What Country Is This? Forced Blood Draws, Cavity Searches and Colonoscopies

Forced cavity searches, forced colonoscopies, forced blood draws, forced breath-alcohol tests, forced DNA extractions, forced eye scans, forced inclusion in biometric databases: these are just a few ways in which Americans are being forced to accept that we have no control over our bodies, our lives and our property, especially when it comes to interactions with government agents.

Such is life in America today that individuals are being threatened with arrest and carted off to jail for the least hint of noncompliance, homes are being raided by police under the slightest pretext, property is being seized on the slightest hint of suspicious activity, and roadside police stops have devolved into government-sanctioned exercises in humiliation and degradation with a complete disregard for privacy and human dignity.

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Show Notes

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“Texas Cops Spent 11 Minutes Searching a Woman's Vagina, Found No Drugs,” Reason

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“Texas trooper being sued in Irving body cavity search case has been suspended,” The Dallas Morning News

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“JFK Airport officials filter fecal matter in search for drugs,” The Washington Times

“To Track Militants, U.S. Has System That Never Forgets a Face,” The New York Times

Some Who Decline an Optional Iris Photo Are Kept Longer in Jail, Critics Say,” The New York Times

“Iris scans are the new school IDs,” CNN Money

“Eye Scan Technology Comes to Schools,” ABC News

“The Boring and Exciting World of Biometrics,” NovaNext

“State photo-ID databases become troves for police,” The Washington Post

What Country Is This? Forced Blood Draws, Cavity Searches and Colonoscopies

Battlefield America: The War on the American People

Rutherford Institute

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  1. John, Great report and presentation as always — so sad we have to spend all out time fighting for our basic human and American rights. I would like to urge you to cover the organized-stalking (aka gang-stalking) crime/phenomenon as it is the most extreme form of government overreach into our personal lives that has manifested in the post 9/11 era.

    The most precise term for organized-stalking would be Security-Service-Stalking. It is a covert and illegal crime/phenomenon carried out by Government Intelligence Agencies, Police, their contractors, related secret societies and hordes of socially-weaponized-morons who culturally identify with these entities, want to impress them and have thus been turned into informants and stalkers. After the September 11th attacks, the worlds Intelligence Agencies have secretly merged under one organizational super-structure for most of their activities in a similar manner as the worlds banks have merged under one super-structure. So Security-Service-Stalking will follow the victim from city-to-city, state-to-state or even country-to-country all around the world… It involves intense long-term and covert blacklisting, surveillance, slander, harassment, and often also includes, physical poisoning and physical attacks via microwave/EMF weapons and/or neural-monitoring weapons. Security-Service-Stalking isn’t new it has been going on for decades but after the September 11th attacks it has grown from a serious problem into a completely out-of-control monstrous problem and is now carried out in an almost unimaginable extreme against millions of people around the world of all races, economic classes, social status and educational background.

  2. janiece turner says:

    We need de-radicalization centers for the Feds and the U.S. NatSec Caliphate.

  3. Joseph Harrington says:

    Thank you. I like where you are taking your reports. Well sourced and example based.

  4. William Field says:

    How perfectly true JW ..a great report! Thankyou…we are on the Rd to totalitarianism…Mind blowing & outrageous ….no Public officials should have these powers…

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