Kim Jong Un’s Nuclear Target: China

North Korea has taken a lot of crap from China over the decades.  Now it looks ready to dish it back.  Let’s welcome the world’s ninth bona fide nuclear power: North Korea!  North Korea’s nuclear weapons aren’t just a deterrent; they’re leverage for North Korea to push away from China and push the United States toward acceptance of North Korea as a legitimate state.  That was just some of the bad news for China on its periphery as headaches pile up in the Himalayas, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

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Show notes

Kim Jong Un Gives Guidances to Nuclear Weaponization

N. Korea aims for massive oil stockpile to survive int’l sanctions: report

How should Beijing respond to Pyongyang’s new nuclear test?

Why India Did Not “Win” the Standoff with China

Rohingya insurgency declares ‘open war’ in Myanmar

Burma Washes Its Hands of the Rohingyas

Cambodia releases alleged opposition leader plot video

Top admiral for Pacific under consideration for Australia envoy

Tensions rise as Chinese government’s influence infiltrates Aussie universities

Chinese students taught to snitch on politically incorrect lecturers

A Chinese threat to Australian openness

Australian professors and universities are being shamed into apologizing for offending Chinese students

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  1. Jon L Curran says:

    North Korea no doubt wants to be independent from all foreigner, however China did not enslave them like the Japanese Bastards or kill many millions of them like the Americans. It will be hard to sell normal relations with NK in the U.S.A. given that the criminality of the Kim regimes are much more obvious then the machinations of the U.S.A. are in the U.S.A.

  2. Michael Naaden says:

    As Michael Malice has pointed out, the North Koreans aren’t idiots. wow, great job on this Peter.

  3. Max Havelaar says:

    It’s a pity Trump does not understand Kim’s intend, when exploding underground thermonucleair bombs. Maddog Trump&Generals are barking loud only for Defense contractors $$$.

    Trump should have offered a peace treaty, re-unite the Korea’s, raising North Koreans real-wages and inviting a nucleair Korea into Nato.
    That would have been a Trump victory!

  4. Max Havelaar says:

    My guess is Xi Jinping is not interested in small, insignificant Pyruss victories. He remains focused on long term growth in Eurasia: BIRCS! If he gets it done only halfway, he will be this century’s economic champion, leaving shooting cowboys in the dust.

    What about China’s Space traveling? How succesfull can it become? J.F. Kennedies Apollo program looked so promising, when I was a child, but only the Thunderbids really inpressed.

  5. Great Stuff. It’s fascinating getting a detailed view of the possible scenarios in the Nth Korean Nuclear “crisis”.

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