Breaking: NAACP Calls on Government to Investigate ALL Gulen Charter Schools in U.S.

The California N.A.A.C.P. has introduced resolution #16 calling on the states and the federal government to investigate all of the Gulen charter schools in the U.S.  Here is Newsbud’s exclusive interview with the President of the N.A.A.C.P. for both California and Hawaii.

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Show notes

Breaking News: California NAACP calls for investigation of ALL Gülen charters

Charter schools vulnerable to controversial Turkish movement

Pocketed US Politicians Exposed: The Most Powerful Criminal Organization in The World

Sibel Edmonds: Gulen

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  1. Great job, guys! I’m proud to support Newsbud. I just hope these politicians turn out to be more than just talk.

  2. Tristan Rogers says:

    Her political biases clearly get in the way, sadly.

  3. David E Burden says:

    Well, it certainly has taken a long time, but it seems that finally someone is paying attention to this CIA sponsored, and FBI supported terrorist. Time alone will tell if it goes anywhere of course, but at least the word is trickling out.
    Thanks goes to Sibel for her perseverance in not letting this issue die.
    Some damned fine work, in my opinion.

  4. ‘Money rules American politics’. That’s what we call corruption in the ‘post-truth’ world. Politics is the glue of governance, you can not introduce money into that system and expect an honest outcome. Money in politics is not a symbol of democracy, it is a cancer.

    If such an investigation was to proceed in an open and rigorous manner, then Ms Huffman has embarked on a steep learning curve. The Gulen network is a loose thread.

  5. Mark Ribbit says:

    Great work Newsbud!
    I would stay on top of this and take it as far as it can go if for no other reason than to discover
    who it is exactly that tries to stop the investigation dead in its tracks. That will be telling. And of course
    calling/pointing them out in the future whenever the opportunity arises.

  6. That’s the way Newsbud. These corrupt people can’t stand being subject to scrutiny. Keep the spotlight @ 110% luminosity until this Gulan network is dismantled. Excellent work Newsbud!

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