Major Development: Deep State Rattled- Smear Campaign on Persecuted Journalist Begins!

A journalist comes under fire and becomes the target of a smear campaign by the deep state media for exposing CIA-NATO gunrunning operations supplying weapons to terrorists via Azerbaijan on Diplomatic Flights. In addition to being interrogated by national security services and fired from her job, the investigative journalist has now come under attack by the establishment media. In this brand new exclusive interview investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva joins FBI whistleblower and Newsbud founder Sibel Edmonds to go on record in response to the rattled deep state’s desperate media smear campaign attempt, while Sibel exposes the deep state network behind the attack. Don’t miss this powerful 30+ minute exclusive interview and discussion with the persecuted journalist and Sibel Edmonds, who goes on record naming names.

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  1. spiro skouras says:

    My deepest respect and gratitude to Sibel Edmonds and Dilyana Gaytandzhiev for their relentless pursuit of exposing the corrupt and criminal networks that have been operating under the veil of secrecy as the ‘media’ turns a blind eye! Thank you both!

  2. Edward Rutland says:

    Dear Sibel
    Please keep abreast of the work of George Webb

    • A name that GW has mentioned that may relate to this is the “Arsenal Company” headquartered in Bulgaria but with a branch near Las Vegas, Nevada.
      Also, another name, Richard Armitage, I seem to recall him visiting Turkey just before the attempted Coup took place. That may be toally unconnected to these arms deals though.

    • @ Peter Lee, do you believe Buzzfeed to be entirely trustworthy?
      I’ve heard otherwise from such “luminaries” as H. A. Goodman on Youtube, and would like your opinion.
      Thanks from David Vickery in Taroudant, Morocco.

  3. Wow. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your work. All three of you, and your whole crew over there. It is so important/helpful to know who these presstitutes work for and where they are getting their money as it leads to their motive. This was very enlightening. Thank you for your courage and keeping up the fight. This is big. We have your back.

  4. Robert Diggins says:

    I just noticed Xicha Tanka added a good comment to their article.

    You know, after this interview, I feel really ashamed of myself for feeling sorry for myself, during some recent set backs in my own life.

    And, I sure hope the after-interview conversation were fruitful 😉 Seems perfect!

    Thanks all!

  5. Nathan Morgan says:

    Thanks for the buzzfeed link Mr Lee . And great reporting ,at last confirmation of what we all guess is happening . I wonder why this isn’t mainstream 😉

  6. John Phillips says:

    Looks like Dilyana should come to the US and be part of your team! Well done Dilyana! Keep t it Sibel.
    Having said that…any body out there concerned for Dilyana’s safety?

  7. Joseph Harrington says:

    Wow!! Amazing work as always, Sibel. Thank you for the good work all three of you. Lol I’d be so much less informed if it wasn’t for the work at Newsbud and the Corbett report

  8. Peter Lynn says:

    Headed to work, can’t wait to watch this and Spiro’s new video.

  9. Max Havelaar says:

    Beautifully compassionate interview by Sibel with Dilyana. She’s up against the global US CFR/CIA organized crime syndicate! Nothing can be worse.

    I hope the Newsbud team and Dilyana will survive this broadcast. (How many CIA ops are Newsbud member?)

    Keep up the good work, but take care!

  10. Jan Kolenc says:

    great work, keep it up

  11. We need to get this story out ASAP ,it may be the only way of protecting Diyana ! perhaps we could fund a vacation to Missouri, USA so she can continue investigation of key arms running operator ? I don’t think she really knows who she has exposed with this and will pray for her safety in any case . Great work but please be safe and scatter data so it wont all be stored in one location , you can be sure NSA is monitoring with the people associated with this deep state arms cartel .

