American Made: CIA & Hollywood Join Forces To Spin One of The Biggest U.S. Drug Lords

In this Newsbud exclusive we examine the long standing relationship between the government and Hollywood. Specifically, the Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency and their influence over the film and television industry. In this jam packed expose, Newsbud is joined by investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker as he is calling foul on the upcoming Hollywood production American Made. The Movie American Made is allegedly based on the true story of the famous drug runner Barry Seal who allegedly worked for the CIA, the DEA and Pablo Escobar. Investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker is an expert on the illegal drug trade, the CIA and Barry Seal. Find out why Hopsicker is raising hell exclusively at

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Show notes

MadCow News

The CIA has to approve every script for spy drama The Americans

An offer they couldn't refuse


One Man In The Department Of Defense Controls All Of Hollywood's Access To The Military

How the CIA Hoodwinked Hollywood

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  1. John Hesse-Moline says:

    Interesting interview with Hopsicker.
    Seems like a little credit might be due to Tom Secker and Matthew Alford, who filed the FOIA requests for the documents a lot of this stuff is based.

  2. They are everywhere!! I don’t think I will be able to watch season 3 of Narcos now, even though I always cheer for the drug lords to beat the DEA!

    I did some duck duck going and I think the pilot he is referring to is Carlos Berl. In one article it says “Carlos Berl, 58, a well-qualified airman who knew how to navigate the red tape of the plane import-export business.” Hmmm, does the ‘qualified airman’ only pertain to smuggling, or also being a pilot? They specifically mention the other two guys in the plane were pilots. It’s pretty disappointing when the movie company says based on a true story, and it is completely fabricated. I mean, I know they take some liberty for dramatic effect, but to be so blatantly false just sucks.

    Thanks Spiro!

    • spiro skouras says:

      Thank you for your support and being a member of the community Camille!

    • “even though I always cheer for the drug lords to beat the DEA!”- LOL, Camille I have DEA whistleblowers (some used to be high-ranking) who also cheer for the drug lord site knowing very well what DEA is all about;-)

      • It’s really upsetting to me that ‘they’ have put me in a position to cheer for the drug lords or other countries to get our demonic asses out of their country. Of course, drugs should just be legal, so no matter what, I’ll always cheer for them.

        Anyway, digging into your article this evening…my Friday night fun! And then lots of homework to get ready for our Sunday webinar!

  3. Mark Ribbit says:

    Excellent feature and interview Spiro!
    How about another covering the movie debuting tomorrow (9/11) in U.S. theaters?
    Director: Martin Guigui
    Staring: Charlie Sheen, Whoopi Goldberg, Gina Gershon…
    It would be interesting to hear about the CIA involvement in that one. LOL!

  4. Joseph Murphy says:
    Here’s an interesting read for anyone who is interested. It left me convinced that the Tate/Manson murders were a false flag and explores the relationship between the military and hollywood. Sharon Tates father was actually a Colonel in army intelligence, who in 1959 was stationed in Passalacqua, Italy which was the headquarters for SETAF and suggests he was involved in Operation Gladio, prior to being transferred back to the US. Definitely worth a look. Thanks so much for giving us Newsbud. I admire what you beautiful people do and it’s truly appreciated. Cheers

    • Robert Schanne says:

      Mae Brussell always said that the Manson story was a false flag to discredit the hippie/commune community. Makes sense from a capitalist point of view – if we all just truly live together and share in which other have, then that is a lot of lawn mowers, washing machine, etc that are not being sold. Mae did a lot of work on Manson’s time in jail and his cell mate being connected to the CIA/drug community.

  5. Max Havelaar says:

    DEA, the devils in disguise. For sure!

    H. W. Bush being Prime Evil, once again confirmed! His agent, Barry Seal, the king of Medellin cocaïne cartel.

    This Tom Cruise creature, acting fast and furious against the mean and ugly Colombians! The joker.

