Newsbud Exclusive- Pompeo Promises a “Much More Vicious” CIA.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo told an interviewer at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) the CIA will “become a much more vicious agency” in conducting covert operations against its roster of enemies, most prominently Iran and North Korea.

Pompeo also told the gathering of neocons Trump decertified the Iran deal not because it is in violation—the Iranians are playing by the rules—but rather because Trump has been told it “would curtail Iranian adventurism.”

Trump advisor, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, also addressed the FDD neocons. He said America has suffered from a lack of “strategic competence… in recent years,” in other words, the deep state has failed to remove the governments of Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and assorted others.

Foreign Policy columnist Jeffrey Lewis compared McMaster’s remarks to those of General Maxwell Taylor, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Taylor urged President Kennedy to launch an invasion of Cuba.

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies is a cross-pollination of neocons and humanitarian interventionists. Its board of advisors includes Weekly Standard publisher Bill Kristol, former CIA boss James Woolsey, radical fringe neocon Frank Gaffney, casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, and assorted deep state insiders, namely Newt Gingrich, Joe Lieberman, Donna Brazile (the former DNC boss is a founding member), and Charles Schumer.

The organization is funded by the Bronfman brothers, Clifford D. May, and assorted millionaires and billionaires. May is president of the foundation and a signatory of the Project for the New American Century, noted for its preoccupation with Iraq and the chimera of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear and chemical programs. It was founded by two neocons, Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan, and is responsible for many of the lies used to make a case for invading Iraq. [READ MORE]

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  1. Ohanapecosh says:

    …talk about JFK, he wanted to obliterate the cia much less invade Cuba. I wish we had another JFK right about yesterday!

  2. Douglas Valentine. CIA as Organized Crime. p247 : “Megalomaniacal warlords intriguing against one another to control the political environment is the dynamic that defines America’s hidden corridors of power.”

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