Sellout in Oz: Local Collaborators Betray Australia to Team Trump and the Deep State

This week on China Watch: Rocket Man! Big Rocket Man!  A big launch by North Korea elicits big posturing but no solutions from US pundits concerning North Korea’s nuclear weapons capabilities.  Nobody asks what Kim Jong Un wants…except China Watch.  I’ll tell you in this week’s episode.  Spoiler: The answer is a peace treaty plus a number with zeros…lots and lots of zeros.

And a special report: While you weren’t watching, the US national security state executed a takeover of Australia, with a lot of help from its local collaborators in the Australian security service and stenography assets at Fairfax Media and Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Being pro-PRC is hazardous to your career and maybe even your freedom, thanks to a smear machine of leaks, media steno, and political hatchet-work, and a pretty scary new law coming down the pipe in Australia.  Sucks to be you Straya, but soon it will suck to be America.  The “China influence” witch hunt show is wowing audiences and nailing victims during its out of town tryout in Australia, so get ready for the premiere in the United States.  China Watch takes you behind the scenes at the Sellout in Oz!

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Show notes

Shame in San Francisco: America’s Betrayal of Korea A Newsbud exclusive video by Peter Lee on the sham of the San Francisco Peace Treaty with Japan and the injustice and anger driving North Asian diplomacy to this day

Sam Dastyari defended China’s policy in South China Sea in defiance of Labor policy, secret recording reveals

Turnbull government to unveil crackdown on foreign spies, lobbyists, donations this week

Labor Senator Sam Dastyari warned wealthy Chinese donor Huang Xiangmo his phone was bugged

‘Let us know next time’: how the world’s most powerful man slammed Australia over Darwin port sale

Outgoing US ambassador John Berry warns of undemocratic meddling, backs compulsory voting

Harry Harris in line to be US ambassador to Australia

General MacArthur’s Conspiracy to Start a War with China! New Documentary Release & Interview! For purchase at Newsbud Store or for Purchase or View via Amazon or Vimeo

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  1. Peter, Australia has been doing the US’s bidding for decades. Steady as she goes on that policy regardless of the govt of the day.

    Govt was asked why the Aust. Fed Police is not investigating how this info was leaked to the press. Response so far: *crickets*.

    Apparently the AFP only gets involved when leaks expose govt. wrong doing. Curious to know how they heard his conversation with Mo. They stepped outside and left the phones indoors – so what device was used to record them???

    Dastyari is obviously a useful patsy to hype the China threat meme. He’s from the Left side of politics and has trouble knowing when not to big note himself.

    I think if China is really a big threat then we should say no thank you to their billions of dollars of Aussie exports, and put our money where our mouth is. I mean, aren’t we effectively offering support to a scary regime? Buying things from them? Supplying them iron ore, out of which they fashion their military.

    Meanwhile, we can assume undue influence by rich Australias is more than okay and not in anyway damaging to our facade of a democracy. Yes, it’s obvious the bootprints of the US are all over ASIO. Again, nothing new.

    Clearly, these paranoid warmongers have no idea how idiotic they sound.

    PS. US hasn’t won a war in Asia since WWII. Remember how they ‘won’ that one?

    I just love how adults parade the planet belching bellicose hysterical rhetoric about nukes, while never mentioning their own use of them, twice, on actual people and pledging to spend a trillion dollars on upgrading their bloated arsenal of No Tomorrow. An arsenal which they have threatened to use. An illegal act by international law. Worse still, the rest of the planet says *crickets* to the obscene hyprocrisy.

    What is it about politics that turns people into demented children who can’t function without an enemy?

    Thanks for covering the Dastyari stitch-up. 🙂

  2. Thanks Peter, great stuff. Never lose that great sense of humour and your style of presentation, love it.
    I think you pretty much said it at the beginning, in more or less plain terms.
    What is the real purpose of North Korea when it comes to the (Western) Military/Industrial/Surveillance/Financial/Intelligence/Technocracy (MISFIT) complex?
    Well, a convenient “enemy” that throws its toys (or in this case, a big, a very big, rocket) out of the pram whenever required. It’s a feeder of the aforementioned MISFIT.
    And Mr Rocket Man Kim Jong Un is playing along just nicely, thank you very much. Right on cue, as desired.
    I bet Mr Un’s picture-of-glee was taken by a MISFIT photographer.

    It’s the whole reason for the existence of the two Korea’s, it’s the perfect Strategy of Tension.
    All with the ultimate goal of course of “containing” and then “rolling back” of the China + Russia regional powers.

  3. Mr Lee, here’s a question for you, if you don’t mind.
    Was the death of Kim Jong Il – let’s say – not entirely natural?
    You seem to suggest as much in this episode.
    Also the timing of it seems just too convenient.
    Was it Regime Change in the Hugo Chavez mould?
    Kim Jong Un seems just too much of a scripted puppet. The whole thing a MISFIT covert operation (peace is the last thing they want…).
    Also, who knows what dirt they have on him during his stay in Switzerland…
    Hence he is now playing along so nicely with his Western handlers.

  4. William Field says:

    Just great, Cheers Peter…& of course along with these laws, as with others, comes “TOTAL Selective prosecution”…..I am an Australian here & sadly I suspect it’s even worse!!!… our PM is Ex Goldman Sachs I believe…..& our foreign policy is TOTALLY bi-partisan at the moment …and I suspect it is ALL made in Henry Kissinger’s apartment NYC USA!..or there abouts!….(I think it’s fair to say we are “Family” with US/UK & probably always will be but our Politicians don’t oppose any damn fool US policy! )…It could come from being a financially & Militarily “dependent vassal State”..but I doesn’t it come from that …it comes from gross STUPIDITY ..& crooked Media…(Same as in US) Ha!… ! Keep up the great work! We ARE winning! They can’t keep trying to hoodwink everyone forever in this day & age!….

  5. Richard Holmes says:

    As much as I do not trust the nefarious IMC (Industrial Military Complex) and its cronys, I surely do not trust the PRC either. Should I?
    Western governments have long sold out their own electorate. Australia needs to find politicians that are not sold out to either of these two crime organizations.

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