JFK: Victim of the National Security State

Following the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, President Kennedy announced he would ban the testing of nuclear weapons. He called for an end to the Cold War and the removal of troops from South Vietnam. Kennedy also put an end to the Pentagon's plan to invade Cuba and refused to provide air support for the Bay of Pigs invasion. It was the last straw when he forced the resignation of Allen Dulles, the director of the CIA. The National Security State said Kennedy had to go. They said he was a threat to national security. Ignored by the corporate media and establishment historians is the distinct possibility a coup d’état was launched on November 22, 1963. The establishment continues to insist Kennedy was killed by the lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald despite ample evidence to the contrary.

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Show Notes

U.S. War Plans Would Kill an Estimated 108 Million Soviets, 104 Million Chinese, and 2.6 Million Poles: More Evidence on SIOP-62 and the Origins of Overkill

The U.S. National Security State

Did CIA Director Allen Dulles Order the Hit on JFK?

Exit Strategy: In 1963, JFK ordered a complete withdrawal from Vietnam

The Russian Obsession Goes Back Decades

Vietnam Withdrawal Plans

Unveiled CIA report reveals internal warfare over blame for Bay of Pigs failure

The Bay of Pigs Invasion and its Aftermath, April 1961–October 1962

Figuring Out The Kennedy Assassination

Military Industrial Congress Complex

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  1. Please consider, as a gift to all the countless people who have lost their lives as a result of 9-11,.. Please make this video available to everybody in the world to see. Take it even further, release under creative commons license so anybody anytime can copy and post it anywhere they choose at any time they choose. This video would make a great gift to the world. As a paid member here, I grant you my kind permission, and hope that all the other members would feel the same way.
    Thanks for all the great work done here at Newsbud, most appreciated 🙂

  2. Motivating factors glanced at and one ignored…1) Money flow to be made on the debt of a war, 2) profits by those who provide the materials for war, 3) the moral justification for the war (Cardinal Spellman was not mentioned). All three factors today tie in to one organization whose tradition has been against popular government by ethical choice. You guessed it. Their leader only recently met with their Russian counterpart. The Nestorians, the Waldenses, the Copts all believe in the same person, yet are not recognized for it. No need to fear honesty if one practices it themselves. A free press does not have muckrake or whitewash the truth if reporting it is second nature. http://willowfield.blogspot.com/2017/09/blog-post.html

  3. How can you have standing armies without suffering under Existential Threat Syndrome?

    ‘Kennedy tried. Kennedy died. Twice. Let that be a lesson to you all.’

    A Bug’s Life movie – grasshoppers ruled until the ants realized they had the numbers by a vast margin. End of grasshoppers.

  4. Great presentation! Sound track was a bit choppy between bits though.

  5. Max Havelaar says:

    I still admire the Kennedy speaches, like so many people. The unambiguous stance for peace and prosperityfor ALL peoples, still stands out as a mesmorizing future.

    The true events since JFK’s death has been so ugly, just for a few dollors more… [Gordon Gekko’s greed]

    The Syrian holocaust
    The Yemen holocaust
    The Libyan holocaust
    The Irak holocaust
    The Afghanistan holocaust

    The Belgrad holocaust

    The Indonesian holocaust
    The Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia/Thailand holocaust
    The Korean holocaust

    • William Field says:

      49 Greece
      50 Korean War
      52 Cuba
      53 Iran
      53 British Guyana
      54 Guatemala
      55 South Vietnam
      57 Haiti
      58 Laos
      60 South Korea
      60 Laos
      60 Ecuador
      63 Dominican Republic
      63 South Vietnam
      63 Honduras
      63 Guatemala
      63 Ecuador
      64 Brazil
      64 Bolivia
      65 Zaire
      66 Ghana
      67 Greece
      70 Cambodia
      70 Bolivia
      72 El Salvador
      73 Chile
      79 South Korea
      80 Liberia
      82 Chad
      83 Grenada
      87 Fiji
      89 Panama
      91 Irak&Yugoslavia
      93 Somalia
      99 Yugoslavia (Serbia&MN)
      01 Afghanistan
      02 Venezuela
      03 Iraq
      04 Haiti
      07 Somalia
      09 Honduras
      11 Libya
      11 Tunisia
      13 Egypt
      14 Ukraine………

  6. kate gibbens says:

    Well, nice documentary. For further spicy info it might be interesting to look into Mary Pinchot Meyer… http://spartacus-educational.com/JFKmeyerM.htm
    Now I’ll make myself iimmensely unpopular: not because I enjoy it but because I think it’s important for Mr Nimmo to know that:
    the pronounciation of the word “NUCLEAR” is (more or less phonetically) NOO – KLEE -ER and not NOO – KIU – LER. May seem like a detail to some but as unsavory as the idea might be, this sort of detail could conceivably influence certain would-be subscribers.
    Hope to see the 9/11 webinar soon posted here! Hope it went well.

