Trump in Asia: China Looks to Make the Communist Party Great Again…Or Else!

Xi Jinping is going to Make the CCP Great Again…or else.  And there is a universe of dumb remarks surrounding Donald Trump as he heads into Asia…and some of them didn’t come from Donald Trump.  New product alert: time to roll out the Democracy Quadrilateral: this year’s hottest fashion in China containment.  Finally, “lawfare” didn’t work for the China hawks.  How about “crimefare”?

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Show notes

Full text of resolution on amendment to CPC Constitution

Full text of Xi Jinping’s report at 19th CPC National Congress

Eric Schmidt warns China will overtake US in AI by 2025 and says Trump is to blame

Xinjiang a “Frontline Laboratory for Surveillance”

Xinjiang Takes Further Steps Towards Total Digital Surveillance

China crams spyware on phones in Muslim majority province

Authorities require Uyghurs in Xinjiang’s Aksu to get barcodes on their knives

Learning centers established across China to promote Xi Jinping Thought

The Ghost at the Trump-Abe Banquet: Nobosuke Kishi

Pacific allies aim for India upgrade

Tiankun, Asia’s largest dredger, launches in China’s Jiangsu Province

Statement from the Press Secretary on President Donald J. Trump’s Upcoming Travel to Asia

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    I think the single player, with multiple adjustable resolutions was better than having two streams, high and low. The single one, at least has the ability to automatically adjust and has more resolution options. If there is problems in broadcast, I suspect that it may have something to do with the distribution mechanism you are using. And, the possible slowing down of streaming via prioritization by ISPs, something everyone was protesting against.

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    Hi people, I still have issues watching your vids. Keeps interrupting, does not happen with other streams I use. Is there some way I can download the vid to my computer so as to watch it in one go when it finishes the download? have problems even in the lowest resolution. This did not happen a month ago when you had the low resolution player separate from the high resolution.

  3. Doesn’t matter the flag, the human race collectively is asking for a do-over event. Between reality tv, craven greed and rank stupidity, I think our civilization gets an F. Pity, it’s a nice planet.

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