Special Announcement: One of The World’s Top Geopolitical Experts Joins Newsbud

Join Newsbud's Sibel Edmonds and Spiro Skouras as they proudly announce the newest edition to the Newsbud team.

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  1. Michael Rich says:

    What a terrific addition, congratulations Newsbud and Mr. Engdahl!

  2. Amber Sayman says:

    Wow!! I am so happy I could cry. I can’t wait to see his contributions. This is SO COOL!!

  3. John Phillips says:

    Most excellent!

  4. Looking forward Mr Engdahl’s’ contributions. When we see what Newsbud can do on a shoestring – makes you wonder what the MSM spends their many millions on. Especially as most of their stories are reconstituted press releases.

  5. ferus o'toole says:

    I’m so proud of you guy’s and Amber i did cry.

  6. Welcome Mr. F. William Engdahl!
    I’ve followed your website for years, so great to see you join the awesome Newsbud team.

  7. Mark Ribbit says:

    Mr. Engdahl is top notch. This is really exciting! Congrats!
    Newsbud is my number one source for serious, comprehensive geo-political news and analysis.

  8. You might suggest subscriptions as Christmas presents. That is something I am thinking about. I hope I can do that in somebody else’s name.

  9. William Field says:

    How fantastic….Bravo Newsbud…What a sensational bunch of people you ALL are!….The Neswbud stable are ALL THE GREATEST… LOVE Kurt & John & The Prof and Spiro & ALL of you!!!!…All supporters please do keep supporting & promoting Newsbud too! Cheers.

  10. Jan Kolenc says:


    Welcome mr.Engdahl

  11. Wasif Bhatti says:

    He is an awesome addition to the newsbud team. A great journalist and a great person indeed.

  12. Always nice to hear that interesting people are joining your team. BTW, I’d love to see more roundtable discussions between the different Newsbud contributors. The last one seems to be from September.

  13. David E Burden says:

    Welcome Mr. Engdahl.
    This place just keeps getting better.

  14. Jeff Martin says:

    Welcome Mr. Engdahl! I have been following your writings for years. Even more is better. Thanks Newsbud.

  15. What a magnificent addition to Newsbud ! I own and have read “Seeds of Destruction” and “Myths, Lies, and Oil Wars” by F. William Engdahl and I am really looking forward to his work with Newsbud. I first discovered him on Global Research and his book “Seeds of Destruction” got my attention. Thank you Sibel for bringing him to us. –Bob Bowen, Los Lunas, New Mexico

  16. Cecelia tiemann says:

    When I heard Mr. Engdahl was joining Newsbud, I had to subscribe! I highly respect his work. Newsbud is providing an amazing service and I don’t mind spreading the word.

  17. Guy St Hilaire says:

    Excellent addition to the team.Best regards .

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