The Plot To Impeach Donald Trump Heats Up!

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  1. Ohanapecosh says:

    I’ve donated and I’m sold on NB & logged in, Must I listen to Spiro’s NewsBud sales pitch every time I listen to specific stories?

    • Tracy Klatke-Anctil says:

      Oh! I was just thinking the same thing. That was one of the reasons I unsubscribed originally, that and the contents dont seem to run over 16 minutes. I purchased a yearly subscription this time. Am I NOT in the RIGHT area? This is a problem across independent media. When you do pay why do you have to be badgered to pay from then on?

  2. Tim Janssen says:

    The Plot To Impeach Donald Trump Heats Up! ……This the title of the link but there is no discussion of that topic. All we have here is a sales pitch. I am not happy.

  3. catherine ladd says:

    Where’s the plot? I thought I was a member.

  4. RedPill4Me says:

    This is an overview of what’s new in the Newsbud lineup with all of the highlights and info about the Vimeo on demand options for those who want to try before they buy a membership. This is usually uploaded to places like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the like to get the word out. It’s the most efficient & least expensive way to get the new information to nonmembers each week. I think it’s also a fantastic way for members to see what you may want to watch first. I’d also love to see Newsbud T-shirts!

    • spiro skouras says:

      Thank you RedPill4Me,
      I couldn’t have said it better myself. We at Newsbud have been covering multiple angles in multiple videos the plot to impeach Trump as covered in this video along with everything else Newsbud has produced in the last week.

  5. victor friese says:

    I hope they do impeach the stupid orange turd. Then I hope they impeach all the crap that comes after him too. Then they can throw the whole FBI and all the rest in prison for all I care. What does it even matter if they impeach him? The succession of sociopathic trash will continue.

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