Monsanto’s Glyphosate Conspiracy: What the Biotech Giant is Hiding

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  1. Valery McNMally says:

    I am a member and have logged in. I have been searching for the report on Monsanto’s Glyphosate Conspiracy. All I seem to get is Spiro’s 12:36 review of several subjects. This is very frustrating to me. I find your site hard to use. It is always acting as if I am not a member.
    Thank you
    Valery McNally

    • spiro skouras says:

      The Monsanto story can be found here It is the second story that William Engdahl covers beginning at the 11:22 mark. The above video is a weekly overview of Newsbud’s content where I do cover Williams piece on Monsanto and explain it was part 2 of Williams video linked in this comment. Sometimes when a video has two or three different segments, there is not sufficient space to include all of the topics in the title. I felt that Williams report was very important and it needed to be highlighted in my video, I did not want it to slip through the cracks. Thank you for your feedback and support, I hope this helps.

  2. Max Havelaar says:

    Test comment!!

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