Breaking: Gulen Movement Retaliates Against Sibel Edmonds For Exposing $50 Billion Criminal Network

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Show notes

Sibel Edmonds Live Stream



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  1. Amber Sayman says:

    I’m not getting any visual on this.. 🙁

  2. Polly Anglin says:

    Video not working??

  3. spiro skouras says:

    This is one of the few videos we embed from youtube vs our own system. It has been seen thousands of times, there should be no issues with viewing this. Plays fine for me.

  4. Sibel at 0m33s mentions having started to talk about Gulen somewhere around 2005-2006.

    Does anybody have a reference to her statements? The earliest mention of Gulen on the newsbud/bfp site seems to be the post by Mizgin Yilmaz at the bottom of this page:

    The earliest mention of the multibillion amount (25 in that case) that I’m aware of is an article from 2008-06-27, which claims to source it from the Chertoff vs Gulen court documents.[1]

    I don’t have a court document membership, so I couldn’t check it, but what I did see hanging around the internet were documents timestamped 2008-05-21, mentioning Fuller et al., which is consistent with the previous date. [2]

    That court case was filed 2007-05-25 [3]

    I’m curious to see the references that Sibel made in 2005-2006, are they still around?

  5. Silly to accuse Sibel of something so easily disproved. I assume they’re counting on people not reading beyond headlines. Out of touch.

  6. If you’re issuing death threats you’ve shown your true colours. Pathetic.

  7. Mark Ribbit says:

    Great work Sibel! Hope this will serve multiple purposes. Spreading the news about the Gulen Network. Spreading the word about Newsbud and increasing its membership.

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