Mass Shootings: America’s Culture of Violence Turns Deadly

Why do these mass shootings keep happening? Mass shootings have taken place at churches, in nightclubs, on college campuses, on military bases, in elementary schools, in government offices, and at concerts. The Las Vegas shooting is the deadliest to date. Could it be, as some have speculated, that these shootings are all part of an elaborate plan to incite fear and chaos, heighten national tensions and shift us that much closer to a complete lockdown?

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 Show Notes

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Mass Shootings: The Military-Entertainment Complex’s Culture of Violence Turns Deadly

Battlefield America: The War on the American People

Rutherford Institute

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  1. Karrol Steeves says:

    It would be good if this video was released to share for public viewing.

    • April Sanchez says:

      Agreed… The media is paid, it seems, not to say exactly what john has just discussed… I’ve tried to bring this up with others at high school graduations where children are marching with lead filled riffles and flags, with family while watching women twirling fake riffles in parades, and so on… The John Wayne syndrome has gone full Kafka…

    • William Field says:

      Yes perhaps after 2 or 3 Months would be good to be able to circulate to Public…but seems Facebook is not putting many of my posts onto the public feed (i.e. Home timeline)…..they seem to be being flagged to go down the “Memory hole”…anyone else have any input on this please? Bravo John another fantastic community…do keep up you great work…they can’t keep up the fraud when their tactics are exposed…we are winning in small steps! yes!

  2. Nailed it again John, thanks.

  3. A friend of mine commented on the violence of our country last week. I told her precisely this. We are a country founded on genocide and human trafficking, we have been at war for most of our countries life, our economy is based on war, we have presstitutes on tv saying how beautiful our bombs are. We are a violent country.

    Needless to say, when Nikki Haley posted a picture of her wonderful son and his friends, I asked her if they would be signing up for the military soon to fight on the front lines of all the wars she’s starting. Too much?

    • Too much? Definitely not. Tough talk seems to run cheapest among the ranks of those who are seldom forced to understand what it truly means to pay the price.

  4. victor friese says:

    No, keep pestering her with that question. Others should pester her too.

  5. victor friese says:

    I gotta ask, why aren’t people this concerned about motor deaths? I mean, we have 30,000 people die every year in auto crashes. Yet we still get these nuts that was 80mph speed limits. Supposedly it is the difference in speed that kill, not the speeding, and raising the speed limit reduces this speed difference issue. Yet when you raise the speed limit, instead of speeding say 75mph, people literally speed at 100mph+. So this speed difference argument doesn’t even work. All you end up with when you have an 85mph speed limit is 100mph+ speeding, and triple trailer trucks swaying 2 feet in and out of the lane at 85mph.

    Why is it that no one cares about people getting their guts squished out all over their dashboard, bit for some reason everyone is so concerned about gun violence? I think it is just about keeping up appearances. People can get away with arguing that people should die for the sake of people who wanna drive fast. But if someone dies, under a flase flag most likely, it’s all “oh noez, gunz evilz!!!” because guns aren’t as popular as cars.

    And of course, what happens if you have an old truck that can only hit 60mph? Are you even allowed to use that 85mph road?

    Same thing with psychiatric drugs. Prozac is clinically proven to NOT work. The study that got it approved was rigged by cherry picking positive bits of other studies and puting them in a single study. Prozac causes violent behavior, doesn’t work, but who cares!? The doctor who has his ass to cover and money to make can blame the problems on the so called crazy person, and then lobby for more funding to push the very psychiatric establishment that caused the problem in the first place.

    Why is it that society likes to make such a big show of caring, but never likes to actually care about actually solving these issues? We never pursue things that would actually stop these problems, things like forming a more equitable less toxic society, shutting down the deep state intelligence complex, lowering speed limits, prosecuting fraud “scientists” when they defraud the public by lying about the effects of a drug, prosecuting doctors who willfully ignore the evidence against these drugs and prescribe them anyway… etc… I mean, these sorts of things would save more lives than anything, but we can’t pursue these things, cus like, folks wanna go fast and doctors wanna make money, and no one wants to face the fact that the intelligence complex is willing to do any evil for profit. It would taboo to do things that would really reduce deaths.

    • Mark Nusbaum says:

      Remember that we’re an auto culture because the powers that be wanted it that way, in the post-war period the urban rail systems were systematically removed, expressways built, suburbs created and inner cities ghettoized, and the mythology of the car created, not to mention the creation of the interstate highway system and the death of inter-city rail travel, and the shifting of freight from the rails to semis. That was a commercial/social op that featured multi-headed interests from the auto/tire/oil companies to the social engineers who wanted to destroy the ethnic neighborhoods that were so much part of city life in the first half of the 20th century. The selling of the suburban lifestyle changed the way people expect to live, and it all created a new American mythology, not so different from the American gun mythology. Inner cities have largely been gentrified and reinvigorated now, but it’s been led by a young professional class and not a return of families, so the suburban dynamic remains. And of course the commercial aspect of the roadways, the truckers, just keeps expanding, the cost of maiming and killing people balanced against the cost of safety technology under the label of risk management.

