Daphne Galizia: The Four Main Suspects in the Assassinated Malta Journalist Case

Join Newsbud's Sibel Edmonds and Spiro in this 30+ minute investigative analysis of the assassination of Maltese journalist Daphne Galizia, and examination of the primary suspects in the case.

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Show notes

European Parliament debates Daphne Caruana Galizia murder, media freedom in Malta

Daphne Caruana Galizia’s Computer & Phone Data Are ‘Being Analyzed Abroad’

Rejected expert appointed to Caruana Galizia murder probe

Suspended police sergeant Ramon Mifsud on half-salary

Rejected expert appointed to Caruana Galizia murder probe

Italy anti-mafia panel asks Malta’s help, cites car bombing

Fuel smuggling probe ‘dates back years’

Car bomb explosion victim named as John Camilleri k/a Giovanni tas-Sapun

Murdered Maltese journalist: Jersey link in court case

BREAKING/Malta: Pilatus Bank’s main client is Azerbaijan’s Minister for Emergency Situations

And then they claim the reports about Pilatus Bank are “lies and allegations”

Pilatus Bank bullies the local press. We will not be silenced.

Updated: Pilatus Bank whistleblower ‘must have left Malta for good’; PM reacts

High-ranking Maltese Officials Accused in New Azerbaijani Financial Scandal

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  1. Edward Rutland says:

    You audio is awful

  2. Interesting update. MSM dropped the story fast – couldn’t find a way to pin it on ISIS.

  3. Luke Lanzon says:

    Interesting video, but just to correct an error about the opposition leader. The opposition leader that Daphne clashed with was not Simon Busuttil (as in the clip) it’s Adrian Delia (links below), as for the Prime minister whilst I completely agree that it is extremley unlikely for him to order the killing but this guy is a machiavellian leader, in fact during the election campaign earlier this year he even got Tony Blair to endorse him and also invited him to Malta during the past Summer (link below).

    https://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20170828/local/adrian-delia-files-third-libel-suit-against-daphne-caruana-galizia.656706 http://www.maltatoday.com.mt/sports/football/81499/former_birkirkara_juve_striker_fabrizio_miccoli_jailed_for_mafiastyle_extortion#.WfrLhmiPLIU

  4. John Phillips says:

    Thank you Sibel and Spiro. This reporting is the reason I find BFP one of the most valuable sources of information to date! Yes, the audio quality was not great, but it played and we got the message. Exposing the belly of the beast….I love it.

  5. That much money would indeed suit terror finance quite wel., It would also suit, among others, that particular Azerbaijan family with financial benefits. This scheme of routing weapons, drugs and money surfaced before in Nicaragua (contra’s) and in other places. Where did PI’s Sam Spade and Miles Archer go when you need them most?
    Why would the FBI immediately be involved if it is ‘an internal affair of Malta’? As you prudently speculate, this goes beyond Maltese borders. Money talks and know the history of US influence and its critical role in causing global destruction. What a shame.

  6. April Sanchez says:

    I can’t help wondering who the refiners are… Oil men don’t like meddling, and the oil wars are involved with bombing for more oil while laundering their “extra” money through Malta to accomplish those future gains they want… Someone has had their side money threatened enough to spend a wad of cash to eliminate the threat… I wouldn’t blame anyone who’s looking at the refiners and their crooked banker friends… Some psychopath is worried about the eyes on who’s making an accounting of those ships going to the refineries… Some project manager has the scoop on who’s playing with the numbers when it comes to which tankers hold what volume and so forth… Someone knows…

  7. Max Havelaar says:

    Banksters are always connected to Big moneymakers: drugs & oil. And they own and bribe politicians. The criminals all agreed: Galizia was a danger to their reputation.

  8. steven hobbs says:

    It is concerning how internet “service” providers claim click bait for non-members. I so want to keep my member status. Cheers!

  9. Richard Williams says:

    Such a longwinded and rambling presentation. Why not just pinpoint the leads and people and organisations implicated as an ongoing investigation instead of having a wooden conversation with this ‘look at the camera and look at each other’ MSM format.

  10. I have time, and enjoyed the presentation… Part of the the puzzle. YO ! big-stuff going on around the world -real alt-news sphere in stampede and this, another part. Just as Gulen/Heroin/Uranium one expose by George Webb showing CLINTON cabal hunting TRUMP via Flynn and Son through McCabe and the on-going Awan case by Jason Goodman/Charles Ortel’s live investigative work (Sunday with Charles/Goodman) are bound to be shaking establishment foundations right now. November 15th, coming up! Big foundations are ON NOTICE. Charity fraud through CLINTON crime inc….Donna Brazille throws Hillary under the bus…rats from sinking ships…..Now shootings in Texas Church and Saudi Prince dead in Yemen just as Donald goes to visit….Paradise papers leaked….woah…. Speaking FBI. FBI pretending free fall of 911 High rises from office fires now having to adjust their Vegas construct around two off duty police reported “outside PADDOCK’s door” with “JC” (Campos) PRIOR to Las Vegas shooting – that is, p r i o r to : ie; immediately before – according to Craig EILAND, attorney for the victims talking to Tucker Carlson.
    So ‘co-incidence theory’ would have FBI there (Malta) doing their ‘PENTTBOM Lawn sweep’ protecting that part of the global crimes Daphne Galizia’s investigations were threatening them with. Details details. Semtex being used for first time out of six car bombings in the past 2 years is….. Czechoslovakia one of the six countries ID’d in your oil smuggling ring so why not just get it from the factory? Doubtless GLADIO are well able to source materiel where ever and whatever. ….That car was made airborne !
    The Knights of Malta, and all that.
    Very very sad when good people are murdered, surrounded by thieves and murderers dressed in uniforms.
    Always a big sadness.

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