Truth Redacted: The Farce of the JFK Document Dump

The release of the JFK archive, some 3,000 files, won’t challenge the official narrative. Anything pointing to agency involvement in the assassination was long ago removed, and that not removed will be heavily redacted in the name of national security. The archived documents are being used to support the government’s narrative.

The CIA wanted to link Oswald to Valery Kostikov, a KGB assassin, and claim the assassination was the work of the Soviets and Cubans. An unclassified transcript ends before CIA director Richard Helms can answer a question asked by the Rockefeller Commission if Oswald was a CIA agent. At least three intelligence agencies were shadowing Oswald in the last four years of his life. The corporate script-reading media either underplays or ignores the obvious—the CIA conducts illegal and unethical operations in secret. It isn’t answerable to the American people. Its budget is classified. It has a long history of violence, including assassination. It has conducted operations against the American people at home. The bottom line is the CIA with its history of subterfuge and lying can’t be trusted. Like the much hyped 28 pages framing the Saudis for 9/11, the ultimate release of the JFK files won’t solve the murder or even provide us with a motive. The files more likely will be used to further implicate Lee Harvey Oswald and steer us away from the real culprit—the CIA, a tool created by Wall Street lawyers and the ruling elite.

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Show Notes

Oswald, the CIA, and Mexico City

Missing from the new JFK files: a batch of CIA records on Lee Harvey Oswald

In 1972, CIA chiefs ordered no more questions about accused assassin Oswald

Anti-Castro militant says he saw CIA officer with Lee Harvey Oswald

State Secret: The Framing of Lee Oswald

Secret Tapes Reveal Jackie Kennedy Believed Lyndon Johnson Was Behind Assassination Of JFK

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  1. Kennedy’s crime? Not wanting to kill enough people. Same cowards afraid of a teeny weeny island are the same cowards who killed Kennedy.

    CIA couldn’t lie straight in bed. Any decent human being would want to scatter them to the wind.

  2. W3WantAnswers says:

    No one thought that we were going to get any answers did they? I hope not. Do people really think the truth is sitting on a document in a file, just waiting to be revealed? Get real. Anything incriminating has long since been destroyed and anything that even remotely suggested a connection is heavily redacted.

    This was just yet another dog and pony show. The only way to see what’s in the intelligence community is to have millions of people descend on DC and actually go into the buildings and search them ourselves- and that’ll never happen – people are too worried about getting “LIKES” on the Facebook posts. Besides, if there are any documents that have crucial information being saved for the Rothschild and Rockefeller posterity, they’d never be where you’d think they’d be – they’re probably under that mountain in Virginia where the backup government is – (continuity of government) – Who the hell knows what’s going on?

    Our government has so many layers and secret factions that the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing. I wouldn’t be surprised if that backup government is really the one running things. most likely it’s the banksters’ intelligence agencies that run the show… It’s just too much to fathom. All I know is that everything is a lie and the reality is far different than the BS story we’ve been spoon fed since we were knee high to a grasshopper. If the president doesn’t know what these secret entities are doing, then how the hell is an uniformed citizen going to know?

    We are in deep trouble in this nation.

  3. Rich Winkel says:

    I think this video pretty much lays the question to rest, at least as far as the institutional culprits:

  4. Rich Winkel says:

    Let’s just say the CIA et al have pleaded the 5th. The question is whether the 5th amendment really applies to a government institution. I don’t think so.
    The institutional equivalent to capital punishment is disbandment. While the CIA has lots of funding and control through their various criminal activities and web of blackmail, they aren’t immune to elimination of congressional funding and their official credentials as government agents. The latter measure could start at the state level. State officials which refuse to recognize official standing of a CIA agent should be immune under state law to any legal consequences, and cooperation with CIA assets should be grounds for immediate dismissal, especially since the CIA’s operations in this country are already illegal.

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