De-Dollarization: China and Russia Lay Ground for Alternative to Dollar System

William Engdahl explains how the China Belt Road project is far more than steel and ports. Together with Russia, China is carefully laying the ground-work to create a gold-based payment system that will avoid the dollar. Engdahl explains how the issue by the Russian government of $1 billion state bonds in Chinese Yuan fits into that grand design to give an alternative to a bankrupt Dollar System that’s choking the world economy. Plus, Engdahl explains the groundbreaking summit with 16 central and eastern European states and China, blacked out by the media as Eastern Europe turns to China Silk Road - exclusively for Newsbud community members.

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Show Notes

Eastern Europe joins Silk Road

Russia Plans First-Ever Sale Of Yuan Bonds

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  1. Kingsley Roberts says:

    Welcome to Newsbud FWE, you’re another fine addition to a great group of people seeking to tell the stories MSM do not want us to know.

  2. Max Havelaar says:

    The colonial-minded West does NATO holocausts in ME and austerity for the middleclas. The East invests in its future.

  3. Rich Ogden says:

    Does anyone have any links or references specifically detailing the Gulen connection in the Xianjang-Thailand-Turkey “refugee” program? I just read a few Peter Lee articles from ’15 detailing the passport fraud but haven’t had any luck finding anything specifically detailing the Gulen connection

  4. Ulf Wärmlöv says:

    Welcome William!
    Great information!
    I am so happy to have found Newsbud and I also happy that you are going to a regular here!

  5. John Miranda says:

    That was perhaps the clearest, most succint, and comprehensive analysis I’ve heard to date. Amazingly well done in my opinion.

    The Western World is under the control of the Swiss Central Banksters who both literally and figuratively want to own and economically enslave the world. They are the Rothschilds, and ancillary hidden central banks of Europe.

    As Meyer Amschel Rothschild said, “Give me control of a nation’s money supply (currency as managed by the Federal Reserve) and I care not who makes the laws.” It is right there under our noses, plain as day: the Rothschild banksters have as rheir mission the objective to control the lives of everyone on the planet through their fictional fractional debt-based ultimate Ponzi scheme that is the law of the land.

    Why is Russia being accused of everything nefarious? Because of the explanation you so articulately provided. No control of the money supply means no control of the Russians and the Chinese.

    They are creating a more cost-effective Empire than NATO because they are not investing in death primarily through military means. They will therefore ultimately eclipse the modern day Nazis who run the West.

    That said, this video should be shown in every political science and economics class in the US on Day 1 in our colleges and universities.

    Here in the US we have been living in the Corporate Fascist Fourth Reich of the New World Order since 1/20/17. Obviously the modern day corporate Nazis who run the West are tightening the screws on the people. As Fred Koch says, “I want my share, ALL of it.” This is simply unbridled greed and lust for power to control the lives of others.

    The West will collapse under its own military weight, like Rome. But, “it ain’t going to be pretty,” as the East goes around this sinking ship that is getting ever closer to becoming a full-fledged police state.

    Thank you.

    • Andreas Hedqvist says:

      Well stated John. Don’t forget that governments cannot exist (at least long term) if they act against their people. If there is any empire that has the chance to reform itself without first imploding onto itself it is the United States. I firmly believe that all it takes is for the US citizens to wake up and understand what is going on and things can be turned around rather quickly. The famous so called normalcy bias is the biggest obstacle but as the situation worsens clear thinking individuals as Mr.Engdahl will be heard. The future is what we make of it with an emphasis on ‘we’ so we need to grow and spread the message of positive change.

  6. Wasif Bhatti says:

    An excellent report sir. One can never find this stuff in the msm.

  7. Andreas Hedqvist says:

    Tack William för en fantastisk rapport.

    I am delighted that you have joined the Newsbud team and look forward to learning more from your excellent reporting and writing. What we are witnessing right now is a monumental shift in geopolitics away from the Anglo-American centered old model and towards a China-Asian one. As a European (I’m from Sweden) I cannot help but feel a little sad about the apparent ignorance and lack of understanding by western governments that risks leaving us all behind in this clearly positive development. It really is a no brainer that the Bridge and Road Initiative taking shape allows enormous economic and resource benefits for all who wish to participate and can as you point out help raise the entire world’s economic outlook. As often pointed out by the LaRouche discussion groups this is the path to true economic prosperity and growth and it makes no sense why anyone would want to obstruct and sabotage this and not participate. I often get the impression that the old western guard and power structure have not only lost their moral compass but have taken on an almost anti-human mindset set on destruction, chaos and despair. Thank you for helping people wake up to see this insanity so we can stop and reverse it in time.

  8. Theodore Koerner says:

    Another superb elucidation of the present Anglo-American financial evil that is destroying the world. How can I as an investor buy these new Yuan-backed Russian state bonds, as both a good investment and an act of morality?

  9. Wow! What a fantastic report and new addition to the Newsbud team. F. Will Engdahl brings yet another level of depth which, in this case, ties together the threads from China Watch and Russian Newspapers Monitor in a comprehensive manner which dramatically increased my understanding of the interplay and paradigm shift towards a Eurasian centered geopolitical economic order after just two editions. Particularly this one on these subjects.

    While I embrace the overall notion that the rise of a formidable challenge to the Anglo-American hegemonic financial world order, it’s not without reservation about the prospect of falling victim to the mindset which leads us to gravitate towards the more benevolent lesser of two evils, overlooking the underlying truth that no ruling class can truly be trusted to serve the people even remotely altruistically. At times that seems to be lost, or at least not considered with sufficient scrutiny, even here, yet I appreciate the kind of frank analysis of the full geopolitical chessboard outside of the distorted lens the mainstream media and even the pseudo-alternative and alternative outlets who attempt to challenge the mainstream narrative but still fail to escape the propaganda which casts opponents of the overall Anglo-American centric as two dimensional villains.

    That said, I hold out similar optimism as expressed by Engdahl that the emerging, largely Chinese led, infrastructure expansion which, in contrast to the largely US led model, appears to rely more on the carrot than the stick. Perhaps both are forms of coercion by design, but any arrangement that strays from the standards of economic warfare, backed by military might has to be seen in my eyes, at the very least, as a welcome change.

  10. This was such an awesome explanation. Loving your reports, thank you Mr. Engdahl.

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