War Algorithms

DARPA is working at a furious pace to engineer killer robots and autonomous drones. Military nanotechnologies were outlined in a 2010 report from the Pentagon's Defense Threat Reduction Agency. They include transgenic insects and nanobots that will deliver protein-based biological warfare agents and inhalable micro-particles that immobilize or kill. Micro explosives are also being developed. The Pentagon is rapidly developing swarms of deadly miniature drones and robotic machines to fight alongside human soldiers. It is predicted global spending on military robots will reach $8 billion by 2018. In 2015, a number of prominent scientists, researchers, and technologists, including Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, posted an open letter warning about the threat posed by autonomous weapons. Hawking has said humanity has maybe a hundred years left. The US military has shown with increasing frequency since the end of the Second World War it has no aversion to killing civilians. AI and autonomous robotic killer technology may be its last violent hurrah.

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Show Notes

Army developing robotic insects?

Mini-nukes and mosquito-like robot weapons being primed for future warfare

The US government seriously wants to weaponize artificial intelligence

The Pentagon's new drone swarm heralds a future of autonomous war machines

The War Algorithm: The Pentagon’s Bet On The Future Of War

Military Implications of AlphaGo

Autonomous Weapons: an Open Letter from AI & Robotics Researchers

Elon Musk's Billion-Dollar Crusade to Stop the A.I. Apocalypse

Stephen Hawking warns artificial intelligence could end mankind

The Future Role of A.I. in the Military

US Sec. Mattis pushes military AI, experts warn of hijacked 'killer robots'

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  1. Robert Diggins says:

    Freaky future. Drone swarm thought police inside the IoT . Maybe THEY should operate on a public blockchain. The drone insect body cam.

    Or maybe it will finally be the means by which the psyop-fighting hackers can eliminate the Deep State. A better mouse trap for a better mouse. Freaky future.

  2. Robert Diggins says:

    Also, I really like the bg music on your productions. Just my opinion, but I could hear it flowing even more smoothly, if you reserved the total volume pans to be a little more for the punch of a break to focus on some very key phrases, and shift the balance to using more decreased, but still there, sections when you’re speaking. Of course, you could spend a thousand hours on each video, and I imagine you’re pressed for time as it is.

    I think the bg sound track really adds a lot to help the listener focus on the material and you’re doing an awesome job at it. This was meant to be a subtle suggestion and generalized comment, but something I do notice on each video. Just a tad too many full muting of the bg track. Others may have different tastes.

    Thanks for the excellent videos!

  3. Joanie Detlefsen says:

    Some perspective on how we got to this belief system that this paradigm is the one paradigm by which the world must live.
    Ironically using the original name chosen by the identity thief car co.
    From William R. Lyne, Pentagon Alien’s, we can read all about the warnings from the original, the real Nikola Tesla.
    And how he was cheated by none other than Banker. Beloved? I think not.
    JP Morgan.
    The history is found in the League of Nations, the Institute for International Affairs in Britain and the subsequent name changes but same motives from 1919. Sad. Like these johnny come lately’s invented the warnings. Well okay, the guy from Honeywell – scary stuff, indeed. The relationships remain steadfast war. Full stop.

  4. Mehdi Krit says:

    Regarding the new player: I like to watch newsbud on the TV. And I’m using an app to send the video to my chromecast. With this new player it only plays the low quality version. Please either add a link to the high quality version separately or allow casting on high quality.
    Thank you for looking into it.

    • Eric Björk says:

      I have the exact same issue but with open source software instead of controlled Google spyware.
      I would love a direct link to the high resolution videos…

      If it’s due to piracy concerns… if someone wants to pirate something it is always possible to copy what’s on your screen. No way to stop that, so please make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for the rest of us who just want to be able to consume the videos the way we want to 🙁

  5. John Phillips says:

    So, who do you KNOW that is working on micro robotics, AI and for the military industrial complex? And why are you not saying something? If YOU work in this industry…”.YOU” are the problem. “WE” are the solution.

    As with all technologies, they can be used for good or for evil. Often the people developing these technologies are duped into believing their doing good, are just designing and working in the field because it is challenging and pays well, but in the long run, as those in our military…do they ever think about what they are actually doing. Doubt it.

    It is not enough to blame big government, big business and big bad military; for they are US. Even this site presents issues as if it is “them” when it is actually us. Act…now!

    Shake um! Wake um!

  6. spiro skouras says:

    Great video! Not only does this video provide the necessary background to give context, but it covers current, not so much talked about, hush hush technologies, where the mega giant tech industry crosses paths with the deadliest branch of gov, or shadow gov, the military industrial complex. Instead of developing applications to better mankind, as usual these applications are currently being weaponized. You touch on very important legitimate concerns that I think many people passively dismiss, given the bloody track record of the now, never ending, undeclared wars that are slowly coming home, I think this is something that people need to start taking seriously, talk about, and address.
    Keep up the great work!

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