Clinton CIA Director James Woolsey: Mueller’s Agent of Deception in Flynn Case

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  1. To me the Gulen kidnap story looks like Woolsey’s word against Flynn’s. An argument in favor of Flynn is that it would have been stupid to discuss this in the presence of Woolsey. Is there any other argument that does not rely on the one or the other’s word?

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    1. There needs a be a complete accounting of the Uranium One story on NB and HRC’s role in it (or lack thereof):

    2. Also, was Flynn helping Turkey to extradite Gulen from the US? Yes or no? Why?

    3. Why is Mueller now (and in the past) helping to protect Gulen? What specifically is the US getting out of protecting Gulen?

    4. Were the HRC emails leaked by WikiLeaks given to them by Russia? Yes or no? How did Russia get them, and who else has the “deleted” emails?

    • Andreas Hedqvist says:

      1. NSA appears to be providing details to DoJ that implicates also groups within FBI/CIA.
      2. Yes, because he knew the backstabbing plan against Turkey.
      3. Mueller is personally implicated in the Uranium One scandal. Gulen provides the network of arms/drug running between the middle east and central asia. He provides infrastructure for CIA meddling in destabilizing these regions while running the highly lucrative heroin trade.
      4. No, they were leaked by people from within the DNC. NYPD has copies of them all.

      • Mr. Hedqvist,
        Thank you for responding. Everything you have outlined are things I have read from various sources, but have not seen the dots connected. I am curious if there are any sources that can corroborate the statements made above, especially numbers 1, 3, and 4. Number 4 is particularly interesting. It seems plausible that someone within the DNC leaked the emails (Seth Rich, etc.). But we have no proof. I have read of a few people that did have proof (that knew Seth Rich… or of him), but as far as know there was nothing conclusive. If all the American intelligence agencies are on record saying Russia gave WikiLeaks the emails, how can they be debunked? What is the evidence one can present to prove they are lying, or mistaken?

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