Hollywood on the Brink: Sex Scandals, Lies, Money & Fear

There’s certainly no love lost here for shamed film producer Harvey Weinstein or his ilk, and there’s zero excuses for his behavior towards women, colleagues, staff and talent.  The recent spate of scandals coming out of Hollywood involving the past sexual assaults and offenses of both high and low-profile executives and creative talent are odd only in the sense of their volume, timing and seemingly coordinated effort.  Yet *where* was the weight of such a coordinated national effort – which apparently involves the mainstream media, law enforcement and even government – in years or decades past?  Why now?  Is it because these violators have been behaving badly at an unprecedented rate and the knowing public can’t take it anymore?  Or could it be because there are subtler political and economic reasons involving Hollywood’s abominable economic performance as of late, which presumably needs punishing by the ruling corporate Elite Establishment?  An Establishment which could veritably be indirectly exploiting populist causes – namely, women’s and children’s rights – to send firm messages to an industry to ‘up its numbers’?

In this latest episode of Money and Fear, we’ll look at the public lambasting of the Harveys of the world against Hollywood’s recent and near-historical box office angst, as well as the further digital challenges to film studio business models in general.  Tune in, and as Public Enemy proclaimed, “Don’t Believe the Hype” …

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Show Notes

US box office suffers worst weekend in 16 years as Hollywood's bleak summer continues

Even superheroes may not be able to save Hollywood’s desperate summer

Time to Panic: Inside the Movie Business’ Summer of Hell

What Caused Hollywood's Summer From Hell? The blame for the industry’s horrendous last few months lies with a decades-long shift in the economics of making movies

Summer Box Office Officially Worst in Over a Decade

Hollywood Is About to Post Its Worst Summer Box Office in Recent Memory

This is Hollywood’s worst summer at the box office in more than a decade

Harvey Weinstein Leaves His Company With A Mixed Box Office Legacy

Summer Box Office Suffers Historic Decline in U.S.

A Fox & Disney Merger Could Mean Bad Things For Netflix

Top Exhibitor AMC Reports Q3 Weakness Amid Studio Merger Talk

As China cools on Hollywood, the movie business looks closer to home for money

21st Century Fox Has Held Merger Talks With Disney—Reports

Media Business Binge-Watches Mega-Merger Drama, Wondering What’s Next

FCC Ends Rule Requiring Broadcasters to Have a Local Studio

Jeff Sessions ducks questions about White House influence on AT&T-Time Warner merger

What Hollywood Can Teach Us About the Future of Work

Discretionary spending to be hit hardest as households cut their spending - There are concerns about just how hard discretionary spending will be hit if there is a dip in the property market

Consumer spending growth slows as rising inflation hits Americans' purchasing power

‘Wolf Warrior II’s’ Massive Success Forces Studios to Rethink China Approach


Adventures In the Screen Trade by William Goldman

The CIA In Hollywood:  How the Agency Shapes Film and Television by Tricia Jenkins

Spooked:  How the CIA Manipulates the Media and Hoodwinks Hollywood by Nicholas Schou

The Debt Trap:  How leverage affects private equity performance by Sebastien Canderle

Private Equity at Work:  When Wall Street Manages Main Street by Appelbaum and Batt

*For additional footnotes and links refer to the Newsbud article link above

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  1. Jon L Curran says:


  2. Men going into showbiz to meet chicks – nothing new there. Hollywood is and has always been a red light district that turns a blind eye to gropers, swingers, druggies, bullies, rapists and pedophiles. Why the campaign now? Easy ‘news’ about celebrities. What wouldn’t the likes of CNN love about that? Sex sells, baby. So much fakery, Hollywood has zero credibility with the masses.

    The movie business has been dying since the corporate culture took hold of it. The MIIC has manged to poison this industry as well with their violence and propagana. Movies were meant to be escapism – but now most of them are more violent than even the War of Terror nightly news. Movies that aren’t violent, are too dumb for words.

    The MIIC can’t control us without destroying themselves. You would think they’d learn from history – but I guess that amount of stupidity comes with being soulless.

    • Mark Ribbit says:

      The MIIC has manged to poison this industry as well with their violence and propagana. Movies were meant to be escapism – but now most of them are more violent than even the War of Terror nightly news.

      Yes so true. I ponder each time another ‘terrorist’ or ‘lone gunman’ strikes why we are being delivered their
      sanitized version of the events. We have no trouble devouring the goriest films everyday at the movie
      theaters, yet to ‘protect’ us from possible trauma we are not permitted to view what we are told took place.

      Great work Pye.

  3. Mario Puzo, the author of Godfather, called Hollywood the Land of Empididae(family of flies); Puzo said Hollywood was very dark, after doing research for The Godfather.
    I deleted my Netflix, The White Helmets propaganda, the brainwashing, depicting men as psychopaths and most of those movies are superficial.
    Thanks Pye, I appreciate your work.

  4. Imran Esmail says:

    I remember reading an article in 2015 ” Pornography is what the end of the world looks like”. In it, it states that the income of the global porn industry is estimated at $96 billion, with the United States market worth about $13 billion. Just imagine… Hollywood doesn’t even come close.

    Pye Ian I look forward to your videos and posts every day. I find you are someone of immense insight. Thank you for all your work, and more than anything, thank you for introducing me to Rene Guenon and Traditional thought. You must show us your bookshelf !

    • Thank you kindly for your compliments, Imran, and for mentioning the insidious porn “industry”. Perhaps I’ll explore that environment for a future program…

  5. W3WantAnswers says:

    Nice. “Tragedy and Hope” clearly visible on the bookshelf. “The Anglo-American Establishment” is also a great read – and perhaps even more revelatory. -All his bools are good. I’ve read 4 already. You can find the rest in pdf form on CarollQuigley.net http://www.carrollquigley.net/books.htm

  6. victor friese says:

    Um, can the people controlling this industry be this stupid? I mean, that’s hard to believe. This would mean that these people are at war with the same people who are destroying the incomes of just about everyone. Which seems odd as I thought they were all on the same level. And how exactly is pushing a huge scandal supposed to fix that? By threatening them? It just does not work for me. They can’t be this dumb. I mean… … … these people would have to be awfully low level.

    i think it is more likely a distraction. Groping is a far cry from raping boys and shooting them in the head and using their corpses as props in blackmail vids and pictures per the stuff I have seen on the franklin scandal. Maybe it is more of a limited hangout, to make the public feel like something is done in order to hide something much darker. This is what I hate about theorizing. It gets so annoying to not know WHY things are happening.

  7. CuChulainn says:

    Repressive political agenda of the “sexual harassment” campaign comes into the open
    By David Walsh
    28 November 2017

  8. Mr. Ian … An extra thanks to you for the Hollywood financial failure info. As I was personally used as a mind slave for writing movies and TV series, I’ve worked on plans to do something about it, to secure the media. From what you say, it looks easier than I thought, at this time, ripe for the taking, actually. …. Everyone needs to learn about the people involved, to understand what’s happening. The jews, as is their way, have slowly inserted themselves into Hollywood from the beginning, and sought to cut out real Americans. In so doing, they have cut away the floor under themselves. They are too stupid, and literally insane, to be able to make something mainstream. I’ve noticed, for several years, the progressively insane commercials, TV series, and movies. They live in a mental dream world, out of touch with rational reality. They are extremist, manic, and can’t produce anything fit for the public. They have made a fatal mistake, thinking they can “do” the mainstream. They can’t, because they aren’t in the mainstream. … Thank you again, Mr. Ian, for showing me that they are doomed by their own hand.

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