Concocting the Flynn Scandal: Clinton-CIA-FBI Conspire & Collude in A Coup Against Trump

In this exclusive investigative report, Newsbud uncovers the Deep State entities involved in concocting the Flynn scandal and Gulen-Gate, how these interests and groups colluded and conspired and used their media tentacles to bring down a National Security Advisor, and how this operation is geared to pave the way to impeach the Trump presidency. We also present an exclusive interview with the man at the center of the Flynn scandal, Ibrahim Kurtulus, among other experts.

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Show notes

Our ally Turkey is in crisis and needs our support

Trump’s Top Military Adviser Is Lobbying For Obscure Company With Ties To Turkish Government

Trump Adviser Recently Met With Relative Of Turkey’s President

New Ties Emerge Between Clinton And Mysterious Islamic Cleric

Did the FBI retaliate against Michael Flynn by launching a Russia probe?

 KILLING ED A Documentary Film About Charter Schools, Corruption, and the Gülen Movement in America

WSJ Exclusive: Ex-CIA Head Woolsey on Flynn, Covert Plan

 Clinton Ally Aided Campaign of FBI Official’s Wife

 Meet Fethullah Gulen, Deep State Plotter

WikiLeaks, Hillary-Gulen Intimate Ties & How the Clintons Gave Birth to Mullah Gulen’s Terrorist Network

Turkish Intel Chief Exposes CIA Operations via Islamic Group in Central Asia

The Real-Life House of Cards: Insider Deals, Murder & Espionage- The Clintons, Seth Rich & Awans!’

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  1. victor friese says:

    Please load a low res version too.

  2. David E Burden says:

    I have been trying to watch this for over 4 hours now, and it starts and stops so much that I can barely make sense of it.
    Why no lower resolution option this time? I live too far out in the boonies to get high resolution service.

  3. Kyle Gervelis says:

    I agree. I’ve been having a lot of problems watching the videos as well. I would ask for a way to download the videos so I can watch without interruptions every 5 seconds. But I guess then they would probably leak to youtube or vimeo and people might lose the incentive to become a newsbud member if they could just watch on vimeo for free.

  4. Dennis ONeill says:

    U.S. deep state is in steep decline & now the criminals who run the U.S. federal government have begun looting the declining U.S. empire on the way down. Russia has beat the incompetent, corrupt, bloated U.S. military & CIA in Syria, Ukraine & in signing a missile defense deal with Turkey for missile defense far superior to anything manufactured by U.S. military industrial complex. Turkey is in the beginning stages of leaving NATO. U.S. is bogged down in Afghanistan & Iraq which will be far more devastating than was even Viet Nam to the rapidly declining U.S. empire. China is also investing trillions in ultra modern transportation, and energy infrastructure to dominate Erasia economically, and Russia and China are succeeding in moving the world away from the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Economic life in the U.S. will decline more rapidly than it is already due to incompetent military over reach & poor education attainment & demographics in the U.S.

  5. Can’t find enough kind words to tell you how happy I am to be able to watch real journalism again (I’m old enough to remember what it looks like). Gave up looking at the programmed talking parrots long ago. Thanks, my friends! Well done…

    • spiro skouras says:

      Thank you Dennis, I couldn’t agree more! Sibel really worked hard to make all this happen in addition to the Newsbud production crew! Of course non of this would be possible without the continued support from our valued community members such as yourself! This is only the beginning, lots more to come! Also this video and others can now be shared with people who are not yet members of the Newsbud community via Vimeo.

  6. Cash for comments might not be illegal but it does undermine the credibility of people accepting the money. Lobbyism pays a large role in the jaded view Americans have of their govermment. It breeds distrust and cynicism. It seems war AND politics are nothing more than a racket.

    It would be very easy for Mr Kurtulus to prove in a court of law that the check was not drawn on any bank account linked to him. However, the corporate media had no hesitation in slandering him because they believe their power is inviolate – ie. go up against them and they will destroy you. Who’s going to take on that?

    Was Mr Kurtulus at the NBC Turkey Coup Tweet protest in NYC back in August 2016? If so, did this have any bearing on the smear campaign that began 3 months later?

    Thank you for this report. It is one example of the many spiteful vindictive immoral lies used by weak people who have had their brains addled by power. They ‘run’ the US like a gang runs its turf. Yet, anyone coming with a message that suggests the US is anything less than divinely righteous, simply does not compute with them. They think their behavious is normal.

    Lastly, I wish people would stop using the phrase ‘fake news’. It’s either a lie or it’s news.

    Gen Flynn, Mr Kurtulus et al are but collateral damage in their campaign to bring President Trump to heel. Scary that his ignorance and greed are not bad enough behaviour for them. How bad do you have to be to get into their sick little club?

    • Mark Ribbit says:

      Very well stated thorny!

