Breaking: Sibel Edmonds Will Be in Texas to Take on the Terrorist Gulen Network!!!

Join Newsbud’s founder Sibel Edmonds as she announces she will be in Austin, Texas with members of the Newsbud team to take on the Gulen network and their pocketed politicians on Tuesday December 12th.

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  1. catherine ladd says:

    Go Sibel! Please be careful though.

  2. Thomas Skorich says:

    You know the powers that be want you in a body bag. Once again I will keep you in my prayers and will watch to see what insanity the “machine” puts in your way to obstruct your appearing.

  3. Information is power which is why so much effort goes into keeping the people uninformed.

    Good luck, team, the parents definitely have the right to know who is educating their children.

    I notice an Australian academic, David Tittensor, has written a whole book on the peaceful ‘third way’ of Gulen teachings. Maybe he would also find your articles informative.

  4. John Phillips says:

    Hi Sibel
    I would like to help beyond sending a check. I live in NM and there is a Gulen school in Albuquerque. I would like to do the same thing you are doing in Austin at this school in Albuquerque.

    Respectfully, sport jacket and tie, providing the fliers you have developed.

    I’m tempted to fly down to Austin. I have my own plane and having been looking to that area to fly.

    And yes…..BBQ!

    Please get back to me. I know I sound pretty out there at times, but action in the manner you are proposing is very important.

    Maybe members can do what you are doing but in different cities where these schools are.

  5. As for Europe, an article on Gulen in this country:
    ‘The Netherlands and the Gülen movement’ by Martin van Bruinessen. Available for free on

    • steven hobbs says:

      Hi Jan,
      Thank you for the reference.

      Bruinessen well details fluid socio/political complexity of flux in urban Duch environment with immigrants without means and residents with means. Not positioned to consider suspiciously sophisticated interlopers promising ‘education’ schools gained government money and market share. Perhaps some were mafia educators with lots of money to gain fealty. Humm? A rich field of possible patsies, wage slaves without critical thinking or historical knowledge.

      I’d rather soiree than sohbet today.


      • steven hobbs says:

        Bruinessen reminds of some here who claim Christ, “‘to please God’ ( Allah rızası için). This attitude is reminiscent of the ‘innerweltliche Askese’, which Weber perceived in Calvinism and considered highly compatible with the spirit of capitalism. Like Weber’s Calvinists, moreover, Gülen’s followers appear to consider success in their worldly enterprises as an indication of God’s pleasure.”

  6. Joseph Harrington says:

    Can you upload a pdf of the pamphlet and factual info you are going to be using in Texas?

  7. Mark Ribbit says:

    This is very exciting news Sibel and Newsbud team!
    I wish you success in the events and look forward to seeing/hearing
    how it is received and its results.

  8. Sibel / Spiro,
    I don’t think the main source of funding for the Gulen terrorist network comes from the tax payer.
    It comes from CIA criminal activity such as drug money (the opioid crisis is a direct result of this), weapon smuggling, people smuggling.
    Tax payer money would be minuscule in comparison.

  9. April Sanchez says:

    Using our children as a front is despicable… It’s so maddening that parents do not know that they’re participating, even if unwittingly, in ruining their own country and killing others’ children in the process… I’ve given and spread the word… I have faith in your capable hands…

  10. spiro skouras says:
  11. Edward Rutland says:

    Do like George Webb and YouTube live

  12. Jeff Martin says:

    To Sibel and crew. This weekend there was a memorial for a young woman murdered by a 6-time illegal alien deportee. A reporter from Info Wars was dispatched to cover the memorial. He was confronted and blocked from attending/covering the memorial. ANTIFA was there brandishing weapons and firearms, blocking the reporter’s way to the memorial. He was beaten by ANTIFA. These cowards hide behind the 2nd Amendment, cover their faces, and fly Communist red flags. This is a warning what to expect in Austin, Texas, an extreme Leftist, Communist town where the police do nothing. You must have your own security force. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR OWN SECURITY FORCE. The cops will not protect you. Several weeks ago ANTIFA had a march and the cops protected THEM, from us.

    You can’t converse with these people, they don’t speak. Only hide behind their masks and bump chests with you to provoke you. If that doesn’t work, then sticks and pepper spray in your face. When you get them to say something, it’s screaming and unintelligible. Ear pieces were observed in their ears. (What’s up with that?)

    You’re dealing with Demons here. Proceed with Extreme Caution!

  13. steven hobbs says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Wow, some heartfelt statements which I totally appreciate.

    Just wondering. When was the last time you met a communist or an anti-fascist? Do you not how those two may distinct from an anarchist or a socialist? Have you ever been to your local city meeting, your county council, or your state assembly?

    Please before yous state opinions as facts check your fact bag.


  14. Hi Sibel — what’s your latest feeling on the journalist Joe Lauria? He did an important, worthwhile, and sympathetic piece on your case a few years back but as far as Gulen goes, Mr Lauria is fairly vocal about defending him and his network as a legit, positive force. Obviously you’ll disagree with him on that but any insight as to why he might take that angle, is it something you’ve discussed with him? He seems so right on about most issues I’m just puzzled why he takes such a strong pro-Gulen line. I guess I’d just be interested in your experience with him. Thanks for all your continuing good work!

    • Mark Ribbit says:

      He’s a journalist? Everybody has a price.

      • Was hoping to get beyond glib dismissal here. He’s not just any journalist, he’s one of a small handful of independent, critical thinkers who is not generally found buying into anybody’s bullshit. Look him up, he has a very respectable record it seems to me. Lately he’s been one of the few voices in the wilderness detailing the flimsiness of the Russiagate hysteria. Nobody’s perfect but he’s no sellout. According to him, he started out viewing Gulen skeptically and investigated, interviewed the guy, interviewed hundreds of his followers, specifically looking for dirt. Came away feeling like they were above board.

        He seems to dismiss the fact Gulen is considered a terrorist in Turkey by calling that a political move by a tyrannical Erdogan. I asked him about the fact that Homeland Security and the DOJ were against issuing him a visa, but that he got it anyway with the support of at least two long-term CIA guys, Graham Fuller being one and I forget the other guy’s name. Isn’t that strange, I asked him. No response. Unsatisfying but I still maintain a level of respect for the guy. So I’m curious if Sibel has more background on him vis-a-vis Gulen.

        I mean yeah, one possibility is always that like a lot of people he’s at the radical fringe of acceptable dissent but draws the line on one side of intelligence shenanigans for whatever reason. As always, I try to get the fullest possible understanding of everybody’s argument and biases before feeling confident that I grasp what’s going on.

        • spiro skouras says:

          Hi, I’m sure Sibel will be commenting on this soon but it is my understanding that he was wined and dined by the Gulen Network while he was with BFP and was turned to the dark side. After all he used to work for WSJ anyway. Stay tuned for more from Sibel on this soon as we travel back from Texas. Thank you all for your support!

  15. Karen Edmondson says:

    Thank you Sibel and co for modelling what and how resistance and struggle for change is done. Very courageous. Safe travels.

  16. April Sanchez says:

    A fellow activist is ordering the “Killing Ed” documentary for a public viewing and we would like to know if anyone has an updated list of donations since 2012 as we see our Senator, Martin Heinrich, took multiple donations…

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