It’s Here! The Rathunt for Chinese Spies and American Traitors Has Begun!

This week, gadfly billionaire Miles Kwok returned to center stage in the China drama with accusations of Chinese agents in the United States…and of a Chinese intelligence asset at the heart of the US government media operation, the Voice of America.

It wasn’t just an accusation.  It was an orchestrated call for a rat hunt, one that the US media has yet to respond to.  But it’s coming.  China hawks want it, Steve Bannon wants it, and they’re going to get it.

Buckle up, America.  Treason.  It’s not just for Russians anymore.

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Show notes

Free Beacon’s Bill Gertz Hosts Press Conference with Chinese Dissident Guo Wengui

BBG Watch: Voice of America China Guo Wengui

Biography of Kenneth Weinstein

Bannon ally wants to turn government media agency into ‘legacy’ for former Trump advisor

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Concocting the Flynn Scandal: Clinton-FBI-CIA Conspire & Collude in A Coup Against Trump

General MacArthur’s Conspiracy to Start a War with China! New Documentary Release & Interview!
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  5. April Sanchez says:

    Your video is playing perfectly… And we’re not going anywhere 😀 You’re great, Peter… You all are! I wonder if someone’s going to name every Gulen school in every state so people can spread the word- That would be yummy…

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  9. News Flash! Irony-free accusations of corporate media being influenced by motives other than truth and transparency.

    Coming up next – politicians being influenced by lobbyist money! No!

    Peter, you’ve been following politics/diplomacy for a long time – is it any worse than it was 30 years ago? Or is this soap opera stuff typical? Would explain a lot.

  10. Mark Ribbit says:

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