  6. janiece turner says:

    I’ve actually been reading through Noriega archives recently, after falling down an old Boiling Frogs Post rabbit hole …

    When Daniel ranted about how Barry Seal had been working for the CIA for 20 years & had only one client (the CIA) but the movie version suggests he was recruited by CIA 20 years after the fact & that Seal worked for CIA, DEA & the cartels it reminded me that I read Noriega was recruited by DIA in 1959!

    He was coincidentally offered & accepted a scholarship in Peru *right after* that & got himself an engineering degree in 1962 before going back to Panama & supposedly didn’t land on CIA’s payroll until 1967, a year before he became the head of Panama Millitary Intelligence.

    Everyone from the White House, CIA & NSA would later say they had consistently overlooked Noriega’s illegal activities, from weapons & drug trafficking to selling restricted US technology, bc he was an invaluable asset.

    It wasn’t until after the US got busted enough for congressional hearing theatre that revisionist intel started surfacing in the media linking Noriega to ‘side’ deals made to look like betrayals to the US. Eventually the US had to get under-appreciated SDF goons to turn on Noriega in a coup to make it look like even Noriega’s cronies wanted him out. Or maybe that’s just what the media reported after the psychological warfare effort hit a wall in the midst of an already mortifying series of revelations.

    As far as I can remember other than a footnote mentioning DIA recruiting Noriega back in 1959, the intel that ‘surfaced’ in the media never seemed to mention that. The intel implicated a lot of people —everyone & agency except, notably, now that I think about it, the DIA.

    Which for some reason reminded me of a Fred Burton email talking to Mike Posillico (who was at the State Dept at that time) about how DIA & FBI habitually interchange sources, assets &/or hooks for operations with assists from DSS — who I’ve only recently learned exists.

    Amazing how DIA, FBI or DSS weren’t cited by the media on pertinent intel you’d think they would have, at the very least, about the cartels or US technology that oops got *sold* by another agency’s asset who was too valuable for running comms for Iran Contra to do anything about. If I’m not mistaken the FBI broke into the hotel room of a CNN journalist who was investigating Noriega & stole footage the DOJ was preventing CNN from broadcasting but other than that, nothing compared to the CIA, NSA or the White House.

    One would almost think it doesn’t get worse than Iran Contra if all you read or watched was the news, or even Congressional hearings.

    That was a long-winded tanget but listening to Spiro & Daniel somehow connected dots I’d been reading on old Boiling Frogs Post about the Pak bomb with other things I stumbled on while researching the Pak bomb further that interestingly led me to Noriega, BCCI, the Saudis, Canadian-Chicago commodities institutions & Bhutto nationalizing Pakistani banks that were later run by or taken over by all these people who were chairmen or CEOs or on committees that played a huge part in the Barry Seal (non)investigations & Iran Contra hearings that bc it’s not batsh*t enough already now Tom Cruise is playing Barry Seal in a CIA scripted reversion of Seal’s career re-engineered by Liman’s son.

    As convoluted as it all gets, it’s somehow still extremely simple.

    But it’s insane the lengths the CIA & DOD are willing to go to in order to rewrite or contain history. & it’s insane that even with the launch of the CIA’s electronic reading room of more than 13 million declassified documents that contradict the versions Hollywood goes along with, so many people will never even visit that site or lay a single eye on those documents themselves.

    Which means they’ll probably never even grasp the severity of it.

    I can’t wait to see what Daniel puts out in the next weeks & find out what he’s learned about the plane crash & the guy from Venezuela.

    Spiro, I put this one up there with that piece you did (quite awhile ago) on video game engineers working with the military — truly interesting & almost never discussed in a setting we get access to.

    I didn’t mean to go so far off topic. I wish I was able to write quick & cool comments but I swear every single video & article you guys post is packed full of so much. My brain lights UP after every single one (clearly ).

