Zombies R Us: ‘We the People’ Are the Walking Dead of the American Police State

Despite the fact that we are 17,600 times more likely to die from heart disease than from a terrorist attack; 11,000 times more likely to die from an airplane accident than from a terrorist plot involving an airplane; 1,048 times more likely to die from a car accident than a terrorist attack, and 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist, we have handed over control of our lives to government officials who treat us as a means to an end—the source of money and power. We have allowed ourselves to become fearful, controlled, pacified zombies. Zombies also embody the government’s paranoia about the citizenry as potential threats that need to be monitored, tracked, surveilled, sequestered, deterred, vanquished and rendered impotent.

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Show Notes

“Director George Romero, creator of the modern zombie, is dead at 77” Vox

Movie 'Zombie Killers,' filmed in Pennsylvania, to premiere in Bethlehem, The Morning Call

The Real Villains of Fear the Walking Dead, The Atlantic

Why The Walking Dead Is So Brutal — and So Popular, Time

Fear Makes People Stupid, Zero Hedge

How TV Zombifies and Pacifies Us and Subverts Democracy

Lockdown Nation, Pacific Standard Magazine 

The Pentagon Has a Plan to Stop the Zombie Apocalypse. Seriously, Foreign Policy

The Department of Defense is prepared for a zombie attack, New York Post

Zombies R Us: ‘We the People’ Are the Walking Dead of the American Police State

Battlefield America: The War on the American People

Rutherford Institute

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  1. Ludovico Doebbeling says:

    Thank you John. Extremely important message delivered by a powerful speaker.

  2. John Phillips says:

    So, who is more frightened? Them or us. Clearly the military industrial complex is afraid! How do you take 300 million guns from people who have no intention of giving them up! Big problem for them. They most certainly have named us terrorist and they have more plans in store.

    However, there are a hell of a lot more of “us” than “them.” Go a head and give them your power….NOT! Keep it close; for yourself, for your family, for your freedom.

    If the American people ever pull themselves away from cable TV, the couch and their bonbons….the powers that be are in big trouble. But as long as we are fat, happy and entertained….forget it. Resist!

    It’s not a question of choice….we have no other choice!

  3. James Lunsford says:

    Sad that They Live bombed at the box office. Also sad that I’ll be 70 in 2030 when the Pentagon figures we’ll get to scrap. On the bright side, more Americans are ditching their TVs. Also, I think that more Americans are starting to figure out that government is the enemy. While the election itself was a shameful sham, it did show that a lot of Americans are getting fed up with the status quo. Many still are. They are also starting to notice that the swamp just got muckier after it wasn’t drained. There is a lot of good things happening now, but we don’t hear about them. Seed sharing programs, home gardens, people trying all sorts of things to connect people with each other. The revolution is different for every person, and while it’s true that not every person is fighting, there are quite a few who are. But I’ll be really ticked off if I’m not one of those 8 million people on a list. 🙂

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