Breaking! Gladio B Assassinates Journalist With Car Bomb!

An investigative journalist was just assassinated in Malta with a car bomb. Media outlets are reporting this murder may be politically driven, and is only limited to Malta, but there is much more to this story as this journalist was getting too close to something much bigger, Operation Gladio B.

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Show notes

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  1. janiece turner says:

    My heart breaks for her family .

  2. Mark Ribbit says:

    Chilling and tragic news indeed. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  3. Luke Lanzon says:

    Don’t usually comment here but being from Malta I will, first thing that came to my head when the news broke out was that some way or how Azerbaijan is probably involved. This just confirms my first thought.

  4. Tragic news, it definitely creates anger. The determination to expose will only grow after such reprisals.
    Isn’t it about time gladio is presented? Names and also links between these names. Possible to identify the hitmen?

  5. Bo Modén says:

    Malta has to be seen as a UK almost totally dependent hide away for really dirty money ! The responsybility for this ugly crime is resting heavily on the UK rightwing administration ! It reminds me of the killing in Washington of a chilean couple who was investigating the terror of Augusto Pinochet !

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