  7. Piter Devries says:

    Does anybody else get super irritated by Spiro’s constant “click-baity” intro style? You DONT want to miss this HARD HITTING interview… You WONT get this info anywhere else, the juicy HARD HITTING details.”

    idk, just a little pet peeve lol

  8. Great report Spiro.
    “American Made”?
    Doesn’t that title alone have red markers all over it?
    That “based on a true story” is the line they use all the time to sell us their (war-mongering) propaganda.
    There’s probably only 10% (at best) truth in that whole movie, the rest is all theatre, propaganda, misdirection and straight-out lies.
    Nothing new under the sun, that’s what the mass media and Hollywood have been used for for a long time.
    That’s why I haven’t watched/read either for many years.
    I actually suggest others do the same, don’t waste your money (that ends u in THEIR pockets) to go and watch that garbage.

  9. mark holmes says:

    Read Compromised, the book by Terry Reed:

    It’s a little dry and boring b/c its written like a diary of a military officer, which essentially, it is. Terry flew with Barry S and lived in Arkansas. Created a company called Macanara Internationale (sp?) in Mexico to help with the “war effort” in Nicaragua at least partially at the request of Bill C. and J.Cathay (O.North). He was associated with POM, the parking meter company and an expert in machining fabrication.

    Anyway, one thing is the hand drawn maps in there will take you to the real airport in Nella (not Mena), which last I checked it was still there:,-94.170814,15z,sat

    You gotta believe most of this happened up there cause NOBODY will say a word about it around Nella. ‘Course, who could blame ’em?

  10. mark holmes says:

    Ahhh….the memories:

    The Wall Street Journal (in the old days) talked about some interesting characters besides the usual suspects…one John Podesta…who’s that again?

    William Duncan tried to do something but….

    Where have I heard that name before??? Asa Hutchinson?

    Is it the cream that rises or…?

  11. kate gibbens says:

    Indignation for Hollwood’s brainwashing machine might well be sparked by covering the breathtaking cynicism manifested via that Tom Hanks propaganda piece called “Captain Phillips”. More cynical than that is hard to find.

    Massive toxic waste dumping and illegal fishing off the coast of Somalia leading to the necessity of pirates. Italian journalist and other unfortunates murdered to cover up the truth of international collusion. And finally, insult to injury, the murderous UN sanctions against Somalia leaving international crimes unrecognized and of course unpunished.

    In 1991, the government of Somalia – in the Horn of Africa – collapsed. Its nine million people have been teetering on starvation ever since – and many of the ugliest forces in the Western world have seen this as a great opportunity to steal the country’s food supply and dump our nuclear waste in their seas.

    “Investigation on toxic waste trade to Somalia and how two Italian journalist, Ilaria Alpi and Miran Hrovatin, were killed for uncovering an inconvenient truth.
    A year later, a member of the Italian navy, was murdered while investigating the clues discovered by the two journalists.”

    Hollywood brainwashing:

    Just a suggestion.

  12. ‘Welcome to Terrorland’ and ‘Barry and the Boys’ key reading .
    Mr. Hopsicker is an important researcher and author.

  13. William Wanklyn says:

    I listened to Mr. Hopsinger and went to look for his book on Amazon. The paperback is listed at $79.89 and the hard cover at $506.
    Are these especially rare, or does someone not want me to read them?

  14. James Williamson says:

    It gets worse and worse…how do we go about convincing average US Americans that the CIA, as well as our other putrid intelligence agencies, are the most rotten part of the empire and that they need to be excoriated, if not seriously neutered or surgically dismantled (or even gouged out of the government wholesale with a rusty spoon), NOW…that they were never intended to protect US citizens, that they were only created to further the interests of the 1% beyond our borders. With Hollywood (and television) working their mind-numbing sadistic magic on the average American zombie-voter so effectively, it seems hopeless.

  15. Thomas Wonsetler says:

    Great interview! Are there any follow ups to this video yet ?

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