The War with China Comes Home to America

China hawks have announced that the campaign against Chinese influence developed in Australia is just about ready to export, not just to Asia, but to America and the world.  The recipe is simple: security service dossiers carefully cooked by national security journalists, and seasoned with fear and denial. It’s not just an antidote to China’s growing influence throughout the world; it’s meant to mask the bitter taste of a decade of American failure…and to give the West the appetite for another generation of conflict.

Only problem is, this war gets fought in the homeland, not thousands of miles away in Asia.

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Show notes

People’s Bank of China Digital Currency Director Calls for Centralized State Cryptocurrency

DFAT boss warns international students to resist Chinese Communist Party’s ‘untoward’ influence

Chinese Government intrusion into Western universities sparks push for collective action

Addressing PRC Influence in Australia: Working with All Australians

China threatens U.S. Congress for crossing ‘red line’ on Taiwan

US military history on Taiwan rooted in confrontation with China

A Dossier on the Pave Paws Radar Installation on Leshan, Taiwan

America’s Pacific Century

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  1. Randal Hester says:

    I can watch the preview after logging in, but not the video. My Flash plugin fails to load. I haven’t changed anything. Is this on my end or yours? Ideas?

  2. Peter Lee says:

    I informed the management. fingers crossed

  3. Ludovico Doebbeling says:

    Cannot choose the lower resolution, and the stream keeps interrupting. Get to hear 4-5 words, buffers 5-15 secs. Please go back to the previous arrangement. I would need over an hour to watch a 20 min video. Do not think it is an issue on my connection, according to I have over 6 Megabits per sec download.

  4. Emperor Uncle Sam has many concubines, this week it’s the turn of Wife #Australia.

    Funny how mainstream political news never focuses on US ‘soft power’. Too busy reporting on the carnage of its hard power perhaps? Carnage that is always the victim’s fault.

  5. Curious. Did anyone interpret the Weinstein witch-hunt comment as him being the victim of one? Unclear what was intended there.

  6. For me this new setup works brilliantly–the best ever. I’m not experiencing any lagging. It’s a relief to be able to watch w/o streaming issues! Thank you for continuing to pay attention to this. I hope the issues reported by other commenters get solved.

    And–it’s a great program, Peter! Thanks for your elucidating commentary.

  7. Amber Sayman says:

    Thank you! I am very grateful for your program and Newsbud. Keep it up! I’m a big fan.

  8. judith cullity says:

    I am a big fan of your china watch in particular. But unfortunately I get “error loading media: file could not be pl;ayed” message with the new format videos.

    I use Linux OS

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