Donald Trump, Salesman for the Merchants of Death

According to the establishment media, President Trump's whirlwind tour of Asia was about commerce, jobs, and fair play in trade. Instead, the primary focus was the sale of arms to South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. Both China and North Korea were used as a selling point. The White House National Security Council ran the sales pitch. In Japan, Trump said he expects Abe Shinzo’s government to buy, as he put it, massive amounts of armaments. He said pretty much the same while in South Korea and Vietnam. The sales will generate billions of dollars in profit for Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrup Grumman, Boeing, and other merchants of death. Trump’s cover story is that the large uptick in arms sales in Asia will reduce the cost of the US keeping soldiers in host countries and create jobs at home. For the merchants of death, escalating tension is good news for stockholders and CEOs, and bad news for Americans and Asians. President Trump has created a near perfect environment for an influx of weapons that will increase tension further and ultimately lead to war.

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Show Notes

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  1. Kingsley Roberts says:

    Good grief, anyone who thinks Trump will make America great again has another thing coming!!!

    Thank you Kurt for yet another brilliantly simple analysis of the current affairs in the world, these are truly dark and dangerous times.

  2. I believe Trump is of his time. If he could have done better, perhaps he’s paying the price for not standing up sooner. It is important to consider that there is an art to transitions from one point to another. By and large Americans cower today as opposed to standing for what is right. When they try, by and large it seems it’s out of pop granduer and self-benevoloence. Anger needs to be a motivator for us all to implement change in our sycophant rich society. I’m grateful for his efforts but it does sicken me to see weapons deals as the only card readily played to make strides away from our financial crisis. Praying AI will be the lifeboat for the meek.

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