    • “scatter data” … here is something I transcribed today from one of GW’s video reports “Day 3243” (14 minutes long)
      “20170909 – George Webb : Day 3243 : moving from Iran-contra to Awan-Contra, and the mujahadeen, the CIA still refers ato all the jihadis as mujahadeen; You need three key pieces : in 2011, take the management of uranium from the DoD and move that to the CIA and the FBI; instead of storing the depleted uranium, we will create enough conflicts to resell all the depleted uranium as weapons; David Patraeus gets KK&R to create Limited Partnersips for all these different things and create investment communities around all these conflicts, these Awan-Contras; Hillary has the Pay-toPlay piece; everybody has their cut of the action; you need all this and you need blackberries to enable the uranium trade; because of the way the blackberries are compartmented you need experts to configure them; the uranium trade (is so profitable) it drives everything else; the uranium trade allws me a State Secret reason for having Diplomatic Containers, Diplomatic Passports; it all comes form the Iran-Contra logic, that we need to ship weapons to these groups, and everything else then becomes State Secrets; It does you no good to have just the US Ports, because once the ship goes out to sea you are blind, and you need visibility end-to-end; you need CENTCOM, you need the State Department, and you need the US Ports; you need all three; this is why Jack Lew is involved in the Iran Nuclear Deal, and the US Ports Deal, and he’s involved in the State Department Deals as well; all managed with comparmentalized Blackberries; “

  12. Peter Lynn says:

    Beautiful , self-empowered and amazingly courageous women, thank you Dilyana Gaytandzhieva and Sibel Edmonds, you to Spiro. Exposing the ticks and leeches and kicking some fucking ass.
    Thank you, Black Cat (Peter Lynn)

  13. I just now donated to Newsbud, hopefully some of that gets to spread the word.
    Theres over 60GB of supporting documentation, it looks like Dilyana is a really really competent journalist. Looking at the documents there are clear links to SOCOM, the links to NATO don’t seem just so clear. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Dilyana and from Newsbud.

  14. janiece turner says:

    Executive Assistant Minion: Sibel and Dilyana have found each other.
    [Insert every person Sibel named here]: F@!*

    I know it. You know it. Everybody knows it .
    You two are FORCES. True role models.

    I just finished reading that little weasel Muney’s article. With zero documents or receipts to back up his manipulative smear piece Muney has the nerve to smear an actual journalist who can back up her reports with documents, receipts and first hand knowledge from physically traveling to the sites to confirm it for herself — it’s documented, verified, provable.

    It was sooo satisfying to watch Sibel not skip a single beat while outing Muney and his bosses with complete ease tho. I love it. Love it.

    On the plane crash…has anyone looked into the Insurer for that plane/flight? I know it’s a long shot to get answers that way since Silk Way Airlines has their own insurance company and a monopoly on everything in Azerbaijani airspace, but I found this document from the Silk Way Airlines President to the USG. It’s from 2014 but has some helpful information. It also seems to have some false information (although the cover letter cites its accuracy, under penalty of purgery). She states Silk Way Airlines had a five year crash-free record but even a simple google search showed otherwise.

    Still, it offers some names, funding, policies, etc. I always look at corporations’ Insurer for their clients and their Risks & Management Agency for leads because those agencies have a tendency to brag about information to their shareholders that end up in quarterly released reports or press releases. It’s tedious to get information that way and Insurers and/or Risks & Management Agencies are corrupt in general but they still have to file reports that can be tracked down and analyzed (as well as competitors who aren’t above taking cheap shots that can result in helpful bits of information).

    I’ve been scouring through the Embassy documents as best as I can. I downloaded an Azer, Bulgarian, Turkish, Russian and Arabic keyboard + PDF text scanner in order to translate the parts of the documents that aren’t in English. I wanted to read through them for myself. I should really find out if someone has already streamlined a process for translating the trove of documents.

    I’m also curious if Muney knows the documents from the Embassy are clear about the diplomatic flight (and diplomatic Marine) authorizations. I read it for myself so I don’t know what that fool is trying to pull — the documents are clear.

    …And unless I mistranslated something, it seems more than just Silk Way Airlines who received diplomatic authorization to further transport the weapons Silk Way flew in, like specific ships on specific routes. USG was named in one specific document I read regarding the shipment routes.

    If I don’t find that someone has started streamlining a process to list the documents translated to English I’ll keep chipping away at it. I gotta say as shocking as it was just to read Dilyana’s initial reports on the documents and the weapons she tracked down (even knowing everything Sibel has been publishing for years), it’s still been shocking to read the documents it’s all based on for myself.

    Plain as day they say shipments carrying products intended for defense. The documents also include itemized lists from grenades to guns, chemicals and shells.

    In what world is that considered a diplomatic shipment for diplomatic purposes? In what world does a corporation qualify as a diplomatic entity by an actual government serving any even remotely diplomatic purpose?