      This is a difficult thing to fight, because our society is structured around the mythology and those historic corporate desires, not to mention the social engineering operation that isolated people, prepared them for media addiction and so reduced their political power. And fighting it requires people to do that individually, take real action with real consequences on their lives. That makes it no different than the myriad of other things most people don’t do anything about, rather they just learn to live with it – perhaps until their ticket gets punched.

  6. victor friese says:

    That should read but not “bit”, “but if someone dies FROM GUNS, under a false”, “it would BE taboo”

  7. victor friese says:

    1) Could you make it to where we can manually set the player at a lower level? It still eats data on auto.

    2) We need a real break down of what actually happened at that vegas event. And an analysis of what is really going on with these gladio type ops. Considering an event just like the vegas shooting occured in Manila Phillipines it seems like something that was staged. Right now there are too many stories running about and I am not sure how to filter out the false ones.

    “Yesterday, The Duran exclusively reported on how the official narrative in the Las Vegas mass shooting, parallels an almost identical incident which took place in the Philippine capital Manila, exactly 4 months prior to the Las Vegas atrocity.

    With further video footage apparently indicating there was more than one shooter and with firearms experts saying that it would be nearly impossible for an out of shape 64 year old to operate complex weapons and shoot with such efficiency at long distances that even expert marksmen would have difficulty achieving in similar circumstances, the story that the mainstream media is telling, is at best thoroughly incomplete.

    Below is the Duran piece on the Philippines parallel, reproduced in full:

    On the 2nd of June, 2017, the Resorts World casino, hotel and leisure centre in Manila was terrorised by a lone gunman in what many suspected was an ISIS attack. This attack, when accounting for local time-zone differences, occurred exactly four months prior to the recent shooting in Las Vegas.

    Early reports from the attack at Resorts World Manila, stated that there were multiple gunmen rampaging throughout the casino floor and into hotel areas.

    Shortly after the attack, ISIS claimed responsibility. This was not considered unusual, primarily because the attack came shortly after ISIS began waging a proxy war in the southern Philippine city of Marawi.

    During the chaos, a fire broke out in the casino which feed the narrative that it was a coordinated ISIS attack on the Philippine capital
    Investigations later determined that the lone assailant, a Filipino named Jessie Javier Carlos, acted alone. Furthermore, Carlos was found not to have any links with organised terrorism, but instead had large debts which fed a gambling habit that only aggravated his financial troubles. Carlos who wore a mask and thick black clothing, clearly planned the attack in advance.

    Carlos’ killing spree ended up killing 36 people and wounding 70. By contrast, the recent killing spree in Las Vegas committed by Nevada local Stephen Paddock killed at least 59 while wounding over 500.

    There are some eerie similarities to the attacks in Manila and Las Vegas. In both cases, local men acted alone in a clearly premeditated attack which took place on the grounds of a hotel/casino. In Manila, the shooting took place partly on the casino floor and into hotel areas and in Las Vegas, the killer fired on his victims at an outdoor music concert from his window in a room at the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino.

    In both instances, ISIS claimed responsibility shortly after the attack, although local authorities in both Philippines and now the US, instantly refuted such claims.

    Ultimately, both killers had a profile which did not match that of a typical young, violent radial ISIS recruit. Instead, both men had decent jobs not long before the incident. Both men had a relatively large gambling habit and in the case of the Vegas shooter, he apparently enjoyed the country and western style music that was being played at the concert whose audience he massacred. Likewise, both men worked in jobs related to the public sector. Carlos was a tax collector in Philippines and Paddock worked for a company that later became Lockheed-Marin, one of America’s biggest defence contractors.

    The lesson in this story is that ISIS is not only capable of making false claims in order to bolster its ‘brand image’ among its dwindling band of sick followers, but that it has a precedent for exploiting matters which are best classed as domestic lone-wolf terrorism, in order to promote their ideology. In the case of the Manila attack, there was no ideological motivation and from what is known about the Las Vegas killer, the 64 year old man had no links with radical ideologies.

    The other lessons whose nature will only be apparent as more information becomes public.

    As more information about the killer in the United States comes out, it may be that the situations become even more similar than they already are.”

  8. John, thank you for this excellent and insightful response to what, sadly, is just the latest chapter in the phenomenon of these deadly and senseless mass shootings which have become somehow less shocking each time, even as the death tolls become more horrific. A simple set of answers is all I feel that I end up seeing in the wake of these events and you avoid that by providing a comprehensive overview of the cultural obsession and fetishization the MIC is so thoroughly invested in subsidizing celebrating.

    Weapons designed on the battlefield don’t belong on the streets, but seldom voiced in that critique is the fact that the police force shouldn’t be resembling an occupational military force, literally using SWAT teams to issue routine drug arrests for smalltime dealers and users. Yet police are literally required to make use of this equipment to “fight the war on drugs” in order to justify their eligibility for recycled military gear and additional funding.

