese with the request to keep the Russian militairy industry alive. The Chinese were the long term thinkers and we see the consequences of those decisions now, about 25 years later.

        • ” Always wonder how our enemies like russia….”
          I am not clear as to how Russia became the enemy of the US. The USSR was an enemy, but during and after the collapse, the US moved in and assisted Russia (through looting and pillaging state assets) and making loans.
          The US has demonised Vladimir Putin and has sought war with Russia why? To what purpose, other than to remove Putin and replace him with a leader more amenable to control by the IMF and the BIS. Russia has vast natural resources and a well educated population. Better to have this under your thumb, than acting autonomously.
          I agree with Prof. Engdahl’s assessment the the USA is on its last legs. If we can avoid the flailings of the failing state, we may survive the crash. The petrodollar is headed for the trash heap, and Russia and China are on board for the roll out of the SDR. This is not going to be a panacea, imo, because it will perpetuate the control of the IMF and BIS, and continue a baseless fiat currency system.
          It all needs to come down.

  3. That’s not good news, Sibel, there has been enough lives lost in Iraq and Syria. The US has never intended to give land to the Kurds.

    History will remember the US poorly. Although, we can’t forget Tolstoy, ““History Would be Something Extraordinary, if Only it Were True”

  4. Max Havelaar says:

    Great guests and discourse. I knew all people upfront.

    As the Middle-east war theater is lost to Russia, China and Iran, the murderous cowboys move to other regions: China, Korea and Venezuela.
    Maddog Trump & Generals: war, war, war, war, war,…

    Since “Once upon a time in the West”, Sergio Leonie’s masterpiece, nothing has changed in the West: the morality of the richest, ruling class is unwavering violence and usury.

  5. I know of no other news outlet where this in-depth and insightful analysis would be possible. Thank you all for making it possible!

    • spiro skouras says:

      Thank you Dennis! I must admit, I agree with you! Although I admittedly have a bias, yes thats right! I am so proud of the Newsbud team and very thankful to those who make it all possible! Newsbud has been up and running for a little over a year and we are, as they say, stirring the pot and rattling cages! Lots of exciting things to come very soon! I wonder where we will be one year from now? Time will tell.

  6. John Miranda says:

    Would you folks PLEASE correct the framing of your website so it fits on the screen? Thank you.

    Americans are incapable of thinking because they have been brainwashed by the CIA – dominated MSM, ESPECIALLY Faux News and rhe so-called Conservative factions. There’s an oversimplified litmus test. If you chant, “USA! USA!! USA!!” it’s a sure sign you’ve been brainwashed by the CIA.

  7. Karen Edmondson says:

    A wide variety of points and issues discussed and then brought together to create an overarching view.
    To me…The historical and geopolitical role of Turkey in world politics is often underestimated. Turkey has become a nation of many layers and many players. However, the Turkish people are a strong and brave people…often underestimated. To me, an overriding power will yet emerge from within Turkey…from Turkish history…and that is Turkish patriotism. With the US pushing for a civil war there, there is much at stake for the Turkish people.

  8. Only WWIII will make the current Western-based debt structure reversible.
    And that’s what they’re hard at work on to engineer into being, on multiple fronts.
    They care not what devastation it is going to cause, as long as it keeps their fiat-money, debt-based Ponzi scheme alive.

  9. William Field says:

    Someone please tell me why when energy is everywhere & there are so many viable alternative energy solutions, & deals that can be done to guarantee supply of Oil, does “Oil” seemingly become ” such a crucial component”?…Seems to me the west is in thrall to it’s Western Central Banking Cabal/s & their agenda being “the extension of their territory”… & that includes their effective Control of more debt ridden Govts …Of course the Banking Elites also have a link to MIC & other profits.. & also influence the highly indebted Western Media narrative….So?…Ought that not be further probed & debated?….Any comments? …Put simply could the REAL game simply be about “World domination” by a Cabal of Western Central Bankers???..& the extension of their Empire?..If so, BRICS is a big issue.

    • Max Havelaar says:

      I would agree: all Wars are Bankster Wars.
      This planet is ruled the by Satanic banksters, the Rothschild-Zionists Goldman Sachs murderous syndicate [FED+ECB+IMF+BoE+BIS+Megacorps]. They want to CONTROLL the planet’s money supply (volume of money), debt and interest.

      This is sufficient to CONTROLL the planet, and create a global totalitarion state (the end game). Their method of Evil are the Protocols of ZION.

  10. Guy St Hilaire says:

    So much information in this video, all in all a very good analysis of geopolitics by very credible people .Newsbud rocks !

  11. charles feicht says:

    Seems to me its always simply about power. Those who don’t have it, or enough of it, scheme and make alliances to position themselves to counter the powerful – shifting alliances – all of it cynical. Those who have it, want more of it, and the entire structure is oriented toward that end – the bankers, the media, the whole military industrial intelligence complex. At the end of the day the entire debt structure and therefore the survival of the US depends on military dominance. Don’t count out the US. It may be a dying empire, but it is obviously still very powerful.

  12. William Field says:

    Seems to me the fact that Politicians & MSM et al do not simply ask the Question “Where are the “Terrorists getting the Arms from?” says it all……ie If they really wanted to stop “ISIS” they would be aiming to stop of Arms & other supplies from the State/s making & transiting them. Pity so man silent re this!