    • victor friese says:

      Two of you have asked why Kurtulus does not just sue for defamation. The reason is that General Flynn’s son filled out the form and ignorantly put Kurtulus as the source of the check.

      Although, Kurtulus could write to the news agencies demanding a retraction, and showing proof of why the retraction would be reasonable, and then sue them if they did not retract, it probably would not have any effect now to get a retraction.

      Plus franky, free speech. People have a right to say what they want, even if it is wrong. Plus I think there is also the issue if a person is very public they cannot win against wrongful claims…

      In short it would be a drawn out PITA and wouldn’t do much.

      Although, I really have to wonder why anyone would topple Trump. He is currently doing just what the people at the top want. Keep in mind that Billary is just a puppet. I kinda think this is a smoke and mirror show that Kurtulus happened to get dragged into.

      Start at the 6 minute mark of this Corbett report vid
      Trump Campaign Chair Arrested For Child Sex Trafficking

  7. Apples33d says:

    Is there a reason why Mr. Kurtulus did not file a defamation suit against the Daily Caller?

  8. Mark Ribbit says:

    What a wonderful piece Sibel and Spiro. Congratulations!

    As much as I value the excellent talent of the entire Newsbud
    team, I must admit that I am slightly partial to any Sibel story
    that is featured here.
    Especially one that required extensive research and ‘footwork’.

    Did you attempt to interview Gen. Flynn or perhaps that is in the works?

  9. I was afraid that Sibel would be too busy getting Newsbud up and running to do her own analyses and videos. I was so happy to see her do this story.

  10. Aaron Crowell says:

    Fix you servers connection. Speeds are SOOOOOO slow this thing is unwatchable. Too bad, it looks interesting but I am off to watch James Corbett’s bew documentary instead.

    Get it fixed guys… This is a subscription site.

  11. kristin shortt says:

    This was my favorite interview. “The truth will prevail.” Great job Newsbud team! 🙂

  12. Louis Boulanger says:

    A truly amazing interview, thank you.
    The key for me in all of that amazing revelation is the pronouncement by Mr Kurtulus that is took a mere few hours for the presstitutes to begin puking their lies and fabricated story after the White House released the document with his name incorrectly on it. Unbelievable! A set up if I ever saw one, for sure
    Assuming that pronouncement is fact, which should be easily proven, and which I personally do not doubt as Mr Kurtulus seems to be a very good and honest man, but this story is just TOO BIG for anything but facts to be considered, so assuming this is proved to be a fact, then this is a bombshell piece of evidence.
    I can’t wait for the sequels, as Newsbud completes the mosaic of this unbelievably organised criminal organisation at the highest level.
    Please be careful and stay safe as you travel down this clearly dangerous road.

  13. chuck beezy says:

    So from the title, cause eight now it is unwatchable, Trump isn’t the opposite side of the same coin, and is all of a sudden having a coup staged against him? Gonna give this a good double listen, soon as its fixed, before I decide completely to unsub…

  14. Tonda Perkins says:

    I have not been able to view your videos, I get an error message. I am a subscriber and when logged in, I’m acknowledged. What do I need to do?

    • Tonda:

      Our tech is currently working on the issue – which has to do with firewall changes to protect against attacks like those we suffered last week. He made a change a short while ago & asks those who are having problems to check again and report back whether the problem still exists or has been solved – please reply either here or directly on our contact page. Since we cannot re-create the problem here, we are dependent on our users who are having the problem for help.

      Thank you

  15. Eli Dumitru says:

    The amount of repletion ad nauseum, wandering off point, and dwelling on the obvious, over and over and over again, makes this video very hard to listen to. Please edit future videos to your usual concise and informative style.

  16. FREDERICK COOR says:

    CIA has a long history of vouching for and even covering up for, lying, creating and falsifying the backgrounds of human excreta like the Nazis in operation paperclip to the Vatican-connected Mafiosi to the terrorists of Arabia, Afganistan, East Africa, and of course Turkey, etc. etc. This is an excellent video that sheds greater light on the extent of this deep state corruption that is a cancer to not only this country but the whole world, and like a cancer if it is not removed in the most extreme way will bring about the sames’ destruction.

    • TruthHunter says:

      Hi Frederick if I’m not mistaken you go by your first name when commenting at INFOWARS. I am pretty sure you are same guy because I follow all of your comments on INFOWARS because they are the most interesting and well thought out, and many times very funny comments that I have ever found on INFOWARS. Actually you are the only one that I follow in the INFOWARS comment section. My name on INFOWARS is John Wayne I enjoy destroying the left wing Libtards that show up to just annoy people. Sometimes I just play with them. It’s when a group of them show up I will bury their comments with massive amounts of factual data. Because they are very likely paid trolls from one of many criminal organizations that doesn’t like the truth being exposed. If I am mistaken about you please accept my apology. Anyway I agree 100% with your comment.