    On top of the military worship culture that’s so prevalent in America, we have an increasingly narcissistic culture which dominates music and television, as mentioned. America celebrates fame, excess, and cutthroat winner takes all centered entertainment. Be it reality shows or what passes for pop music.

    Still though, the militarization of our society and the sanitization of warfare and violence is the centerpiece that needs to be examined in its entirety if we wish to truly understand what’s driving events like these mass shootings and this is probably the most comprehensive and thought provoking analysis I’ve seen thus far, so thank you and keep up the excellent work!

  9. lutece mcgatlin says:

    Got a “flash plugin failed to load”.

  10. lutece mcgatlin says:

    Got a “flash plugin failed to load”. Bit expensive if I can’t access the material. Don’t have this problem on The Corbett Report. Maybe a good reason?

  11. Good overview. Useful in particular for all those who do not yet pay for newsbud.
    As for the LV shooting suspect Stephen Paddock: no motive; unexplainable access to such a specific, customized weapon; no experience in firing the gun; a paper with a calculation of distances, that sounds too simple and more make-believe than proof; why 2 rooms had the windows broken, not one; what’s the story of the ‘security guard’ outside Paddock’s room who apparently got shot in the leg? Daesh’s claim is a US claim.
    In any case, the story is aimed to extrajudicially convince the uninformed Mr. Average: the street court. The effect is creating consent for war.
    Can it be excluded that Paddock was caught conpletely off-guard and shot by a few men who then fired on the crowd so that Paddock never knew what happened to him? One unfortunately cannot exclude this alternative. The motive is with this club of idiots who go great lengths to manipulate society towards chronic fear. Access is also with this club with unlimited access to currency, unaudited transport and organization. This is no muslim club, it is also not black people, it is not ‘hill billies united’.
    General Flynn recently said that Qutb inspired the Muslim fanatics, although the catalyzer in Qutb’s case was definitely the US. Flynn should also realize that Leo Strauss inspired the neocons and perhaps a few others.

  12. Ludovico Doebbeling says:

    Very difficult to watch. Plays 3-4 secs buffers 5-10 secs or worse.. Please allow the low resolution option again. Not sure what the problem is, never have issues with other streamed videos. I watch sports online HD and rarely have issues with my connection.

  13. FREDERICK COOR says:

    Although, This piece brings up very important points about the glorification of war, the whole culture and economy driven by militarism and control by the “military industrial complex,” and does a nice job of tying that in to the excessive violence in society through the media, entertainment, indoctrination in education, toys, videogames, etc., It mistakenly fell into the same trap that the MSM did with regard to the Las Vegas Shooting. This was a false flag event, black op, psy-op that had several agenda one of which is to do exactly what you did and focus on “the problem” in this case gun violence or a militarized culture, however you are totally failing to address what is really happeening with these false flag events such as Sandy Hook, OKC, San Bernadino, Auroura, CO, Orlando, Boston Marathon Bombing, 9/11 of course alll the events in Europe, why don’t you discus the fact that these events are used to control the public into ultimately doing the will of the powers that shouldn’t be?

  14. Ludovico Doebbeling says:

    Tried watching with firefox and google chrome in both windows and Linux. Same problem. Runs 3-4 secs buffers 5-10-15 secs. Unwatchable. I live in Argentina, probably connection is not as good as in the US, still I can watch any other streamed video without issues, including sport. According to my connection speed is over 6 Mb per sec. Please allow the low resolution option again.

  15. Yes its true that we live in a culture that is ridiculously force fed gun and military culture and this has a horrible effect. BUT in terms of the Vegas shooting it is clear from a number of pieces of evidence that the official story is a ridiculous lie — just like 9/11 and many other mass shootings… In this case its not an issue of our culture being too steeped in gun, violence and military culture its an issue of the deep state and shadow government staging these shootings — our violent culture is a secondary concern as the problem here and all false flag events is much deeper and darker that simply a overtly violent culture. I’d like to see you do a video investigating what crisis actor agency and production company put on the Vegas shooting reality show — because THAT is the cold hard truth of the matter…

  16. We have cut the cable many years ago. We don’t watch Hollyweird. We don’t buy killing toys. I do stand behind the Second Amendment. No problem there. Our problem is our own military. A nation created to foster perpetual war for perpetual peace.

  17. Rich Winkel says:

    It’s not the american people have have a culture of violence. It’s the american government and the mass media that cover for it, which BTW is also covering for the huge discrepancies between eyewitness and official accounts of the LV shootings as well as several other major shooting events.

    We live under a fascist dictatorship already. The only reason there aren’t troops in the street is that the people haven’t woken up and they can still get cheap gadgets at walmart. That will end, probably sooner rather than later. Do we really want an “american spring” here like the USA staged in numerous foreign countries?

  18. Mark Nusbaum says:

    Having the same problem with watching as some others – plays for several seconds and then locks up while buffering. I’ve tried it on two computers, XP (yes, XP) with Firefox and Win10 with Chrome, and it’s exactly the same with both. My download speed is capped at about 215KB/sec right now.

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