Screeching MSM Zombies Devour Trump Asia Trip

The Trump trip to Asia is a major inflection point for China hawks eager to put transactional diplomacy in the rearview mirror, pivot to an overtly adversarial China policy, and ignore and deny the fundamental changes in Asia that go hand in hand with both China’s rise and America’s relative decline.

Trump and China bashing got an extensive workout in the Western press, and TPP 11 and the Quad made their debut on the world stage.  A revolution in China containment?  Or more of the same?

I’m Peter Lee, and I’m the nagging voice in your head that says, Hey, are we making another trillion dollar mistake in Asia?

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Show notes

Trump is China’s Chump

China has Trump just where it wants him

Trump is Ceding Global Leadership to China

Xi Tells Zuckerberg and Cook China Is Set for ‘Unprecedented’ Reform

Dissecting the $250 Billion China Deals Trump Got for U.S.

Some Frank Advice for President Xi

11-party TPP negotiations steam ahead with room for return of US

‘We weren’t ready’ to close deal: Trudeau defends Canada’s actions on TPP

Justin Trudeau accused of ‘sabotaging’ trade deal with meeting no-show

Chinese officials pay homage to tree planted by Xi Jinping as Communist Party chiefs get in touch with their roots

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  1. Best pitch for cash I’ve ever seen.

  2. In addition to inciting political analysis, Peter is turning out to be quite the comedian!

    • spiro skouras says:

      I Agree, Peter’s show is really fantastic. His humor adds a refreshing element rarely seen these days. My hats off to Peter and Broc (Video Editor for China Watch). of course non of this would be possible without the continued support of the Newsbud members! Thank you for your support, everyone should pitch in on this fundraiser.
      Thank You All!

  3. Amber Sayman says:

    I’m so happy to be a follower. As soon as I’m worth more, I’ll donate. ^_^

  4. Siusaidh Chaimbeul says:

    Canadian laughter from this side.

  5. Thanks, everybody! I’m doing my best!

  6. April Sanchez says:

    Thank you for that Mainichi article… I’ve pulled another friend of mine here…

  7. CuChulainn says:

    PL’s contributions alone enough to justify the subscription.

  8. Thanks, I really appreciate your reporting; but I find it difficult to distinguish your thinking to what you’re reading; the writer’s sarcasm to yours, and the antecedent, who is actually speaking and what they’re saying. Cheers.

  9. AUS exports to #1 trade partner, China in 2016 = $93 billion. US = $20 billion. Not sure how you pivot against your biggest trade partner and keep your trade deficit under control. Canada didn’t make the Top 10 – so free to trash talk their bland PM.

    Note to all future POTUS’s – if you’re not threatening them, then you’re obviously their agent/chump/useful idiot. So trash talk, loud and often and make it sound as blowhard and as ignorant as possible.

    Peter, you’re just eccentric enough to be an honorary Aussie. Geopolitics will do that to you, though.

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