Nuked at Nine

On March 22nd 1962 in Washington DC officials worked out details for an attack on the Soviet Union. The Special Group Augmented included Attorney General Robert Kennedy, the director the CIA, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. According to documents included in the recently released JFK Papers, Robert Kennedy or the CIA’s John McCone asked if it would be possible to manufacture Soviet aircraft. They wanted the aircraft for a false flag. This effort dovetailed with more than a decade of propaganda warning the American people the Soviets planned to nuke the United States at any moment. The Soviet Union’s sputnik satellite resulted in the Missile Gap lie. The media in the US propagandized the public with this lie. The Russian election meddling false flag is only the latest example. There’s a pile of evidence disputing the theory as a ludicrous fraud, and yet millions of Americans believe the Russians are after us—just like previous generations did in the 1950s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. Our new war chief is taking the murder machine to the next level, killing hundreds in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He’s sending soldiers into Africa to chase down terrorists created by intelligence agencies. The national security state and its token figurehead president are pushing the envelope on total war.

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Show Notes

The Central Intelligence Agency: An Encyclopedia of Covert Ops, Intelligence Gathering, and Spies

JFK Files: US Contemplated Fake Soviet Attack To Provoke War

The CIA and the Media

Operation Northwoods

CIA Considered Bombing Miami and Killing Refugees to Blame Castro

Lee Harvey Oswald's killer Jack Ruby told FBI informant to 'watch the fireworks' hours before JFK's assasination

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  1. David Creighton says:

    I don’t have time to watch as at work right now, but RFK being in on a plan to start WW III with nukes just doesn’t make sense. It is true that JFK being so against a nuclear confrontation & fighting people like Dulles & LeMay and the MIC is more than likely what got him killed. We know that Oswald was a CIA asset at the very least.

    If RFK wanted nuclear war all he had to do is not talk to Dobrynin and allow JFK & Kruschev to talk to each other.

    It is obvious that the MIC / CIA was pushing for nuclear war. They certainly did not want JFK stopping the Vietnam war (they thought he was a traitor for caving to Commies). I’m just saying why would RFK be for it?

    • Kurt Nimmo says:

      I’m not convinced he was for it, although he was if we can believe the documents, at this meeting. It may have been McCone, there is ambiguity about who made the proposal. My point is that the government has on numerous occasions discussed false flags.

      • David E Burden says:

        Kurt and David,
        I believe I might be able to provide what at least MAY be a plausible answer.
        At the start of JFK’s administration, he was working with the MIC. It was after the Cuban Missile Crisis when John Kennedy had a change of heart. The Cuban thing scared the crap out of him. He realized that nukes had the potential to destroy the entire planet’s population, and leave a wasteland in the wake.
        It was then that he began having secret talks with Nikita Khrushchev, and learned that Khrushchev was of the same mindset. He was also secretly talking with Castro. Add in the fact that he was livid about Dulles and company out & out lying to him, and you start to unravel the mystery of his turn toward World Peace. His love of children, his understanding that they are the only hope of a future, figured largely in his decision making thereafter.
        So, even though, like you David, I have not yet watched the video, (I always read the comments first), and not knowing the date of the paperwork, (assuming it’s valid, which is questionable), I can see where it would have been completely in line with JFK’s policy, if it was before the Cuban Missile Crisis.
        Who knows, I might find that I’m totally off base once I watch the video, but I have studied this off and on for decades, so I like to think I understand quite a bit about it. I have 3 more videos to watch today, which are over an hour in length each, but I’ll try to comment again once I knock this one out. By the way, I do appreciate the fact that you are well skilled at getting your point across, WITHOUT having to make your videos hours long every time Kurt.
        I do enjoy and appreciate your work, Also, I find that we are very similar in our choice of research projects. You even teach me things I didn’t already know, and that doesn’t happen often when it comes to this kind of thing.