    In the same sentence that Muney said weapons were pouring out of Europe he said we can’t be sure about which ones end up where in their entirety — which is problematic, not reassuring. Pretty sure that’s why weapons that are supposed to be used for legitimate defense purposes are supposed to be transported through military channels, not through corporations through diplomatic channels. At the very least it’s malfeasance to allow tons of weapons through diplomatic channels while going on record stating that process results in weapons apparently no one can be sure where they end up….

    Although diplomatic shipments aren’t searched, the government and airlines can’t say they were unaware of what was on the flights or justify not being mindful of where the shipments ended up or who they were released to because its all literally spelled out in the documents, signed by government officials and representatives of the airlines.

    By the way, what kind of person authorizes numerous shipments of weapons
    1. Clearly defined as intended for defense purposes
    2. Listed and itemized by type of weapon
    and then feels no duty to, I don’t know, take some sort of normal, responsible human action like making sure to follow up seeing as how there’s 7 countries being bombed and jihadists on the loose? Bc it really seems the only reason the amount of people who actively participated in these diplomatic exchanges weren’t being ‘careless’…they were being deliberate.

    Not to mention, the documents also spell out routes where actual military and intelligence personnel were actively operating. I thought government was concerned about protecting sensitive information like locations of AmCitz but clearly not since they willfully, knowingly gave locations right to whichever corporate representative filed a request.

    & they sent the information over email! With corporate espionage on behalf of nation states being so rampant, you’d think there would have been more precautions in place when sending communications about weapons and their shipment routes that are all up in the middle of conflict zones. You’d think.

    I’ve barely scratched the surface trying to read through the documents and every single one so far has been nothing short of explosive.

    Maybe the establishment Muneys didn’t get the memo but every time they smear journalists reporting on documents who also do their own investigative work instead of reporting on the documents or doing any investigative work on their own, it only strengthens the case of the journalists and the validity of the documents. It’s truly pathetic.

    Thank you for the follow up, can’t wait for the next ones. Stay safe Dilyana.

    (One day, if it’s the last thing I do, I will learn how to leave an appropriate length comment.)

    • Just a thought, the open source community in particular has a need to translate software manuals mostly from English into native languages, hence there should be translation tools out there somewhere. I will have a look.

  15. steven hobbs says:

    Dilyana, your dedication to truth and journalism is inspirational. Sibel & Spiro, thank you for bringing Dilyana’s story to our attention so gracefully. Sibel, cheers for your weaving historical context of power relations it is much appreciated.

  16. As I’ve said before after the first article with Dilyana, is there any chance she can be put on the Newsbud payroll?
    I’ll contribute extra money to make this happen, can I encourage other Newsbud members to do the same?
    Amazing courage displayed by all, especially by Dilyana up to this point, my total respect and admiration goes out to you.
    Newsbud just gets better and better and is now the first site I go to on my daily rounds to catch up with world events.

    Best Regards,

    • Peter Camacho says:

      Dilyana comes across as one hundred percent legit but that’s not good enough the Deep state would love to get an operative into news bud. News bud you need to consider your finances going forward and everyone needs to be vetted to protect yourself and the great service you provide.

      • Thanks, Peter. After 16 years on this journey I have come to the same conclusion: Being Cautious, skeptical, even at times cynical. You are right, and I promise I will do my best (I am not infallible- been duped more than a few times;-).

  17. Mark Ribbit says:

    Great work Sibel, Dilyana, Spiro and Janiece! I look forward to your followups.

  18. Thank you, Dilyana.

    Funny how the same toadies come up time and time again in the incestuous swamp of terror/drugs/arms/regime change/false flags. Lie, lie, lie and lie some more is what you do when you can’t get by on your wits.

    Dilyana has integrity and she has Newsbud.

    The toadies have nothing but their witless lies.

    This interview should be available to all and spread far and wide.

    The Wiki page for Silkway mentions Dilyana’s article. I notice the Silkway website lists zero executive names. Odd. People are usually proud to be associated with their company.

  19. chris claus says:

    Thank you so much all three of you, I take my my hat off to you Dilyana to value the truth so high and have such courage to search for and speak it out.
    I am more than impressed and I would like to ask the Newsbud team to make these interview available to the open public not only to the community members. Could you put a price tag on to get this interview out . I am willing and so may other too, to donate some extra money for this piece of excellent research to spread it far and wide.

