General MacArthur’s Conspiracy To Start A War With China! New Documentary Release & Interview!

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Only a few years after Hiroshima and the end of World War II, President Harry S. Truman was confronted with the horrifying prospect of another nuclear holocaust. General Douglas MacArthur’s anti-communist fervor impelled him to pursue his own war strategy in Asia, conspiring against Truman’s official policy to incite Red China by sending the USS Bole on a secret mission three miles off the Chinese Pacific coast. The servicemen who crewed that destroyer were recruited to the General’s rogue plan without their knowledge and threatened into silence for decades, until now. This is their story and one we are all lucky they lived to tell.

Told here for the first time is the incredible story of the operation that triggered Truman's removal of Douglas MacArthur: the secret China mission of the US Navy destroyer USS John A. Bole.  Featuring testimonies of servicemen on the John A. Bole and newly declassified documents, this documentary goes behind the scenes in Washington, London, and aboard the Bole to reveal Truman's relief of MacArthur was not a question of choice; it was a matter of desperate necessity.

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  1. I’ll be ordering the DVD now.
    Thank you so much Mr Lee / Newsbud for all your hard work in getting the truth out there.

    Without having watched the documentary (yet), no doubt the USS Bole – including its crew – was going to be sacrificed during the provocation.
    I mean, what is one warship going to accomplice, other than to be destroyed as pretext for the wider war with China.
    No wonder the crew were left in the dark as to the real mission, they were not going to be around afterwards. Or at best, end up as a Chinese prisoner of war.

  2. Ulf Wärmlöv says:

    I adore Peter Lee and very much want to see this documentary, but for me living in Sweden Amazon is not an option.
    My option is to buy the DVD and pay an extra USD 33 for distribution and I think the proportions are wrong – USD 24 to you and USD 33 to DHL or something similar that I care equally little for.
    Is it not possible to add a third option – e.g. I have bought several similar videos that way. I would gladly pay the full USD 24 just to be able to watch the video for 24 hours.
    Best Regards,

    • Jens Kullenius says:

      I’m in the same situation (and actually country), and paying $ 44.25 for shipping isn’t all that great, and Amazon doesn’t let you buy it from them either since I’m in Sweden… I would prefer a downloadable version, and since we have to log on to Newsbud, hopefully you could make it purchasable directly as a download.

      Followed you a couple of years Peter, but never stated how much I appreciate your work. Thank you!

    • Salvatore LoGrasso says:

      All paying members of Newsbud community should have access to all the content produced by Newsbud team. There are very good alternative media sites that don’t require donations in order to access most of the content. That documentary should be easy to access by members.

  3. No member discount price for the DVD?

  4. Michael Leger says:

    Typo in the Amazon description – Rouge U.S General – maybe a side story? 😉

  5. …..watching events around North Korean coasts and airspace right now with this in mind…

  6. Bernard Harries says:

    We so much looked forward to watching Peter’s documentary but have the same problems as Ulf Wärmlöv in accessing it. We tried the Amazon option first but that does not work in Australia. Then when we looked into buying the DVD we found that the transport cost was going to be about twice the price of the DVD itself. Also when ordering things from the US in the past (e.g. Global Research books) we have found the delivery time to be over two months. In the past we too have successfully purchased access to other ‘alternative’ documentaries through Vimeo, so that would seem like a good solution for overseas members.

  7. Thanks. Your feedback on the problems outside the US are very important. We’re working on resolving the problem. And Thank you! for your interest in the documentary.

  8. [flashing red siren] Newsbud listens! Newsbud subscribers now get a $4.99 member’s discount on purchasing the DVD! Log on to Newsbud, then navigate to the Newsbud store and the page selling the MacArthur video and you’ll see a special discount code to enter to CLAIM YOUR DISCOUNT. Form one line, no pushing!

  9. victor friese says:

    I am glad. My income dropped to about $840 per month thanks to Trump’s policies. Was thinking of not buying, but will now. Will be a while before I have a way to watch it though. Thank you for the discount.

  10. victor friese says:

    I should retract my previous statement. I thought price was dropping to $4.99. Sorry.

  11. Sorry, Victor. Understand your hesitatiion. The Amazon rental is $5.99, just so you know.

  12. janiece turner says:

    Just finished the documentary.

    Incredible — incredible. I have a thousand questions! So, I’m about to watch it again, once was not enough. In the meantime, thank you so much for making this and for sharing their story.

  13. Thank you so much! If you can, please review it on Amazon. Thanks!

  14. Ulf Wärmlöv says:

    Thank you so much for adding vimeo option!
    I will buy as soon as I get home!
    Best Regards,

  15. Bernard Harries says:

    Thankyou. We downloaded the documentary from vimeo this morning and have watched it. What an amazing unburied piece of history. A real life horror version of the movie ‘Sliding Doors’. When we reached the end we noticed there was a new episode of China Watch – so we watched that too which left us with a strange feeling of deja vu in reverse. We paid the extra vimeo price knowing that we will want to watch the older version of the story many more times – including with visitors who are interested in knowing this sort of truth. We may even be able to talk them into becoming News Bud members! The more these sorts of stories get out there, the harder it will be for the warmongers to try to pull these stunts off. Thank goodness for the Chinese sense of Wu wei – ‘action-less action’.
    Bernard and Faye

    • Peter Lee says:

      Thanks, Ulf! Let us know what you think!

    • Peter Lee says:

      Thanks, Bernard & Faye,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the video and appreciate that you’re now owners! Lot of unfinished US business on the Korean peninsula, so the parallels are rather eerie. Let’s hope the world can thread the needle between the warmongers and their plans again.

  16. Why do you people use Amazon? Feeding the beast. I ain’t buying.

  17. Peter Lee says:

    Vimeo OK for you I hope. Or buy the DVD at Newsbud!

  18. Robert Anderson says:

    Thank you for the excellent documentary. As for Russia, Stalin, and war planing: my father was recalled into the Air Force in 1951. They were retrained to fly radar bombing B-29’s, as they had in WWII. The mission was the atomic bombing of Russia. It was expected to be a one way trip. This was the 15th Air Force, 359th Bomb Squad, flying at Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona, according to his flight records, which I have. Maybe this (not really secret) operation was merely a feint to deter the Russians from getting involved. Others might say it is the military’s duty to plan for all possibilities. But this operation was more than just a proposal: it was real men and planes in opperational readiness. They flew long distances and simulated attacks on numerous American cities, for practice. Whether the US actually had sufficient atomic bombs, and what various spies and intelligence services thought about all this, I could not say.

  19. Clifton N Wayne says:

    I’m a dedicated follower of your Videos Mr Lee.
    Thanks for the Vimeo download option which I just did, and am looking forward to watching.
    Keep up the good work, it ‘s greatly informative . . . and entertaining, you have a good sense of humor which makes for interesting watching.

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