        • David E Burden says:

          Well there ya go. I jumped the gun. The case in point was after the Cuban Missile Crisis. This leads me to think that the “Augmentation”, the addition of RFK to the panel, was likely JFK inserting his trusted adviser and confidant into what he saw as a potential think tank for global war. Bobby would have played along in that case, in order to alleviate the suspicions of the group. I’ve been involved in this kind of undercover work many times myself. {Back when I still had my “Cop Habit), so to me, it’s entirely plausible.
          The rest of what I typed still stands though, JFK did have a change of heart after the Cuban Missile Crisis, and was working with Khrushchev behind the scenes toward world peace. The CIA was well aware of this fact, and I have no doubt that it was a factor in the decision to eliminate him, and replace him with Johnson, a man who had previously had his own sister killed.
          After watching, I do now seem to have read something on this, but it has been some years ago. So now I have some re-reading to do in order to sort this out. You got be curious Kurt. that’s a good thing. I’ll let you know if I find anything noteworthy.
          Thanks for all you do.
          AKA: David

          • David Creighton says:

            Yeah I would say that was a good piece & I agree with pretty much all of it. It turns out the RFK thing really wasn’t that big of a part of it. i am reading JFK and the Unspeakable by James Douglass right now so that just stuck out for me. There were cases where the Kennedies were going along with the MIC as sort of a you have to give a dog a bone thing, plus at the time Vietnam wasn’t unpopular and giving up to the evil Commies was a losing election strategy.

            The only thing I would say is towards the end about Trump. I do not agree with the arms deals & the push to war in general. I’m just not sure that Trump himself is the cause of it. It may be another sort of give the dog a bone thing or maybe he simply feels he has no choice. It is very unfortunate that the MSM (cough CIA) has chosen to revive the tensions with Russia. One of the reasons I voted for Trump is that I thought we could stop being adversarial with them. Of course, the MSM has made it nearly impossible for Trump to pursue outward relations with Russia. I do think Putin would be open to it if we can find a way through.

  2. Mark Ribbit says:

    Excellent piece once again Kurt.

    Against the backdrop of the WTC towers burning on 9/11 you stated:
    “The government is a psychopathic serial killer.
    It’ll kill its own citizens to accomplish political objectives.
    It kills millions of non-citizens as a matter of course. It supports terror groups…
    It’s threatened to use nukes on various occasions..”

    Given that the title of your piece is ‘Nuked at Nine’ and given what you stated above against the 9//1 backdrop
    I am compelled to inform all here what I have learned fairly recently.

    Some will know this already. Probably most won’t.
    9/11 was a nuclear event! Not only was it an inside job, but the explosives used to kill 2900+ citizens and
    bring down the towers were mini-nukes.

    I had most of the 9/11 puzzle figured out years ago but the mini-nukes element escaped me
    until a short time ago. I had heard about the idea years ago but never gave it much thought
    or research as it it didn’t seem to make much sense at the time.

    I have now put in the time to study this and it all fits like a glove now. If the American public learned
    that a false flag attack was carried out on 9/11 and it included the use of mini-nukes in New York there
    would be a revolution.

  3. Kurt Nimmo says:

    David, the agenda remains the same, despite the celebrity-executive. It was naive last year to believe Trump would actually change ANYTHING in a significant or even minimal way. It’s all pretty much a charade, that is “democracy” and the election process, and the Deep State is deeply in control. Not absolutely in totalitarian format, but rather in a “friendly fascist” format that provides the illusion of true democracy. Of course, the “friendly fascist” window dressing is coming down by the inch and, provided the correct pretext (or manufactured event), full-blown totalitarian rule may impose a clampdown at any moment. For me, Trump and the New Right represent yet another scheme to sidetrack us, as many Americans were sidetracked away from real issues of war and economy by the manufactured class-identity scheme that got Obama elected. No matter the president, the financial class comes out on top.

    • Too right.
      Trump was the Trojan Horse, Trojan Trump, put in – on purpose – alongside Criminal Clinton.
      His campaign was nothing but Obama’s “Campaign of Change” on steroids, and using the on-line media to promote it.
      And now as an added bonus they’re using his (s)election to attack and silence the true Alt Media.
      Killing two birds with one stone.
      And the voters fell for it, again.
      When will they learn.

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