Is Trump Planning a Korean Peace Surprise? And Can the Deep State Stop Him?

North Korea’s got nukes.  And it’s got ICBMs.  Even so, US hawks have pushed the Korean peace process into a dead end.  But can they keep it there?  Not just Russia and China want negotiations.  Maybe Donald Trump wants to negotiate too!  Is the deep state going to push back?  What do you think?  It already has!  And why didn’t Seth Rogen melt off Kim Jong Un’s face?

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Show notes

Nikki Haley to UN on North Korea: “Enough is enough”

U.S. Seeks U.N. Consent to Interdict North Korean Ships

Trump may have to settle for deterring, not disarming, North Korea

We’re at the Tipping Point on North Korea…and Who’s Lying About that Aircraft Carrier?

Trump may offer tactical nukes to Seoul, says NBC

Japanese defence figures: US prepared to use military action against North Korea

A grand bargain with China could remove North Korea’s nuclear threat – but it would destroy America’s global influence

How Sony, Obama, Seth Rogen and the CIA Secretly Planned to Force Regime Change in North Korea

How the CIA secretly published Dr Zhivago

U.S. military apologizes for ‘highly offensive’ leaflets it distributed in Afghanistan

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  1. LOL, loved the exclusive Newsbud footage. I wonder if other nations, look at Nikki Haley and think what a crazy, war mongering, hypocrite she/US establishment is, or if it’s just me. She just makes me cringe. How about we all get rid of our nuclear weapons, I know, that’s sane talk so we will never see that happen.
    Thank you Mr. Lee, looking forward to your documentary!

  2. April Sanchez says:

    LOL… Demolition derby and Mad Dog Chaos… Thanks…

  3. Oh dear….goldfish bowl of geopolitics disappearing up its own fundament, some bitchy zingers from Japan and more grotesque dumbing down from Hollywood. At least Trump never pretended to be a liberal, civilized, intellect, tree hugger. You can see him coming from a mile away. It is very disappointing the free pass his predecessor was given for 8 years. And is still given. The current Get Trump obsession is as pathetic as it is relentless. And worrying, as long as people think their problems begin and end with him, they’re still NOT awake.

    I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it – you can not march around the world lecturing on nukes when you sit on a stockpile big enough to kill us all 5 times over. You definitely can’t lecture when you don’t even admit you have nukes, will not sign the NPT-UNODA or allow inspectors in. Shalom.

    So basically, S Korea is allowing The Mob to practice whacking and ‘decapitations’ in its literal backyard while everyone is wondering why your neighbour bought a gun in case the same Mob who killed and terrorized their family back in the 1950s and who have threatened them repeatedly, and who has repeatedly burned down a lot of other people’s houses, (usual horrific death toll ensued}, decides to go real world with its practice sessions. Honestly, WHAT are they afraid of?

  4. Max Havelaar says:

    Dr. Zhivago, Lara’s immortal theme. Great book and movie.

    The central plan is not so important.

  5. Max Havelaar says:

    Anyway, there’s not going tobe a Korean war war, even Maddog Mattis knows Jimmy carter and Putin are right in their assesment of North Korean military strength: way toooo much cost to take them out.

    • They don’t need (or want) “to take them out”. They would have done that during the 1st Korean war if that’s what they really wanted.
      All they need is the “Strategy of Tension” in the area.
      That’s why a peace treaty was never signed, by design.
      They can inflame the situation again at any time they want, which is what they’re busily doing right now, with Kim Jong Un’s assistance.
      He certainly started firing all these rockets (do some of these launches even look real??, some of them look like something out of the Thunderbirds) at just the right time…how convenient…
      Result? More aggression (and more missiles pointed) towards the real targets, China & Russia.

  6. Ha ha ha!
    The UN Demolition Derby.
    You got that right!
    Classic Peter Lee.

  7. victor friese says:

    Pfft. Trump IS deep state. All he is doing is putting on a nice show for everyone.

  8. William Field says:

    Yes! Thanks too.

  9. tallsexyblonde says:

    You never cease to make me smile Mr Lee 😀

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