    • Max Havelaar says:

      Have you seen this vid?: Michael Rivero’s All wars re bankers!
      Very enlightening!

    • Same media didn’t care where the 9/11 team got their money either. Commisson says of ‘no importance’, and they say nothing. Sounds perfectly sane to them. Only stupid people question the status quo.

      I think Erdogan is an opportunist. I still wonder why he decided to switch teams. Maybe he realized that doing NATO’s dirty wotk wouldn’t save Turkey from their role in the long term plan to balkanize the Middle East. China and Putin are hardly archangels but they’re not interested in regime change. ‘We just want to make money’.

      The backward gangsters gripping the US see a polarized world – you are our vassal or you are an existential threat that needs a ‘preventative destruction’. It is very hard to reason with that mental state.

      If only a handful of world leaders actually flexed their courage, they could finish the US in a day, without firing a shot. Yet, not an ounce of humility from the US gangsters. Just more bellicose threats and letting their thug CIA run rampant. They have no hide or rationality.

      Who sold us this lie that humanity must turn on itself?

      Agree with William on Trump. He is not the problem, merely a symptom. Things will get worse when he’s gone – the pendulum will swing deep into the neoliberal zone and it will be back to an Obama-style veneer of democracy while committing atrocities every day of the week, no questions asked. Seems to be a belief that getting rid of Trump will fix everything. Crazy.

  13. Timur Aydin says:

    The area in northern Syria, which is said to be controlled by SDF/YPG, is in reality be controlled by the PKK, which is a terror organization that Turkey has been fighting for more than 40 years. I think Russia will never help eliminating the PKK. Instead it would try to have some form of influence over PKK to use it against Turkey as a bargaining chip if necessary. Even if Russia can’t establish an influence over PKK, it still wouldn’t hurt letting them be. This would help keeping Turkey in check, because once the PKK is out of the picture, a big obstacle for Turkey to become a much more powerful regional player will be gone.

    I’m not saying Russia will let the PKK keep the large pieces of land they are controlling. The SAA is going for total victory and will try to get all of that land back. But even if that land has been taken back by the SAA, PKK will still have presence there, sanctioned by Assad.

  14. my 2 cents

    Once the ‘no-fly’ zones are implicated, terrorists can move freely from Turkey to Syria with no air attacks from above. Basically, the games Russia is playing reveals how she’s moving away from the previous axis it claimed to stand by. Previously, it was emphasized that Russia will end up turning on Syria at the last minute. Many couldn’t foresee this outcome but it’s tending in that direction seeing the irresponsible deals unfolding. Russia and Turkey join hands to overtake Aleppo and reach Damascus i.e. Damascus falls. Rouhani’s nationalism means he must join this axis as he’s greater agenda is to relinquish power in order to make others happy. This is why it was said that among the closest of Hezbollah’s friends will turn on them and it’ll become apparent in time. The IRGC work separate to the current ruling party and only this faction sticks alongside the resistance. The super power wars are about to go berzerk.

  15. Joanie Detlefsen says:

    Very nice to have an intelligent balance brought to the worldview in my censored access to news.

    I was rooting for Ukraine to go with what was called the BRICS at the time. The Shanghai Group et al. Alas that was not meant to be.

    It’s hard for everybody to let go of the whole taking sides way of thinking, as aspiring to the physics of the mega-shift move forward. We, all of us, can only seem to manage in it bursts of moments. I think this round table will be surprised to see what comes of the United States of American Trump. It feels a lot more like a portal is being invited to be the vortex for those American’s with the courage, and whatever else it takes, they call it Patriotism. Let’s say simply love, to step up, step through and rebuild the paradigm from a matrix that is honest. As in physics, not as in a Hollywood script.

    Perhaps a better way to describe it would be the sense of Trump is not that Washington is an Institution from which States will secede rather DC is shrinking itself in a way that aspires to keep corporate fascism from holding sway. His emphasis on sovereignty simply is not on the script he is given. All the head bobbing and dodging moves he makes which are time consuming to follow are how he manages not to be a Merkle-like robot to the masters.

    They are master strokes according to his fans. I suspect there are enough of them who are up to the challenge. Americans, you know. Amazing in many ways.

  16. Thank you all for a solid analysis of the current situation in the middle east.

  17. Dear Sibel,
    Herewith a question related to ME-issues though not directly to this video. The Deir ez Zor area, the (former?) homeland of Armenians, has during the last decades of the Ottoman Empire, of which Turkey today remains, been the scene of a well organized attempt to exterminate the Armenian people. The Armenian people is often seen as a people that, in terms of education, art and vision on live, compare to the Jewish people, perhaps some see a competion with the Jewish people. Firthermore, it is known that the US army has a tendency to rob countries of ancient art pieces in the course of war.
    If the current war in this area would not only be about ownership of natural resources but also about ownership of a cultural heritage in this particular geography geography and about conquering the ‘homeland’ of a people that is also regarded as an ‘elite’. Was there in any way external support to the Ottomans to support them in executing the genocide of the Armenians after WWI, and if so who organized this? If there is any information that could link the current battle about this area with the extermination effort 100 years ago? Perhaps far-fetched though not unthinkable.

  18. Thank you for the conversation and insight. The Kurds have been getting screwed since 1920 and it’s sad no one ever follows through on promises they make to them.

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