  17. thomasotoole says:

    I appreciate that you are getting cyber-attacked. It’s really frustrating as I love your work. I’m sure you’re doing what you can and will keep subscribing.
    You are probably frightening some powerful people. That is a good sign, in the long run. Kudos.

  18. Andreas Hedqvist says:

    Fantastic report, thank you Sibel and Newsbud.
    I am deeply concerned about the criminal elements operating within US institutions all clearly linked to the Clintons/Bushes and several intelligence agencies. It seems ever more evident that this cancer is so deeply rooted and spread that noone can get at them. I want to believe that Trump wants to deal with this but he cannot because he is completely besieged. The CIA and parts of the FBI are obviously rogue and run their own agenda and my biggest question is who is orchestrating all this? Sure there are economic interests linked to natural resources, drug running, pay to play etc. but there is a bigger agenda here and who really stands to strategically gain here? On the surface this all appears totally insane and counter intuitive. I look forward to learning more through Newsbud’s excellent reporting.

  19. John Miranda says:

    Sibel, you’ve had this ass-backwards for a very long time. Your so-called deep stare is NOT the Democratic party. Deny it all you like. The deep state is the Nazified US MI Complex that has global domination as it’s core objective. THEY meddled in the 2016 election just as they have in 82 other coubtries over the past 70 years. For whatever their reason THEY chise Trump as their preferred Puppet in Chief..

    I say again your so-called deep state put Trump in the White House. They are the likes of Mercer and the Koch Bros. They are not the Democrats, although they also control the Democrats.

    Two things for yot, personally:

    1) Please don’t EVER claim Newsbud has no political bias again. That is an outright lie, demonstrated by this video.

    2) You seems to be too deep in the “Turkish trees” to be able to see the forest. That does not mean you don’t know more about the subject than the rest of us. It just means you are extremely biased believing only you have the answer, especially when it comes to Turkey, something like an alcoholic in denial.

    • You’re attacking a straw man: I never heard this video mentioning the deep state being the democratic party. If you mean: “Newsbug is biased because this video mentions deep state influence through Democratic actors”, then maybe you weren’t aware of this site’s attacks on Dennis Hastert, Republican actor:

      “Dennis Hastert: A Portrait of a Political System Termite”

      “Pedophile Hastert Case- Clinton Scandals, FBI & the COINTELPRO II Directive”

      “The Mind-Boggling Level of Media Censorship in the Real Hastert Case”

    • spiro skouras says:

      Mr. Miranda,
      We here at newsbud respect the views of our community members and value their input as well as encourage healthy debates and discussions, I surely hope you will show the same respect to not only Newsbud, but especially Ms. Edmonds. I personally do not like the language you chose while addressing Ms. Edmonds, it is in my opinion disrespectful and you are out of line! Furthermore I strongly disagree with the points you have made. Newsbud is one of the only news outlets I can think of that is truly non partisan. We have seen this in the past many times, attacks from the left, attacks from the right, both sides claiming we fall into a category designed to divide and conquer when we document questionable or criminal activity carried out on both sides of the isle. I think you owe Ms. Edmonds an apology and I hope you are man enough to do the right thing.

  20. John Miranda says:

    Sorry for all the typos and misspelled words

  21. Did somebody find the DHS document about Gulen that Kuturlus refers to?

  22. TruthHunter says:

    The US government including all their three letter agencies and the lying lame stream media has become so corrupt I’m not sure if it can be fixed. The corruption has spread throughout like a cancer from local politicians and judges right up to the top. The only hope for America is Donald Trump and everyone supporting him. It’s very easy to spot the corrupt ones just look who’s screaming the loudest. Pedophiles in Hollywood and Washington are panicking. Basically just about everyone in government positions is terrified that they’re going to be found out. Including foreign countries and the massive multinational companies and we mustn’t forget the central banks that’s been screwing America since their invention. And for those people that think Donald Trump is a deep state plant I think you’re sadly mistaken. If he was a deep state plant why is he being attacked 24 hours a day by all the criminals in the US? If Hillary had gotten in do you think the media would be even whispering a bad thing about her? Not very likely because they would find themselves suicided as many people have found out the hard way. It’s real simple follow the money and the evidence and not the manufactured evidence. Another fantastic video shedding even more light on the Clinton crime cartel and the criminals in the FBI and CIA.

    • Honestly I am confused as to how DT became president. Was Clinton too much of a liability to the deep state? Did DT just get more voters than the machines compensated for with a cheat? Even if he wasn’t meant to be president, I’m sure the ‘intelligence’ agencies have a blackmail file on this guy a mile long. He’ll do what they say, as we have all ready seen.

  23. I’d like to see written text of this interview, thanks!

  24. Joseph Harrington says:

    I just watched this for 3rd time and finally starting to understand lol

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