Assessing U.S. Efforts to Counter Hezbollah

It’s official. The war train rolls on. The pliable cesspool known as Washington, D.C., is ready to wage war against Hezbollah. What pushed D.C. aboard? The perverse confluence of pressure from the Zionist lobby, Mossad, and the U.S. war industry – all groups whose constituencies will benefit from U.S. action against Hezbollah.

Nathan A. Sales and Nicholas J. Rasmussen are the public face leading the push for war against Hezbollah, but who are these men?

Ambassador-at-Large for Counterterrorism at the U.S. State Department, Nathan Sales embodies the militarization of U.S. diplomacy. An enemy of the people, Sales helped draft the PATRIOT Act, a despotic piece of legislation through which the U.S. Surveillance State shredded the Fourth Amendment and entrenched endless war. He is the apotheosis of post-9.11 terrorism punditry; his qualifications include wearing a suit & tie and manipulating legalese to advance interminable war.

Sales puts a price on the heads of “two senior Hezbollah leaders,” butchering their names in the process. Meanwhile, he lets far greater war criminals off the hook. Sales then claims with a straight face that Hezbollah “has no political wing,” even though Hezbollah is currently an integral part of Lebanese parliament. He claims without a hint of irony that the Iranian people suffer because Tehran funds Hezbollah, while refusing to acknowledge that the U.S. war machine is gobbling up over $1 trillion a year.

Nicholas J. Rasmussen is Director of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), a perverse amalgam of officials splashing around the Military-Industrial-Intelligence Complex trough. The vast majority of officials who go to work everyday at NCTC lack any field experience. They are frothy administrators and technicians. They sit at desks, cubicles, and workstations. Their bosses are CACI, BAH, SAIC, ManTech, and other corporate profiteers. Victor Marchetti and John D. Marks remind us: “Today the vast majority of those in the spy business are faceless desk-bound bureaucrats, far removed from the world of the secret agent.” This problem has only gotten worse in the forty years since those words were first printed.

Rasmussen has no hands-on counterintelligence field training whatsoever. This makes him the perfect official to help guide the D.C. bureaucracy against Hezbollah. He couldn’t tell a Mossad agent from a Home Depot cashier. He honed his bureaucratic skills under veteran AIPAC operative Dennis Ross – the necessary boost in Rasmussen’s career after which he entered the elite strata of the Beltway desk jockeys.

Nicholas Rasmussen claims Hezbollah is engaged in “worldwide terror activities.” Prior to 11 September 2001, according to Rasmussen, Hezbollah “was responsible for the terrorism deaths of more U.S. citizens than any other foreign terrorist organization.” He cites three attacks as evidence: the 1983 attack on the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut, the 1983 attack on the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, and the 2012 attack on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria. Let’s take these events one by one.

The 1983 attack on the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut was not an act of terrorism, because it targeted a deployed military force. By definition, attacks on Armed Forces, which have traveled thousands of miles from home in order to interfere in the affairs of a sovereign nation, are not terrorist attacks.

The 1983 attack on the U.S. Embassy in Beirut was carried out by Harakat al-Jihad al-Islami, not Hezbollah, which, as we know, didn’t formally exist yet. Moreover, it took place in the context of U.S. espionage interference in the Lebanese Civil War. CIA, the world’s premier terror group in terms of dead bodies tallied up, was operating out of the U.S. Embassy to such an extent that the Agency was virtually blind in the region after the attack.

The first two of Rasmussen’s examples clearly hold no water.

Rasmussen’s final example, a 2012 attack on Israeli tourists, was not definitively a Hezbollah operation. Any evidence trying to pin blame on the Party was furnished by Mossad operatives either directly or through CIA lackeys. The 2012 attack was a success from Mossad’s point of view; it led to the European Union entering Hezbollah on its list of terrorist organizations. By deception Mossad wages war.

Rasmussen knows his talking points are shaky, so he resorts to a classic gambit: other instances of nefarious Hezbollah activity around the world are “unpublicized and remain classified,” he says. It’s the old ‘trust us because we know’ defense. If there were any actual undisclosed instances of nefarious Hezbollah activity, you can bet the U.S. war industry, Zionist hasbara aficionados, and career bureaucrats would have seized them as pretexts long ago.

Hezbollah is uniquely focused on countering Zionist aggression. This is why Washington, D.C., demonizes them. Washingtonians like Sales and Rasmussen will never give you such a frank assessment. Zionists want the United States to keep thinking Hezbollah is a terrorist organization in order to keep the U.S. fearful and pliable, because Zionists aim to have the United States fight Israel’s wars for her. Netanyahu was correct when he said the United States can be easily moved.

U.S. Congress is content going along for the ride against Hezbollah, because they are scared of AIPAC and because it is not Congress’ sons and daughters who will be doing the fighting. It will be the U.S. working class and those who have swallowed the war machine’s propaganda pills.

There are indeed career officials in U.S. intelligence agencies that loathe Zionism and have no desire to jump aboard the war train, but they are systematically marginalized and silenced. After all, there is always a Zionist political operative located strategically above them in the chain of command. For example, no rational voices were in the room when a Mossad delegation visited the Trump team in December 2016 and again in the summer of 2017. Such visits are just the tip of the Mossad iceberg; the Institute works best away from the spotlight.

The facts are clear yet omitted: Hezbollah poses no threat whatsoever to the United States. Hezbollah’s only quarrel with the United States is that Washington, D.C., funds and arms the Zionist cancer to the teeth. The Party is not a terrorist organization. It is an armed resistance group. Recent history supports these facts, as Hezbollah has defended Lebanese territory from Zionist and IS terrorists.

So here we are. The U.S. war machine has willingly received a course correction from a concerted Zionist lobbying and espionage effort. Where does it stop? When will U.S. decision-makers grow a backbone and give peace a chance?

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Christian Sorensen, a Newsbud Contributing Author & Analyst, is a U.S. military veteran.

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  1. The backbone would grow how? The system is [REDACTED]. An orgy of corruption and disinformation. The narratives patrolled and controlled by deep treachery and lackey parrot media. Begin at the beginning! Israeli and 911. The best and brightest in the land of the free haven’t been able to NAIL that one to the cross! Haven’t been able to properly investigate and bring to justice a hate-crime so BIG it’s great festering forensics LIE in and around every useless decision that has been made since…to the cost of nations. To the cost of innocent civilian peoples. The intravenous networks hold truth of the criminality at heart of the US SYSTEM, hostage. Sibel and Russell Tice and brave whistleblowers long ago told us US power was leveraged from within the grid, from inside bedrooms with video recordings. So that virtually no one in Power comes un-leveraged. How likely is a backbone in these circumstances with uncle BiBi’s hand on the trigger? And Justice through 911, the target. All we get is more of the same.
    Altho having lost the dirty war in Syria is a really important and positive turn. Maybe the backbone is without?

  2. Jan Kolenc says:

    if it wasn’t for Hezbollah, al Nusra would still be terrorising Syria

  3. Steven Athearn says:

    Regarding the 1983 Marine barracks bombing, Sorensen could have added a key point that Robert Parry recently reminded us of in one of his columns: Not only did the attack target a deployed military force, but more pointedly, it also followed the shelling of Beirut from offshore by the USS New Jersey – and President Reagan even acknowledged his own responsibility in having put US troops in harms way.

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