Trump Climbs aboard the China Lobby’s Hellbound Train

Great news for March of Folly fans!  Donald J. Trump has made his peace with the Beltway Asianist establishment so the China Containment Reign of Error can resume!  Bad news for the rest of us, though.

Expect plenty of chaos as the US struggles to come to terms with China’s rise and America’s relative decline…and look to China Watch for tips on how to try to avoid the collateral damage.  You need China Watch…Now More Than Ever.

This week on China Watch, the Washington think tank gang is back in the China tent and back at the government trough!  Meanwhile, Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party get down to business after the 19th Party Congress.  In an exclusive Newsbud catch, it’s the embarrassment of fake news for China hawk darling Randy Schriver!  And a special report on Bollywood and bigotry and the biggest movie of the year: Padmavati!

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Show notes

Interview with Li Hongzhi

Dislocated Migrant Workers Left in Cold and Confusion in Beijing

Beijing Police Detain Two Suspects in Alleged Preschool Child Abuse Case

China is pumping a lot of cash into its economy to calm investors

Syria courts China for rebuilding push after fall of Islamic State strongholds

Why China’s Three-Step Approach Won’t Be Enough to Solve the Rohingya Crisis

Is Narendra Modi the Leader of the World’s Largest Democracy…Or the World’s Most Successful Fascist?

Beheading, burning: the many threats against Bhansali, Padukone for Padmavati movie

Official Padmavati Trailer

What Padmavati gets wrong about Alauddin Khilji

Armitage’s Leak

President Donald J. Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Personnel to Key Administration Posts

Strategic Standoff: The U.S.-China Rivalry and Taiwan

General MacArthur’s Conspiracy to Start a War with China! New Documentary Release & Interview! For purchase at Newsbud Store or for Purchase or View via Amazon or Vimeo

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  1. I guess churning out think tank reports beats working for a living. I love how every solution to the problem is ‘buy more bombs and killing things’.

    Projection is a polite term for the barking mad lack of self awareness by China/Russia/insert today’s enemy here, hawks.

    Maybe the idea is to tank US currency so everyone can be herded towards the saviour of a cashless society.’ E-Money will keep you safe (and thwart those nasty Chinese).’

    Peer, invoking the Homer – always a good idea.

  2. My kingdom for an edit function.

    Peter, invoking the Homer – always a good idea.

  3. Ulf Wärmlöv says:

    Hi Peter,
    I just want to express how much joy it is to watch your show every week – something I do normally as soon as it is available and (and of course I have bought your documentary – really fascinating and with parallels to today’s situation that make me uncomfortable)!
    Thank you and take care!

  4. Randy the schoolboy!

  5. Thanks Mr Lee.
    Yeah, rely on Homer to tell us what’s in store.
    He’s been right before, who would have thought…

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