Do You Even Know Your Rights?

Donald Trump wants to make America great again. I, for one, would prefer to make America free again. “We the people” have the power to make and break the government. We are the masters and they are the servants. Clearly, our national priorities need to be re-prioritized.

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Show Notes

Al-Jazeera interview, (21 October 2001), as reported in "Bin Laden's sole post-September 11 TV interview aired" CNN

Abraham Lincoln, “The Gettysburg Address,” (Nov. 19, 1863)

“Americans know surprisingly little about their government, survey finds,” Annenberg Public Policy Center

“Exercising the Right to Be Ignorant,” Los Angeles Times

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“Noted with Interest,” The Washington Post

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“Elected Officials Score Lower than the General Public,” American Civic Literacy Program

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“From Thomas Jefferson to Uriah Forrest, with Enclosure, 31 December 1787,” Founders Online, National Archives

“From Thomas Jefferson to William Charles Jarvis, 28 September 1820,” Founders Online, National Archives

Let’s Make America Free Again: 230 Years After the Constitution, We’re Walking a Dangerous Road

Battlefield America: The War on the American People

Rutherford Institute

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    How long after its production will these videos be available to be posted for all to see?

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