  20. Connections to the Ukraine ‘op’ and looking at production values apparent in websites ‘Transparency International Ukraine’ and ‘MEYDAN TV,’ (game-play on ‘Maidan’ ?) – the NEOCON money tree behind them – am reminded of this description of IO or IIO (Inform and Influence Operations/fields of psychological operations and military deception as explained by Joel HARDING – also very involved in UKRAINE coup info/war before apparently blotting his copybook) – quoted as saying “If you are a journalist writing about or a person concerned about issues like Free Speech, (if you) read or write in alternative media or news, (the) Occupy movement, Ferguson, Gaza, Ukraine, Russia, police brutality, US interventionism, fair government, homelessness, keeping the government accountable, representative government, government intrusions like the NSA is doing; or (if) you are liberal, progressive, libertarian, conservative, separation of church and state, religion, If you have a website, write, read, or like something in social media that strays outside the news lines [the narrative] …the war isn’t coming (for you)…. it’s now here !! What would we [IIO] do? Disrupt, deny, degrade, deceive, corrupt, usurp or destroy the information. The information, please don’t forget, is the ultimate objective of cyber. That will directly impact the decision-making process of the adversary’s leader who is the ultimate target.” – Joel Harding on Ukraine’s cyber strategy.” [ George Eliason, Global Research]
    Our ‘media’ here play by the same book as USAMO. Dilyana presents ‘the information’ the ghoul Harding refers to. That information is outside the narrative – ‘strays outside the line’ so the producers balk…..are skittery…. No email returns. Will keep trying. 16 years from the day of entry into the portals of hell. Keep trying…….

  21. litandjulie says:

    Where’s the possibility to download the MP3 audio?

  22. Great work, very usefully connecting some important dots. Gratitude, love, and respect!

  23. With reference to Dyliana’s report and other discoveries about the misbehavior of the US and nato.
    The worrying part is that the US as an electorate government does not organize all this. It executes for a clan of people in a system that acts as a loose canon, mainly for the benefit of those who gain power by issuing debt to support weapon transactions. The bigger the mess, the more success. These ‘people’ act outside legal frameworks because it appears that no legal entity or natural person can be brought to court to face charges. The MIC not for creating war and distributing herion; monsanto, bayer and their cronies not for destructing life; pharma not for disease maintenance; banks and law firms not for laundring the proceeds of all this; the US admin not for libel.

    Peace is the biggest threat to the rollout of full dominance by those few. We used to have peace in the form of a balance of powers. The US used to balance the powers of the RF, China, Europe and a combination of Asian states in with India had a potential to take a more significant role before being monetarily and militarily infiltrated.
    The US seems to destruct its own role, and threatens to take the rest of the world with it. Even if the US would leave the scene quietly, this would not necessarily lead to peace and quietness because the stud ducks in Russia and, certainly in China, are not saints either, but the mess would be bigger when leaving the scene with a war.
    As for the role of Russia, I still would like to be know the reason for a Rotschild flag to hang on the Red Square. “The Rotschilds are a consultant to the Kremlin” was the answer of an ambassador for Russia.

    The effort put into silencing journalists and even entire news agencies (all msm in the US has been silenced and now others are apparently chased by the fbi), indicates that the power of people/societies is the fear of these few. That is why journalists such as Dilyana, the scientists fighting for 911 clarity and other courageous people need a platform to inform and protection to stay alive.

  24. Raymond McKee says:

    The CIA and NATO is all part of the biggest criminal organization in the world. It goes a lot deeper and it’s a lot bigger than many people realize. The media is just another tentacle of the criminal organization. Just follow the money.
    I would be very careful dealing with these scumbags, they would think nothing of murdering anyone that they thought could embarrass them or expose them.
    As soon as I heard Transparency International mentioned I knew it had to be George Soros because he always uses a nice friendly names for his trouble making organizations. As for the plane that crashed on takeoff the likely cargo would be drugs or I should just say heroin but it could’ve been slaves for human trafficking or even human body parts. Whatever it was it likely had great value to them.
    Money and power is the only thing that these criminals care about. Human life to them means nothing to them. They have been creating conflicts around the world for hundreds of years. They are the puppet masters. Always hiding from the public eye and above the law.

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