Reza Zarrab: The Upside-Down Deal in the Iran Sanction-Busting Scandal!

Turkish gold trader Reza Zarrab, who is also involved in Special Counsel Mueller's investigation, has been released from federal prison and given immunity, and will be the star witness at a trial over a scheme to evade U.S. sanctions against Iran. Federal prosecutors in New York will have Zarrab on the stand on Wednesday to testify against his former co-defendant, Turkish bank executive Mehmet Atilla.

In this episode of Probable Cause Sibel Edmonds presents two main factors driving the direction of the Zarrab case- both of which are absent from the agenda-driven mainstream and pseudo-alternative media outlets. Edmonds discusses Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s role and targets in the case, and delves into the backward deal- aka an upside-down deal, the US prosecutors have given Zarrab-the Kingpin, in the Gold-for-Gas case, in return for his testimony against the low-level accomplices.

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  1. April Sanchez says:

    So… Legal maneuvers that are twisted sort of like the case of the guy who lied and said he killed Jon Binnet Ramsey when he hadn’t just to get back into the US and he gets off Scott free with other things… In this case, the kingpin gets the political opponent through immunity in Federal Court to point the finger of blame? Give the devil his due, this is twisted…

  2. spiro skouras says:

    This is such a huge case! Stay tuned as Newsbud and Sibel Edmonds will continue to be ahead of the curve on this story.

  3. Mark Ribbit says:

    Fascinating stuff Sibel, great job!
    Mueller is/has been lying and Flynn just plead guilty to lying to FBI.
    And Zarrab obviously lied for his plea deal.
    Does anybody tell the truth anymore? 🙂

  4. It’s obvious they’re bringing charges in exchange for ‘testimony’.

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