  7. Mark Ribbit says:

    “JFK: Victim of the National Security State”, not according to Chomsky. It was just a lone gunman!
    And 9/11? Exactly as we were told by the government according to Chomsky. 🙂

  8. Jesse Collins says:

    Excellent video! I’d like to share a story with the community that unfortunately will not be able to be backed up with sources for reasons soon to be obvious. During the course of my work, I was on a job site speaking with a lead man for a welding outfit in the GoM. Maybe because I was younger and willing to work hands on with his crew on the job we were doing, he shared a little of his personal history with me while the work was being completed. He said that his father was an elite military member of a secret unit that was pretty bad to the bone to say the least. He was in training to become a member of this unit from very early on and was taught several different martial arts with focus on deadly effect and survival techniques in preparation. When he was near 18 he was allowed to come into the room with his father to speak with other members of the unit. Amongst other things they had discussed, they were very clear that the assassination of JFK was know by and preordained to the unit and its commanders. It was also explained that on the level of requests the unit was in charge of carrying out that there were never any written directives or commands given to the unit members only verbal communication in secrect conversations between unit members. Soon after this but before being officially accepted, the welding lead was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident and was so badly injured that his father basically disowned him. Since no flaws in physical ability were acceptable to the unit, he never saw the men his father worked with again needless to say. Critical national security information has been obscured from the public for too long!

  9. Good video, but…
    Why does Kurt repeat the CIA myth that JFK “refused air support” to bay of pigs operation? Prouty refuted this
    Nothing on the Israel role

  10. April Sanchez says:

    I’m sorry I’m not able to watch any version of this… All I get is buffering, no matter what I do, and listening just wouldn’t be the same… You’ve put so much time and effort into it…

  11. William Field says:

    Another great report. Thankyou all.

  12. John Miranda says:

    Seems I cannot add to any of the replies. Only get my own one shot, so please add

    16 – United States of America

    to the list
    In addition, I agree completely that Prouty was clear when he said Dulles hung JFK out to dry by not being in town to give approval for the one US bomber to take out the nine MIGs at two Cuban airfields. This action of non-action insured that the MIGs would prevent the CIA trained Cuban invaders from proceeding. It was after this that JFK fired Dulles.

    Furthermore, as Kurt points out, this plan was put in place on Eisenhower’s watch, when Nixon was expected to take over.

    The plan (that Ike warned us about) to entice Russia to put a defensive system into Cuba worked. I contend that Nixon, the virulent anti-Communist puppet of the MI Complex, had made a deal to use the Cuban Missile Crisis as the proxy to launch the WWIII first strike Kurt refers to in Operation Northwoods.

    Nixon would not get his second opportunity until Vietnam, another proxy war between the US (MI Complex Nazis) and the Soviet Union. Only this time Nixon just said no out of fear that the calculated risk of WWIII transforing Earth into a death star was too risky. In other words, by the 1970s, the 60,000 – 70,000 combined nuclear arsenal was so bloated we would not just have killed everyone, we would have transformed Earth into an asteroid belt.

    Sidebar: Unfortunately, if the US, N Korea, Russia and China get into an all out strategic war tomorrow, the molecules of our bodies will probably end up glued to some space rocks orbiting the Sun, ANOTHER asteroid belt.

    Assuming the REAL Nazis are the Capitalist Swiss banksters who funded Hitler, then it follows that a first strike on the Soviet Union was their plan all along, since they literally and figuratively wanted to own the world, ESPECIALLY the territory of Russia.

    They have now surrounded Russia with NATO “allies” ( read puppets.). Also remember that Hitler killed 20,000,000 Russians in WWII. The overthrow of Russia and Stalin was Hitler’s primary objective. He didn’t care as much about conquering Europe as he did Russia, with its VAST wealth of natural resources, but especially petrofuels, that Russia still exports to Europe today. The Middle East wars have a lot to do with eliminating Russia’s supply of oil and gas to Europe. Why? The REAL Nazis who funded Hitler still want to conquer and own Russia.

    Just the other day, the US National Security State passed a rule that ALL Russian journalists have been stripped of their journalist rights of uncensored speech and will be considered to be and treated as spies, aka “foreign agents.”

    In other words, the Capitalist Nazis who run the Western World still want to conquer and own Russia.

    However, now they are getting more desparate and acting like cornered animals, since the new and competitive empire of China successfully and very effectively committed two (to eliminate the possibility of chance) unprovable acts of war by poking holes in two of the US Navy’s most sophisticated and prized spy ships, the USS Fitzgerald and the USS John McCain. Uh Oh. The Chinese have very obliquely “advised” the US to leave East Asia. They will take over S Korea and eventually integrate Japan, thank you very much.

    We can expect nothing less than a police state in the US within two years, at most.

    The US MI Complex Corporate Fascist Fourth Reich of the New World Order was established in the United States on 1/20/17.

    Be surprised at NOTHING. Getting back to tying JFK with current events, just consider the following:

    JFK – multiple shooters, one patsy

    LV – multiple shooters, one patsy

    Once you can grasp the concept that “Germany was the dress rehearsal for the United States,” your perspective changes and virtually all current events make logical sense.

    The US Constitution is now a relic of ancient history.

    GREAT JOB, Kurt!!! You got it almost 100% correct. See you in FEMA forced slave labor camp after the mass incarcerations start, coming to a city near you soon.

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